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Monday, January 18, 2016

Schönborn's Leftist Wormtongue, Fr. Paul Zulehner, Recommends Self-Censoring of the Hemorrhaging in Church Membership

Cardinal Schönborn Effect: Between 2002 and 2015 approximately 220,000 Catholics have left the Conciliar Church  [graphic: Kreuz-net]

The wave of departures continue unabated

The Schönborn-Church with its devotion to the political left deals mainly  with the business of Muslim immigration. Repulsive example is the convert and Caritas CEO Fr. Michael Landau, who was implanted by  Fr. Helmut Schüller into the troupe of Schönborn apparatchiks.
In return, the Conciliar Church under Schönborn has massively neglected  taking care of the Catholics, rather he's offended them by his political agitation (for example, in the period just before the local elections in Vienna, holding a press photo-op with the socialist mayor of Vienna Michael Häupl).

Mass Departures Under Schönborn 

Since Schönborn took over the Vienna Archdiocese, approximately 300,000 Catholics from the church-tax church have departed: in 2015 there were, according to official Church statistics (presented on 12 January 2016) 16,103 people leaving, in 2014 15,897 Catholics have turned their backs on Schönborn, while in the previous year (2013) it was 15,889.
The house sycophants of Kathpress have downplayed that with the strengthening wave of continued exits, "the number of Catholics in Austria [had] remained broadly stable" - "only" 56,365 departures?

The Nazi Church-tax Revenues Are Still Rising

In 2015 the Church had revenues from the church-tax in the amount of 435 million EUR,  8 million EUR more than the year before. As long as the money (the Church-tax) is in order  then the Church-tax apparatchiks are satisfied. Even in Vienna the revenues from the Church tax have risen despite the loss 1.2 million euros because of departures.

Proselytizing the nadir

The factor that is  primarily  responsible for the defections, is the current Church policy of conciliar emasculation which also leads to a decline of proselytizing.
The protestations of Schönborn's spokesman Michael Prüller, that a focal point in Vienna must be missionary, are empty words: The re-entry numbers are negligible, as are activities also. In addition, the Conciliar Church has no missionary efforts among the heretics. [At least not in Austria]
In fact, the missionary must begin with the Vienna clergy and church officials: A replacement of at least half of the functionaries would be necessary,  in Schönborn's immediate circle, a complete overhaul would be a perfect asset for the Church.

Schönborn's leftist wormtongues and
the instructions for self-delusion

Of particular usefulness is the statement by the religion sociologist Paul Zulehner (one those mainly responsible  for departures), one should expect the numbers leaving to be small. His "very pragmatic Tip", which he has given to the left at Cologne Domradio in July 2015:
  • "We now figure we are 100 percent different from when we came from a time when religion was fate. In the future, we should rather turn the tables and say we expect from zero percent up, and could then say, oh, it's interesting, in many European countries so many people are very committed Christians. It's almost a miracle that people dial in to the freedom of the gospel. We need to 'benchmark,' as it were,  change, and  not from the top down but from the bottom up. Then we would also stop this whining about the departures. "

"Underground Catholics"

Already in 2009, Erich Leitenberger, the former spokesman of the Archdiocese of Vienna, tried to gloss over the numbers of departures by pointing out "that the official number is yet difficult to estimate since the group of 'underground Catholics' should be added" - well that did not change the continuing progressive Development.

The Haze of Mercy in the Decaying of Faith 

The Church is  "reaping" the undiminished  fruits of failing faith and is even more so unwilling under the current  Pope   to rethink, stressing the need to reflect the beliefs: The haze of mercy currently existent in Rome  does not help against the decay of faith.