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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Evil Ohio Bishop “Sidelines” Faithful Priest for Being “Divisive”

Edit: who uses “divisive” anyway? Is there a non-gay way to use the word?  I’ve never heard it uttered by anyone who wasn’t some kind of compromised individual. I’ve heard Arlen Specter say it, and lots of obviously aberrosexual clergy, or people like Steve Skojek.  What does the word mean? Cambridge University Dictionary says:

used to describe something that causes great and sometimes unfriendly disagreement within a group of people
Well, Jesus did that. What’s so wrong about that?  Ever get a feeling that these Bishops would have Christ murdered in a back alley someplace if they could?

His favorite “Saint” is Communist Archbishop Romero, so that actually says a lot.

Bishop Robert J. Brennan’s diocesan statement is as follows:

The Catholic Church proposes a beautiful, life-giving and liberating vision to the world based on the truths about the human person, human sexuality, marriage and the family. We proclaim with one breath the Splendor of Truth and the Joy of the Gospel. The fundamental truth is that every human person is created in the image and likeness of God and as such, must be treated with dignity and respect. While not everyone shares the Church’s vision, I hope we can all show that respect.

While Father Klee has been permitted to live in the rectory at St. John the Baptist, he is not assigned to the Parish of St. John the Baptist nor to the Parish of the Sacred Heart. He does not represent either of these parishes nor the diocese. Father Klee has shown a pattern of making communications to a broad audience on a variety of contemporary issues which are frankly dirvisive. While these communications seemingly present Catholic moral teaching, they are often offensive and disrespectful to the human dignity of persons.

Father Klee has been repeatedly warned about making these divisive communications and ordered to cease doing so. Further steps are being considered at this time.

There’s no word as to why Father Klee was “sidelined”, but maybe Father Klee’s Catholic witness during Gay Pride Month was too much for Brennan?

Here’s Father’s statement:
I write you in these closing days of the month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We pray for the grace to truly respond to His lament so evident in our world today, namely, that the greatest outpouring of love on Good Friday goes largely ignored if not repudiated. Hence, let us make our lives an Act of Reparation to the Sacred Heart even after June!

I really shouldn’t disclose details [of my current situation], although a wise and holy pastor counseled me shortly after my priestly ordination, ‘If you don’t fill in the blanks, the people will.’ Suffice it to say, please pray and make sacrifices for the following two intentions in addition to praying that I will be a truly holy priest – that’s all I want.  
1) For a tremendous outpouring of graces upon the spiritual leadership of the Church, specifically upon bishops and priests, that they be empowered with the cardinal virtue of fortitude. That they implore the intercession of the martyrs lest they go from being potential victims of satan’s attacks to being actual instigators and accomplices like the Pharisees in Our Lord’s day. Please pray that they be freed from a subtle resignation to despair – specifically of falling into discouragement by believing the authentic Gospel of Christ and the teachings of the Catholic Faith are not the answer, but atheistic socialism is. 
 2) For men and women – and, increasingly, boys and girls as well – deluded by the false promises of the homosexualist agenda, and especially those in the active homosexual lifestyle, that they be given the grace to break free from the devil’s grasp. We pray they acquire the theological virtue of hope, becoming inspired to believe they can be freed from the sinful enslavement the practice of sodomy entails. We pray that many come to understand that the sacraments of the Eucharist and Confession are indispensable for receiving the necessary graces to resist grave sin.

Ht to Matt Abbott


Sunday, April 29, 2018

84 Year Old Priest Abducted and Murdered in Mexico

Exclusive interview with a Mexican priest tracking the persecution of the Church in Mexico: "The message is clear: If I can kill a priest, I can kill anyone." 

The Catholic Church in Mexico is experiencing another tragedy during this “black April” marked by the death of priests. On April 25, Fr. Moisés Fabila, the 84-year-old chaplain of the Choir of the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe was found dead in Cuernavaca, the capital of the state of Morelos, south of Mexico City.

 The information available to date is that Fr. Moisés had been kidnapped last April 3; the ransom demanded by his captors had been paid, but due to the priest’s delicate health (he was in Cuernavaca to rest, due to illness) he was unable to survive his captivity.

He is the fourth priest to be found dead (three murdered and one the victim of a supposed accident) in less than a week. This chain of homicides makes Mexico the most dangerous place in the world to be a priest, with 24 (or 25) priests having been murdered in the five and a half years during which the current administration of President Enrique Peña Nieto has been in power.


Thursday, April 13, 2017

Venezuelan Priest Murdered

Edit: in a climate of increasing persecution of the Church, some have turned to murder. Those responsible have not been apprehended yet.

[runrun] On Monday, April 10, the priest Diego Begolla, house coordinator of the  Franciscans de La Victoria  in Aragua state, was found with his threat slit in his office.

