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Thursday, March 6, 2014

"With Love" From Freiburg -- Zollitsch Attacks Müller!

 In the Case of Tebartz van Elst Zollitsch  Cardinal Zollitsch addressed what was sad said by  Curial Cardinal Müller: "It amazes me that the old saying of Wittgenstein, 'Whereof one can not speak, thereof one should remain silent' is ignored"

Mannheim ( / CBA / red) The outgoing chairman of the German Bishops' Conference, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch, regrets overlooking the Limburg Bishop Franz-Peter Tebartz van Elst, "that this particular case has become a central theme and overshadowed the really important questions. " In an interview with the "Mannheimer Morgen" (Thursday) Zollitsch said,  the test report issued by the Episcopal Conference was, "a good foundation, so that the Congregation for Bishops may decide fairly in agreement with the Pope." That   Zollitsch could as he says  "discuss in Rome in detail with the Congregation."

 Zollitsch criticized the German Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller. Accoding to the Assessment, The Report Showed no Wrongdoing by Tebartz van Elst. Zollitsch expressed this: "It amazes me that the old saying of Wittgenstein, 'Whereof one can not speak, thereof one should remain silent' is ignored."  On the question of the influence he had on the decision on Tebartz, Zollitsch said: "The Holy Father knows my opinion. I have full confidence in him that he will make the right decision. "Zollitsch had handed over the report on Carnival Monday on the controversial construction projects in the diocese of Limburg to the Prefect of the Congregation of Bishops in the Vatican, Cardinal Marc Ouellet.

 The Emeritus Archbishop of Freiburg also commented to another question, in which he has fallen out with   Prefect Müller.  Asked about the "contradiction" and others of the Curial Cardinal on the  admission of married divorcees to the Sacraments, Zollitsch said:" The manual of our pastoral ministry is trying to rewrite the practice in most German dioceses in Austria and Alsace. It's also about how we look into each individual case according to how we can serve the whole community. Cardinal Kasper thinks  similarly in this direction and represents the theological perspectives. For that I am grateful to him." Zollitsch concluded with the comment: "I was told Francis had praised Cardinal Kasper's presentation highly. " 

(C) 2013 Catholic News Agency KNA GmbH. All rights reserved.

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Yet Another Evil Old Liberal Cardinal Advocates Aberromarriage

Edit: Rorate Caeli says that the first Cardinal has been the retired Cardinal Daneels is the first to have expressed himself so openly on the subject of aberromarriage.  Of course, Cardinal Daneels employs a not very subtle equivocation, yet he isn't the first to have spoken so frankly.  The decadent Dutch enabler of sexual abuse isn't the first promoter of the sin that cries out to heaven for vengeance.  Cardinal Zollitsch did so last month in a very public statement largely ignore by the Catho-sphere, which opted instead to focus on his advocacy for women Deacons, a much smaller offense.

"He says to obey the law and not oppose gay marriage. 'We need to understand: The Church has never objected to the fact that there is a sort of 'marriage' between homosexuals – however  we're talking about a sort of marriage. This is not the same as the true marriage between a man and a woman, so we need to find another word for the dictionary. However, insofar as it is legal - that it has been rendered legitimate by law - the Church has nothing to say about it. (...) If a state opens civil marriage to homosexuals, then it the problem of that state.'

We reported ++Zolitsch's very damning statement on April 29th, where he advocated blessing these decadent unions:

Other reform proposals that Archbishop Zollitsch  would check and implement where possible, relate to Blessing Celebrations for same-sex couples and the possibility that women may preach in Sunday services.
Image borrowed from...Fides et Forma.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Old Liberal Archbishop Advocates Same-Sex "Blessings" and Deaconesses

Edit: in most accounts of this, the homoheresy are being buried in the way this is hitting the US media.  They always seem to miss something.  Cadinal Zollitsch is a habitual enabler of aberrosexualism.

Also, Cardinal Kasper is in the same boat. And theres some suspiciously sub-par reporting from the commerce bloggers at Patheos, which doesnt even mention +Zollitschs full statement.

