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Monday, December 7, 2020

The Great Reboot & What it Means to Catholics

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Conversion of the Jews

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

E. Michael Jones Banned From Amazon for Criticizing Jews

Edit: lately we've been focusing a little bit on mostly trivial  non-entities like Holy Steve Skojec, Thug Gordon, Patrick Coffin and Preppy Marshall Taylor as well as their various shortcomings which are available in their own words showcased here. Most notably, by omission or commission, the slander of someone who is attempting to awaken the people to Jewish power and influence, while still having many evangelical successes. In this case, it becomes ever clearer who the black hats are, and this time it's not just most of the Catholic hierarchy, their attack dogs, St. Blog's Parish, Mark Shea, Dale Alquist, the usual suspects at Patheos, or say, a David Armstrong who coincidentally, really does wear a ridiculous black hat.  The fact that despite Jones' polemical and evangelical efforts against Jews, drawing a lot of ire and hatred from many quarters, he yet manages also to harvest souls in the fields of the Lord, and this has gained him some negative attention.  Whether it's a man like David Duke, a former pickup artist, or a Fanatical Atheist, Jewish people, Jones is winning quite a few hearts and minds. Jones' impact should be contrasted with what you get to see with the precious music appreciation society, lace chasuble crowd, or other unsavory types in the Catholic biosphere.  There are lots of fruits, rotten or otherwise, but are they producing fruits?

Doctor Jones' victories have not been without cost, however.  He has become one of the most reviled men on the internet by all the right people. As the saying goes, "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you're not allowed to criticize"

Well, anyway, now that Jones has been, criticizing Jews, yet winning converts often among the Jews themselves, the Devil's servants have grown angry and are attempting to cancel him.  Jeff Bezos has decided to cancel Jones' books on his site, which seems to be coming dangerously close to having a monopoly on publishing.

Somehow, Jones is still on Youtube.

Jones Books Are Still Available!



Sunday, May 24, 2020

David Duke is Catholic Now

Edit: you may have read the book Ethnos Needs Logos: Why I Spent Three Days in Guadalajara Trying to Persuade David Duke to Become Catholic.   Perhaps you also remember when Bill Donahue of the Catholic League made his reductio, "I'm a good Catholic and I agree with David Duke?" Well, Doctor David Duke is Catholic now.  I just received a nice e-mail from Doctor Jones and he confirmed that David Duke told Eric Gajewski when he thought the mike was dead on his show that he was  Catholic.

They have interviewed each other on a number of occasions, but the show in question is here., which is behind a paywall. 

We take a moment to welcome David Duke to the altar and the Church of our ancestors, both spiritual and fleshly.

Maybe the Judaizers over at Patheos will become Episcopagans in protest?


Thursday, April 16, 2020

Covid-19 Uprising

Edit: Jones takes Worst Things commentator, Father Joseph White on his A-historical Thomism.  While reading his contribution, I thought Father White sounded a lot like our very own resident Satanist, Gaybrielle, referring to those who are skeptical about the measures being taken during this "epidemic" as "religious narcissists". 

It was especially hilarious the way he criticized lesbian Attorney General, Dana Nessel as an ineffective leader because she lacks the prudence necessary so that her decisions are unnecessarily draconian.


Monday, December 23, 2019

E. Michael Jones Debates Satanist on Pornography

Edit: I don’t think he’s altogether prepared to deal with this kind of evil, but Jesus will help us in these cultural engagements. E. Michael Jones is possibly leading a spiritual awakening that is inspiring many, especially the young. The most glaring point in the debate was where the Satanist denies the Jewish influence on pornography, and can’t make up gus kind whether it’s harmful or not.

Logos is rising.

EMJ also references Robert’s article on predatory capitalism.


Monday, August 12, 2019

Jews Wondering Why Catholics Aren’t Trying to Destroy Each Other

Edit: Dexter Van Zile is wondering why Catholic bloggers won’t attack other Catholic bloggers who make the Jews angry and question their influence on various aspects of culture, politics and religion.  While most of the bishops in the modern Church espouse abhorrent liberal opinions on religion in contradiction to what Catholics believe all across the spectrum, some commentators are worried about things which aren’t even articles of faith... in fact, the positions they hold themselves aren’t even Catholic. Just look at the Judaizing  product of the gay seminary system of the 70s, Bishop Frederick Campbell. (Some may remember when +Campbell attacked a Catholic answers commentator for saying the Jewish covenant isn’t salvific.) So, here we have people, calling themselves Catholic, attacking other Catholics for not anathematizing other Catholics for holding Catholic positions. Crazy!

Dexter van Zile writes for The Times of Israel and describes himself as a Christian Media Analyst. It’s unclear from browsing his online contributions if he’s a Christian who comments or someone who just targets Christians who offend or challenge Jewish supremacy.

[From the Supreme Neoconservative Blog Magisterium] Patrick Coffin, a prominent Catholic commentator, wants us to believe that the image of super-intelligent and uber-aware commentator that he has presented in scores of videos over the past decade is not who he really is. He made this clear last week in a “Tweet” he posted in response to an article about E. Michael Jones, a notorious theological antisemite whom Coffin has fawningly interviewed three times on his podcast “Coffin Nation” since August 2018. During his appearances, Jones has spoken about horror movies, the decadence of modern architecture, and Pete Buttigieg’s presidential campaign.
In response to the article, which declared that Catholic YouTubers (like Coffin) who have Jones on their shows “should be ashamed of themselves,” Coffin responded defensively, declaring, “Sure, I’m supposed to know about and agree with 100 percent of every past statement made by every guest I have on—and I certainly must agree with your take. Kindly go away.”
Coffin suggests that he was somehow unaware of Jones’s anti-Jewish animus, and that even if he did know about these statements, it would be OK for Jones to appear on Coffin Nation because he didn’t “agree” with Jones’s antisemitism.