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Friday, June 26, 2020

The Conservative Surrender

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bill Buckley Was Secretly Contemptuous of his Irish Catholic Readership

From Peter Brimlow's essay at Vdare there's some interesting and possibly unnecessary details about Sobran's personal life and habits, which were not too scathing anyway, but what was interesting was his mention of how Bill Buckley, his employer at Natinoal Review, had fired him for outing his contempt for conservative Irish Catholics.

I don't particularly like Irish-American Catholics either, it's a mixed bag. What I particularly hate is their knee-jerk Americanism and hypocritical embrace of the Catholic Church without embracing Her doctrines and moral imperatives, largely due to the vicious tutelage of the Irish-American Bishops who were generally more interested in building an American Empire than they were in saving souls.

Sean Hannity himself is a wonderful example of this as he was hounded out by Father Eutener for his immoral beliefs about birth control, so perhaps we understand Buckley's discomfort with the Irish Catholics, but read Sobran's essay anyway.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

English Conservatives Lament that they have No Rush Limbaugh

One of the respondents to an Op-Ed piece, commenting with relief that Rush Limbaugh was recovering from his operation, in the Telegraph today focused on the lack of any conservative voice at all in the British Media. Despite a few writers on the staff at the Telegraph like Gerald Warner, the Media is completely dominated by Liberals there. It should remind Americans that they are fortunate to have at least one media segment not slavishly devoted to the party line. At the very least it should keep alive the fiction of free-speech.

Well, where is our Rush Limbaugh? What media outlet in the UK caters to conservatives? I cannot find it, if there is one. The BBC (British State Television) is blatant propaganda, but the same ideas are retailed on ITV, Channel 4 and Sky – Sky is majoring on environmental issues at the moment. The newspapers are uniformly left-wing, including the Daily Telegraph, which makes a point of including some genuinely conservative content but ultimately always backing the centrist line of the likes of Cameron. What about those who want to withdraw from the EU? stop all immigration? End the global warming, health and safety and race relations nonsenses and their associated bureaucracies? Abolish income tax? Abolish the welfare state? The DT leader writers would have a heart attack. Even on these blogs it is noticeable that nearly all blogwriters are well to the left of their audience (Delingpole, Gerald Warner and a few others are exceptions for which I am indeed grateful!) YOu seem to be socialists and supporters of a big state who are trying to straddle a divide and keep the real conservatives on board somehow, although the main DT editorial line cannot be described as conservative. The Daily Mail? The same story – some support for conservatism while careful not to overstep the multiculti establishment’s red lines. Where is our press?

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And don't forget that the Left owned and operated USCCB was lobbying to have Rush investigated for some strange reason. If Soros isn't pulling the strings, then very likely it is someone controlled by him.