Tuesday, October 30, 2012

He's Lucky He's Not a Catholic Priest

Double Standard

The powerful are only horrified about child-abuse when it can drag the Church in the dirt.

(kreuz.net)  Joris Demmink (64) is a high Dutch official.

Since 2002 he has been General Secretary of the Ministry for Security and Justice.

Homosexual Rapist?

Yesterday the US-website 'cbn.com' reported that Demmink will resign this week and be honored for his work.

Demmink has been charged for raping two male minors during  a flight in Turkey.

Witnesses Speak Out

On October 4th, witnesses spoke out before the Helsinki Commission at Capital Hill in Washington against Demmink.

"I was afraid to say no -- I was very young an innocent, " said one.

According to reports from 'cbn.com' there was an attempted murder against him, after his complaint became public.

He Finished in a Bordello 

The alleged victim left his family at the age of fourteen,  to seek work in decadent Europe.

There he ended -- not completely unexpected -- in an Amsterdam bordello.  Fro this place of inhumanity he met Demmink.

Already after two meetings, he wanted to take the young Turk with him home in Den Haag.

"Completely Baseless"

The attorney of the victim -- Adele Van der Plas -- explained that Demmink's high position has made it difficult charge him:

"We may have beautiful laws in Holland -- but these don't help, if people from he upper classes abuse children and are not prosecuted."

The Dutch Government has taken the position that the complaints against Demmink are "completely baseless".

Straight to Jail?

A representative of the Dutch Embassy -- H.P. Schreinemachers -- criticized the results of the hearing.

The internet site 'arrestDemmink.com' has appeared.

Its operators also want to impede the honoring Demmink on his retirement.

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