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Traditionalist Carlist Communion in Spain Plans Response to Church Desecrations

In solidarity with Catholics in Spain, we wanted to draw attention to what they do when faced with the desecration of their churches in a society increasingly hostile to the Church. Numerous desecrations of the churches in Spain, and in particular, an assault on the Madrid University Chapel last year, are prompting not just a vocal response or petitions to the authorities, who will in any case do nothing, but action on the part of the Traditionalist Carlist Communion in Spain.

Students there don't just sit around and wring their hands. They plan things. Here are the following Google x-lations:

We hereby inform you our warmest congratulations for the initiative announced for next April 14 (round table with the title: RETURN OF THE PERSECUTION AGAINST THE CHURCH?).

The organization of this round table is a brave and necessary in a climate of growing anti-clericalism and Christophobia. On the other hand is what is expected of an institution, the University, born to intellectual thought and the pursuit of truth.

We are encouraging our members and supporters to disseminate, support and assist such an act. The desecration of the college chapels featuring anti-Christian groups, and other recent attacks and some sacrilegious calls are announced, they should not go unanswered. It is therefore necessary to achieve a unity of action of all Catholics to defend the rights of the Church. In this effort can always count on the Carlist.

Reiterating our disposal for any specific help we could provide, receive a cordial greeting in Xto. Rey, Rey,

Javier Garisoain Javier Garisoain

Secretario General de la CTC Secretary General of the CTC

Here's another report with a petition you can sign:

We implore you to act in defense of freedom of the Church.

We all wish it had not happened, but there are the desecration of the chapel and the announcement at the municipality of Somosaguas is without any governmental reaction. There will be an anti-Christian procession on Maundy Thursday. Are you one of those who want to think that only a cold spring, as soon as it happens will simply go? Do you think the current governmental system will take appropriate measures to stop the proliferation of such repugnant acts? Do you think the complaints will have an effect? Are you one of those that close a newspaper or switch channels when they hear news like that? Or, finally, you are not aware that something has just begun, and do not know what to do or think?

The next day 14, THURSDAY, 12:30, in the School of Law of the UCM, round table with the title: RETURN OF THE PERSECUTION AGAINST THE CHURCH? We will speak clearly of that, we will analyze the current situation of anti-Catholic persecution, and will extract the lessons of history.

Speakers: Dona Consuelo Martínez-Sicluna, Father Ángel David Martín Rubio, José Javier Esparza and Jose Miguel Gambra.

Event organized by the Association Francisco de Vitoria University Forum in strong protest against the sacrilegious acts recently committed in the chapels of the UCM and in general, the persecution suffered by the Catholic Church in our university and Spain. The results can be viewed shortly at: www. forouniversitariofv . blogspot. com

Read it, spread it and do your best to attend.

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