(Freiburg im Breisgau) Always the same talk of reform, forever old issues, meaningless language. At the end of  the Freiburg Diocesan Assembly  which met from Thursday to Sunday, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch has announced plans to implement the 300 delegate approved recommendations for developed proposals for church reform. 300 "Christians and experts" from the Archdiocese had worked in groups, such as "Church must change  to a "changing society and continuing to be close to Christ and the people" -  such is the motto of the Diocesan Assembly.  The chairman of the German Bishops Conference is quoted to say: "Nothing is forgotten or lost. I am responsible for ensuring that the issues remain on the table ".
Among other things, Archbishop Zollitsch wants to make a strong proposal for a "specific diaconal ministry for women". He was doing this "on the basis of the teaching of the Catholic Church." Another point concerns the admission requirements of remarried divorcees to receive the Holy Eucharist. "I am concerned without putting the indissolubility of marriage in question, to take the women and men affected seriously.” [We’d think that has been done already by the Church historically speaking] The Archdiocese of Freiburg is therefore considering a so-called pastoral "handout" to "encourage companionship" for all parishes issue that could officially authorize example remarried to Eucharistic reception under the condition that those concerned acknowledge in conversations with pastors expressed that their first marriage was not terminated lightly. Furthermore, a new form of blessing should be given for a second marriage.
Other reform proposals that Archbishop Zollitsch  would check and implement where possible, relate to Blessing Celebrations for same-sex couples and the possibility that women may preach in Sunday services.
Text: Martha Weinzl
Image: Wikicommons

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

German Archbishop Says Interest in Old Mass Very Small

Archbishop Zollitsch Underrates the Old Mass

Germany. With the Motu Prorio 'Summorum Pontificum' the Pope wants to show that he is doing "everything possible in order to avoid a definite schism." The Old Liberal Bishop Archbishop Robert Zollitsch said this in an interview with the newspaper 'Welt'. He fears that the reconciliation aims "God have mercy" will not be reached: "Point is that the interest in the Old Mass is much, much smaller in the Church than it looks like from the discussion."

  New Mainz Auxiliary Bishoop?

Germany. The Mainz Cathedral Rector Hans-Jurgen Eberhardt might shortly become the successor of the deceased Auxiliary Bishop Werner Guballa oof Mainz. Prelate Eberhardt is considered to be an Old Liberal protege of Cardinal Karl Lehmann.

A form of lifestyle?

Germany. Homosexual soldiers "should stand by their convictions as much as possible". That's what neo-conservative Bishop Franz-Josef Overbeck of Essen recently told a soldiers' pilgrimage to Lourdes. One must be careful "not to be formed by public opinion" -- he cryptically explained. This is valid not only for "this form of lifeestyle, but for others as well."

The secret at issue is this: that one sacrifices the world with God's sacrifice, that the betrayal of the religion must entail also the betrayal of the culture after it. Western culture will live just as long as Western religion. 

 From the book "The Angel's Wreath" in the year 1946 by the famous author Gertrud von Le Fort (+1971)


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Old Liberals Among Themselves: Dialog Would be Accidental at Katholikentag

Edit: there's only one blog in English we know of right now putting anything out on the lay festival of Katholikentag in Mannheim.  They're predictably sanguine about it and seem aware of the reservations a real Catholic might have about it, but aren't concerned about the large event drawing thousands of people.

It's basically like one of those church block parties with corporate sponsorship, involving infernal bedlam, not much concern about personal sin and agendas completely alien to the Catholic Faith.
More Infernal Rock Venue than
Sacred Liturgy
© sbamueller, Flickr, CC

Archbishop Zollitsch is  preparing "Lord's Super" for Adulterers

"The President of the German Catholic Conference, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch,  says the Catholic Church is going to reconsider its relationship with those who are remarried and divorced."  One has to reconsider how the >>pastoral mercy<< could look in this area, he said on Saturday in the context of the Katholikentags in Mannheim.  It asks the question how ministers will approach the separated and how their participation  will look in spiritual life like the Lord's Supper.  The indissolubility of marriage will not come into question, said [Msgr] Zollitsch."

From an article by German 'dapd'.

