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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mel Gibson Forms Alliance With Leftist, Pro-Abort, Feminist Media Outlet to Save Image

[Los Angeles]  This comes from Hollywood gossip rag, TheWrap, which has uncovered some unsavory connections.  It's about Mel Gibson who is back in the news again after an impassioned plea for forgiveness from a former detractor,  Allison Hope Weiner, a freelance journalist who has her own show on  TheLip,  has miraculously changed her mind about the fabulously wealthy "ultra conservative" Gibson.  Weiner has even talked about Gibson coming to her Seder.  He's truly won her over.

Yet, if this  looks as though it's another upbeat public relations miracle, proving once and for all that Mel is reformed and has cast off his old ways since being a blacklisted, Catholic film maker and actor in Hollywood, think again.

There is more. Alison Hope Weiner not only works on the team of LipTV,  which is not only partly owned by Gibson, but  his son, Will Gibson, is its producer and long-time friend Michael Lustig is the  founder.  Lustig gave a favorable deposition for him during his custody battle with the mother of his daughter, Oksana Grigorievna.

The two were also seen clowning around on a hotel balcony at Cannes during when the film, The Beaver made its appearance.

LipTV may be eager to give its support, but it is also very Leftist, which has some scratching their heads.   Gibson has owned a share in this enterprise for two years during which it has produced shows in support of abortion, attacking conservative pro-life groups and the prostitute group Femen.

The investment has been made through Gibson's Icon Entertainment  for an amount 1.5 million dollars according to one source close to Gibson.