Begolla's body showed signs of violence and the neck was cut with an edged weapon. The situation had a serious impact on the elderly Father Suso, who knows him.

For the moment it is known that the religious was in his office and it is assumed that the motive was theft from the institution, because the assailants took computer equipment, valuables, food and other things.

The location is being examined by officials of the Police of Aragua and of the Corps of Investigations Scientific, Penal and Criminalistics, (Cicpc) to collect the evidence.

The news caused much shock among citizens on the eve of Holy Week.


Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Jacobins to Punish French Bishop for Daring to Describe Abortion in Accurate Terms

Edit: Hollande's France really is fast becoming a joke unto itself.
His Excellency, Bishop Luc Ravel,a Catholic bishops in the French Military Ordinariate is to be "punished" by the French Ministry of Defense, for his writings. He has also been told to cease using any emblems identifying himself with the army. The bishop apparently in his words and actions, contradicts "republican values". No doubt, as a good Catholic he does. But then, so did the thousands who were slaughtered by the Revolution... 

The bishop wrote: 

"...Christians feel shackled between two ideologies. On the one hand an ideology that is a caricature of God, which has contempt for man. On the other hand, an ideology that manipulates man, despising God. On the one hand, we have those who are declared and known: the terrorists of the bomb, the Prophet's avengers. On the other hand, we have terrorists of thought, the proponents of secularism, the admirers of the Republic. In what camp is a Christian to find himself"?  

"We do not want to be held hostage by Islamists, but we also do not want to be slaves of correct thought. Islamic ideology has led to 17 victims in France, but the ideology of thinking correctly [political correctness] creates annually two hundred thousand victims in the womb of the mother.Abortion has become a fundamental right and a weapon of mass destruction "

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"The Army of Mohammed is Awakened" -- Some Dead, 45 Destroyed Churches: The Price of Satire

Burning Church in Niger
(Niamey) A high price was paid for the printing of the Muhammad caricature on the front page of radical left-wing satire sheet Charlie Hebdo. A price that others had to pay, not by the print makers in Paris. While the West, particularly the France of Hollande's "republican march"  insisted that troding on the religious beliefs of others, the bill of the media mockery of human life is presented elsewhere. A bill that is paid at  thousands of kilometers distance with the blood of those whose only "fault" is to confess Christ. The deadly interaction between Islamism and relativism could be hardly more  brutally expressed.
In a message to the nation, which was distributed on 17 January,  Niger President Mahamadou Issoufou announced that four burned bodies were found in the remains of burned churches in the capital of Niamey. A fifth dead was found in Zinder where last Friday a wild rally against Charlie Hebdo spun out of control. In total, there are at least ten dead. With a hail of stones, Muslim protesters hurled stones at police before them. Two more churches were burned in Maradi, one in Gouré, three  in the capital alone where twelve of fourteen Catholic churches were "profaned, pillaged and destroyed," as Archbishop Michel Cartatéguy reported with tears in his eyes. "Everything is burned, it is nothing more, everything is in ruins and ashes," said the archbishop to Vatican Radio . A total of 128 injured people have reported injury. 189 people were arrested.

Islamist Banner Reading "I Sacrifice my Father and my Mother for our Prophet"

A total of 45 churches were invaded, destroyed and set on fire. There were five hotels and 36 restaurants as well as the orphanage of a Christian school. The figures clearly show the violent anti-Christian thrust. Bibles were torn up and burned in the street. Subsidiaries of French companies were devastated and French flags burned. The French Embassy urged all Frenchmen explicitly not to leave their homes.
The capital's cathedral was secured with great difficulty through a police cordon against attacking Islamists. Although the authorities had issued a ban on meetings,  a thousand Muslims tried to storm the Episcopal Church. They carried banners that read: "The army of Muhammad has awakened" and "I sacrifice my father and my mother for our prophets."

Or is Life Just Satire?

"Those who persecute the Christian,  understood nothing,"  said   President Issoufou trying to smooth everything over. Interior Minister Hassoumi Massoudou announced that among the demonstrators, flags of Nigerian Islamist Boko Haram militia appeared. The victims in Niger (17 million inhabitants, of which 80 per cent Muslims) as in other Islamic countries, have no personal guilt. They have no share in those who regard the disdain of religion as "law", despite  and in spite of all. Do the many dead touch the conscience of those who are scribbling around with their pencils in the air?  Whether someone asks pardon of  the Christians of Niger or at least sympathizes with them that mourn their dead and mourn before the ruins of their destroyed churches? Or, for some is life just a satire after all?
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Papal Purges and Their Claques -- Political Orientation More Decisive Than Allegations?

Bishop Oliveri of Albenga
Edit: a claque is a chorus hired by a play's producer, playhouse manager, or in some cases an Emperor who's written a play, to cheer, or I suppose, even boo, a play.