The Old Liberals are Speechless

"I am concerned about the silence on this text [the description of "Mannheim Breakout" of the German Lay Group 'Central Committee of German Catholics;] .  It has an empty series of statements one after the other, mostly unrelated to each other.  Everything is somehow right and no one can really say anything against it, but it actually has no content.  No limits, no keenness, no clarity.  They don't want to formulate, they want participation.  They don't want to carry, they want to carry together.  That shows a willingness to partner,  that which conceals the acceptance of responsibility.  Only no one will step on feet, only do not make any statements of which someone might disapprove.

From a commentary  by the German radio director of 'Radi Vatican', Father Bernd Hagenkord on ''.

David Berger dreams of "rose red flower carpets"

"But Pope Benedict and those like him, like perhaps some of the Society of St. Pius X have nothing else better to do than to relive the whole masquerade of  the liturgical and the pastoral 19th century.   When they really valued Catholicism  whose glisten has long faded.  When they hide in dreams heavy with incense of brocade decorated Corpus Christi processions over rose red flower carpets."

From a reader's letter by the homosexually disturbed David Berger who takes urine showers on ''

Satan at the Anti-Katholiken- Day

"The Green Politician Volker Beck criticized the handling in the Catholic Church of homosexuals and divorced colleagues.  That they leave because of their sexuality or a divorce, is a violation of Equal Rights Laws, said the Parlimentarian business leader of the Green Bundestagfaktion on Saturday at the Katholikentag in Mannheim."

From an article by the agency 'dapd'.

On Friday One Goes to Mosque

"Church interns fancy the them ecumenism above all things as the order of the day.  On the afternoon hundred Catholics accepted the invitation of the Mannheim Sultan-Selim-Mosque for Friday prayers.  In the evening an ecumenical service with members of various Christian churches stood on the program."

From an article in ''

The We-Are-of-the-Same-Opinion-Dialog

"In the times of collaborating creeds  every unpleasantness of internal business should be avoided.  The entitled "breakthrough" is directed within, inside to the heremtic language and power games of the hegemons of  the names of Milieucatholicism.  The world remains outside, dialog would be an accident.  Why for example is there no debate between "Wir Sind Kirche" (We Are Church) and 'Pro Missa Tridentina?'?  Why for example among the countless podia not a place for a summit meeting of some SSPX members and Memorandumtheologie exponents?  What laboratory could be where greenhouse air is breathed.  The suspicion is indemonstrable:  Only weak arguments see the light of debate.  Only dull knives are used against the butter of courageous ways of thinking.  What only remains in sultry Mannheim at the Katholikentag is this,  one last time before the collapse of the facade:  environmental proection, feminism, multi-religiosity, desacralization and monopoly-theology.

From a commentary of the cultural journalist Alexander Kissler at ''

Stuck in the Underwear 

"Zdk President Alois Gluck graced the discussion [at Katholikentag]  as a moodel >>for the culture of discussion in our Church<<.  Gluck: >>There is no tear through this Katholikentag!<<  From the view of Catholic laity  inner-Church discussions stand questions like the pastoral handling of marriages of mixed confessions and remarried divorced stood in the foreground.  From that there is a >>pressing desire<< to adopt the them of sexual morality.  The merging of communities prepare the engaged couples at its base as a great concern.  >>It is important that the Church remains in place and present in the environment  to people.<<"

From an article in German 'Katholischen Nachrichtenagentur'.

In the End, Count the Contents

"Although it is still too early to make an evaluation of the content,  it is noteworthy:  The organizers of the even have still not attached such an importance to human life as in this year.  Nine booths with the signs >>Way to a culture of life<<.   Even if the organizers are concerned with the environment and protecting the climate,  but now it is clear::  So much public consideration abut the >>Ecology of people<< (Benedict XVI) has never happened before.  Of course:  in the end, count the contents.

Commentary by Stefan Rehder on Saturday for the Catholic news "Tagespost"

Monika Grütters discriminates

 "For credible reforms things are admittedly valid: Anything that hangs out on the right side is disgusting and should never be socially acceptable. The awakening of new spiritual communities can be effective in individual cases, but much of it wears a tendency to sectarianism in itself. There can be no expectation of a "breakout"  from "Dark Catholics" who demand a radical Christianity,  so they have something discriminatory.  Instead of that, the Church must strive to remain a people's Church, though not in a stale form."

