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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Court: Homeschooling Continues as a Danger for Children

Edit: aren't they talking rather about the Greens?
About a year ago the German government robbed the couple, Dirk and Petra Wunderlich of their four children as the Darmstadt family will not educate their children by the state, but instead  wanted to give their own lessons. At the time, wrote Katholisches : "Last Thursday, August 29, 2013, at eight clock in the morning,  20 police officers and staff of the Youth Office, stormed the home of the Wunderlich family in Darmstadt to snatch all four children from the care of their parents. We know nothing about the whereabouts of  children ages 7 to 14  as yet. This massive intervention against the natural rights of the family has been published with the assistance of the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), which is known as the largest and most important international organization for defense  of the right to homeschooling. In the German media landscape there is no response to the police action that can be heard, while within two days already, several English-language news sites have reported of the case."
Even now it is again thanks to the HSLDA that a wider public has learned of a recently defeated court decision finding that the family court judge had acted wrongly in the late summer of 2013, where he  removed  the parents' custody. At the same time the court ruling called, however, that homeschooling continues to constitute a hazard and children should go to school.  Just how safe state-regulated schools are is demonstrated by  the rampages of Emsdetten, Winnenden and Ansbach in the last ten years. In addition, public schools are  known to be a major threat to the soul and mind of the student, whether it is about the so-called "sex education", religious instruction, or the endless propaganda in politics hour.
Dirk Wunderlich was understandably delighted with his wife to now have  custody of their own children back: "The court said that the removal of our children was not reasonable - only because the authorities had to apply very high fines and  prosecution. But this decision maintains the absurd idea that homeschooling is a danger to the child and an abuse of parental authority."  The Wunderlich family must prepare themselves now for fines in the mid-five figure range and prison sentences. "That should not be tolerated in a civilized country."
Petra Wunderlich expressed her thanks to the HSLDA: "We could not have done without the help of HSLDA. No family can fight against the powerful German state - it's too much, too expensive."  This, of course, and this was noticed only in passing, not only for matters such as homeschooling, but for everything else the respective ruling class does not like.  
Michael Donnelly of the HSLDA expressed his outrage at the behavior of the German state: "imprisonment and fines for homeschooling are outside of what free societies, which respect fundamental human rights, should tolerate. The laws of the German state and the country that allows the ban on home schooling must be changed. Such laws in a leading European democracy threaten not only the rights of tens of thousands of German families, but establish a dangerous example, which other countries may be tempted to copy."
Text: Benedict M. Buerger
image: Private
Trans: Tancred

Sunday, May 8, 2011

German Police Harass Priest

Friday morning at 9:30 they rang my door. by Sedevacantist Priest, Fr. Rolf Hermann Lingen.

[Kreuz] Last week two policemen in uniform with their squad cars came by looking for me.

They were sent by the court of Dorsten,  in order to ask if I had received the court summons for the date of May 26th.

It was related to an alleged misuse of titles.

Threatened with Arrest Warrant

The summons was on April 15th as an "official notification" -- which means, with certified mail -- sent to me in my mailbox.

On 17th of April more people protested with faxes against the persecution of the Catholic Faith by the so-called District Court of Dorsten and the so-called Public Prosecutor's Office of Essen.

Thus this made it clear that this "summons to a court date with the issuance of an arrest warrant".

On April 28th I disseminated on the Internet and by fax a press release "court appointed attorney by reason of the difficulty of the case  or legal situation".

I insisted that the  main hearing of the absolute will to injustice -- concretely in the persecution of Christians and the destruction of the Church by the BRD -- will be made clear:

"The author asked for that reason as possible many volunteers, who could be witnesses in the trial and the world, that the BRD has oppressed here in the worst way the absolute indisputable human right for the avowal of the true religion.

Why is the Court asking me at all?

When I asked the police if the defendants are usually asked if they will appear to a court date, I received the answer, "No!"

Then came the key question: "Have you ever been a violent person?"

Naturally I'm not a thug and to that effect also have never been identified that way.

Objectively I have no previous convictions.

The both offenses attributed to me -- "abuse of title" or "libel" -- are groundless.

I understand that it is usually done for notorious lawbreakers or violent types to admonish them to appear at a court date.

But I am never advised as to my conflict with the law -- rather completely the opposite, only with the charge.

Otherwise: Is this expenditure for this procedure really justified because of an "abuse of title", really?

I would actually like to remind that I am a permanent fraud in the eyes of justice with limited chance for a reduction in criminal responsibility.

Would that the court really believe, neither would they require my appearance to the summons nor for anything it at all.

A demonstration of power

With that it's clear that the "question" of the local court is not on the grounds for information.

They appear to be conceived as a pure demonstration of power.

I see myself therefore strengthened in my conviction, that the BRD would shrink from no method, no matter how brutal, to damage the Church.

The BRD is a land where those who beat people unconscious and murder can run free.

At the same time they send there two uniformed policemen to ask a respectable Catholic priest after a post delivery instead of pursuing actual lawbreakers.

Here we could point out that the BRD has room for improvement.

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Friday, November 26, 2010

British bishop agrees to drop 'far-right' lawyer < German news | Expatica Germany

Editor: Checking on the effectiveness of this attorney. In Bishop Williamson's defense, it must be said that this attorney might be exceptional at getting his clients a fair shake in the German Courts when it comes to these kinds of cases.

British bishop agrees to drop 'far-right' lawyer < German news | Expatica Germany

Additionally, it seems that the hiring of this particular attorney was a good idea in terms of Bishop Williamson's defense.  He's been very effective.  Here's a response from Ignis Ardens forum:

Yes, he has handled such cases: This is from a friend of mine:

Dear friend,

I am following the news regarding the upcoming hearing of appeal. The decision to employ Wolfram Nahrath was a good one. Nahrath is the only one who dares to submit factual evidence as evidentiary motions in such trial. And he is very versed and defended recently Kevin Kaether. The court dropped eventually the case in order not have official witnesses being questioned.

The bishop, no doubt, is a hero. The higher echelons of SSPX are a despicable bunch, unfortunately.

May Jesus be with the bishop in the months to come.

We do think of this man every day and wish him all the very best.