(Albenga / Rome) Pope Francis seems to be continuing his cleansing against tradition. "Ruthless and relentless" says Messa in Latino . Reasons are not known. A stone is thrown into the pond and yet it never lacks worthy men who would not grab it. Francesco Colafemmina, combative art and cultural critic, therefore, speaks of the purges and their claques.

The Purge and the "Allegations"

An accusation, whether valid or less, you find against every man, and of course every bishop. However, going to a visible pattern behind the intervention of Pope Francis that is directed against bishops and communities in the Church who know how to appreciate and rediscover what the Church taught before the Second Vatican Council and the associated understanding of the Church.  There is tolerance and understanding for those who content themselves exclusively with the past 50 years. However zero tolerance goes for those who preserve and maintain what the Church taught over 1950 long years instead - well founded - rather forgo the innovations of the last 50 years.
In short:  a traditional Bishop is replaced, or  traditionally woven community (outside the domestic enclosure Ecclesia Dei ) is reprimanded, the Vatican is silent on the reasons. There are the cheerleaders, who provide more or less behind closed doors for the spread of "dirt".There is now a kind of standard list of accusations available that can be fished out at any time.

The Battle for the Sacramental Priesthood

The allegation of lack of care in the selection of seminarians is particularly popular here, mostly smugly garnished with the catchword of homosexuality. Added to this is the allegation of irregularities in the diocesan finances.
The first argument is particularly perfidious. The seminaries of progressives are empty, gradually abandoned   and merged between diocese. The reason is not the often cited lack of vocations, but rather a lack of understanding of diocesan leaders and parts of the officiating clergy for the sacramental and also still celibate priesthood. Appeals are not supported. In some areas one could get the impression that they intentionally wanted to let  the priesthood die and prepare insidiously for its replacement by married deacons, the demand for abolition of celibacy, deacons and deaconesses, including pastoral assistants, who already occur in some parishes in priest-like robes, preach and stand at the Eucharistic prayer next to the priest at the altar.

The Disturbing Evidence of Tradition

Tonsure of four brothers of Fraternidade Arca de Maria in Ciudad del Este in the Old Rite
Tradition proves that God calls  a sufficient number of men to the priesthood today. The existence of flourishing seminaries of tradition in addition to the dissolving seminaries of progressives belies all analyses, justifications and latter lies. Their anger is directed not so much against those individuals and groups that are labeled with the stamp "tradition" and tolerated in the special room of "Ecclesia Dei", but are controlled simultaneously and marginalized within the Church, the anger is directed against those who preach the progressive understanding of the "real" Church, like the Franciscans of the Immaculate, a Novus Ordo Order, which  discovered tradition and became what some perceived as threatening precedent.The same is true especially for diocesan bishops who turn to the tradition, like Bishop Livieres of Ciudad del Este and Bishop of Albenga-Imperia Oliveri. They provide evidence that tradition is not only the model for a few diehards, but is suitable for the whole Church.
A hostile faction in his own diocese and mostly among neighboring bishops deliver "dossiers" that provide fewer arguments, but the welcome opportunity to intervene. Bishop Oliveri has "a quarter of the diocesan clergy against him, which is progressively minded, who constitute   a real faction that defies the bishop," said Chiesa e Postconcilio . And again, the daily newspaper Il Secolo XIX , "which is closely connected with  Ligurian Freemasonry and fought for years  against Bishop Oliveri performs" and it is not by chance that it plays a not minor role. From the diocese of Bishop Oliveri incidentally, comes the layman Mario Castellano, who belongs to the troika today in the Order of the Franciscans of the Immaculate and sets the tone (see Troika determined by Franciscans of the Immaculate - but Who is Mario Castellano )

The Dingy Corner as Part of Defamation

The accusation of homosexuality is brought into play with enjoyment, though the progressives can be particularly accommodating to that, but not tradition. The propaganda lie is that there was a "connection" between the Old Mass and  and homosexuality [see David Berger's alleged "tell-all" book], who are up to mischief. Like every propaganda lie, it is sufficient to repeat it frequently enough. Something is always hanging. In German-speaking countries, this "theory" was represented by a particularly tragic figure whose personal homosexuality gained the upper hand and fighting the tradition and led to the Church itself.
Ultimately,  the "allegations" should only distract from the actual motives distract from the fundamental and hard battle for the right understanding  and orientation of the Church.  Which is reprimanded by the Pope or cleared is to be placed in a dingy corner. A particularly unsavory slime action, which says a lot about the opponents of the tradition. This just because those who are purged are proven to be of particular, usually of comparatively outstanding personal integrity, such as Bishop Livieres and Bishop Oliveri,  with the remaining examples already mentioned.