 The Christian Democrat MEP Monika Grütters in a statement on ''.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Old Game: Rome Lets Itself be Extorted by the Left

Editor: the talk of schism continues.

The Mainz Cardinal may continue his subversive activities.  by Katharina Faßschröder.

Karl Kardinal Lehmann von Mainz
Karl Kardinal Lehmann von Mainz
© Pressestelle Bistum Mainz MBN

 ( The President of the German Bishops Conference, Archbishop Robert  Zolitsch of Freiburg, supports the proposals of the Theologian Pamphlets.

He told this to the Old Liberal Theolgoians of the University of Freiburg at a meeting of the theological faculty.

The double-strategy of the Old Liberal German Bishops is public.

Rome has advised distancing to the proposals of the Pamphlet.

Back around the opposite strategy has been pursued: One is using the announced dialog process, in order to warm up the decadent Pamphlet and to interpose it as a German special right.

Msgr Zollitsch is a strawman in this play.

His Grey Immanence

The Grey Imminence is Cardinal Karl Lehman from Mainz.

He is the hub of the conspiratorial shadow hierarchy.

The Old Liberal song and dance in the Church is ideologically exercised in the church paper of the Diocese of Mainz, 'Glauben und Leben'.

In the past there have been a series of articles "Break-up in the Promised Land". In this manner of play the Old Liberal breakaway theologians can disseminate their ideas from yesterday.

The names of the authors reads like a "who is who" of ecclesiastical decline:

- the Frankfurt religion pedagogue and pamphleteer, Bernd Trocholepscy (59).

- the former school director Dr. Willi Belz and honorary President of the Hessian supplier firm for abortion business "Donum vitae"

- the Offenbacher Pastor Kurt Sogns, who is a member of the anti-Church society, "Wir Sind Kirche" [we are church] and has approved homo-Masses for the Frankfurt hmosexual community.

- the former teacher Angelika Fromm (60), the founding member of the anti-Church society, "Wir Sind Kirche' and 'ACtion lila Stola' and one who promotes the counter-Evangelical priestly marriage and women priests.

- the rabid Mainzer, Fromm, "feels herself called by God, as one who will part the sea of fear and traditionalism of the Church to lead people to the promised land" -- or to another harbor.

In the Mainz church paper Frau From is described as a "formed deaconess without ordination".

The Deaconess as a Fire Axe

Already in 2001 Pope John Paul II informed the Bishops to stop the educational course for the preparation of women to the diaconate.

The memo was signed by then Cardinal Josef Ratzinger.

Actually in the Diocese of Mainz Cardinal Lehmann took a hostile posture.

He allowed the self-described "Deaconesses" to write in the media and supported them in the meantime, Lila-Stola-Ideologues in their efforts.

In September 2010 the Cardinal explained that the question of the Diaconate for women must proceed with "courage and openness", before one could discuss the ordination of married men to the priesthood.

In the spring he lanced, however, a willful CDU-Politician's open discussion about the abolition of celibacy.

To support a non-existing Diaconate for women is something that belongs to Bishop Franz-Josef Bodie von Osnabrück and Archbishop Robert Zollitsch von Freiburg.

Even the Carnival Society was Active

The strategy of the Old Liberal Mainz networker appears to have been endanged by the possible resignation by reason of age of Cardinal Lehmann.

The Cardinal made it known many times in the regional media that he would happily go on.

At the same time the media polished its coverage of his episcopal achievements, for the public eye.

The unpastoral Cardinal -- who rarely took time to care for his Diocese -- was presented inaccurately as a beloved popular Senior Pastor.

He worked for thirty years as a "People's Bishop" for his flock and has for this reason, irreplaceable, said the mysterious media bosses.

The Mainz Ordinariat organized even petitions for his retainder and sent the petition to Rome.

For this purpose, the Mainz Ordinariat even mobilized a Carnival Society and the Mainzer Fußballverein 05.

Even the market ladies in the Cathedral Square went around with the petition.

the stooge successor of Cardinal Lehmann in the German Bishops Conference has pointed to large sums of money which the Official Church transfers to Rome.

Rome has allowed itself to be extorted.

The Cardinal may now paper mache himself a separate church..

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