Financial "Irregularities" in the Diocesan Coffers

The accusation of "irregularities", i.e. inappropriate use of diocesan finances is too loose, so that it is unusable without specific designation of allegation and proof of responsibility. Except of course when willingly self-assembled chorus of cheerleaders. This argument is familiar with the German Church in the cases Tebartz van Elst and Mixa.
To show the insignificance of this "allegation" the art and cultural critic Colafemmina  put together a "quick" list. It relates to some bishops who were outed at the Synod of Bishops in their respective areas as progressives who were all guilty of allegations of dubious dealing with the diocesan finances, but all continue to sit on their posts.
This Colafemmina concludes,  that in view of papal purges, the allegations put forward are erroneous. What seems crucial is which orientation you belong, to be dismissed and praised.  Here is his "quick" list:

Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia Curia

"Family Affairs" Vincenzo Paglia
Monsignor Vincenzo Paglia: "Change is initiated, there is no turning back". At the Synod on the Family  to  the resistance to  Communion for remarried divorcees and the extra-marital partnerships, he said, "can not change the way that has now been trod." "The mission of Francis has been respected: accept it and go". An excerpt from the interview by Vatican Insider  with Archbishop Paglia of the Community of Sant'Egidio. Paglia is none other than the President of the Pontifical Council for the Family, and thus the "family minister" of the Holy See. As such, he was present at the recently concluded Synod of Bishops. He has not yet been confirmed by Pope Francis in his office. In 2012, he was Bishop Paglia of Terni-Narni-Amelia.
The weekly magazine L'Espresso wrote on September 26, 2013: "the Monsignor emphasizes that  in Terni there were two different matters that were not reconcilable: On the one hand the debt of my diocese, on the other hand, the history of the castle, with which the media and the public prosecutor have engaged. I am aware that in my years of episcopate in Terni, the bank debt of the diocese has grown to eight million euros today from what it was then.' (...) As  Espresso was able to find   a few weeks  the Vatican bank IOR granted an interest-free loan for the Diocese of Terni in the amount of 12 million euros, with which the bank debt was to be covered. "
Vatican Insider wrote on April 16, 2014: "That little problems' is a hole in the diocesan budget of more than 20 million euros, the result of real estate transactions, which was determined by the prosecution that occurred in the years when Monsignor Vincenzo Paglia was bishop,  who is President of the Pontifical Council for the Family since 2012. Should the hole be covered with 12 million euros by the Vatican bank IOR, which should be 'repaid without interest in ten years, as the prelate himself announced. Once again the same sum is to be gauranteed by an advance from the Fund " 8 of 1000 " provided by the Italian Episcopal Conference."
Colafemmina: Ironically, Paglia is the author of a recently published monumental "History of Poverty", which was reviewed by "Pope" Eugenio Scalfari personally.

 Diocesan Bishop Domenico Mogavero

Bishop Mogavero wears Armani
Monsignor Domenico Mogavero. "The protest of the bishops against the proposals for the recognition of gay partnerships are unfounded: a secular state can not make religious decisions and the Church can not interfere in the area of civil law." An excerpt from an interview by Vatican Insider with Bishop of Mazara del Vallo, acting since 2007 in that capacity.
The weekly magazine Panorama wrote on June 16, 2014: "The small Sicilian diocese is led by Monsignor Mogavero.. It has 231,000 inhabitants, 70 priests (many of them quite old) and a total of 131 women religious.  Within seven years, debts of almost six million have accumulated to exactly 5,598,090 euros. The thing exploded April-May when the bishop had no more euros in the kitty to pay the banks and creditors. Therefore, the matter will particularly cause concern because Mogavero was sent to Trapani  as Apostolic Visitor (a kind of inspector) in 2011 because of a hole in the diocesan fund of one million Euroa. The inspection then led to the dismissal of Bishop Francesco Micchiché. This time it is Mogavero, who has to answer for one financial hole that has grown at least five times as large as that of Trapani. "
Colafemmina: Approximately three million euros were for the construction of new modern(istic)Church of Pantelleria set in the sand. Bishop Mogavero, who openly opposes Summorum Pontificum to this day, publicly attacked Benedict XVI. for the re-admission of the traditional rite, and also for the lifting of the excommunication against the bishops of the SSPX. For this, the bishop has a particular fondness for the haute couture and wearing Armani. The fashion designer Giorgio Armani designed   the Sicilian bishop his own chasuble for the inauguration of the new sacristy of the church of Pantelleria. Since when do they inaugurate vestries?

 Archbishop Reinhard Marx Cardinal

The guest house for Cardinal Marx, when he stays in Rome
Cardinal Reinhard Marx: "If there is a homosexual relationship that holds for 30 years, I can not say that this is nothing."  said the Archbishop of Munich-Freising  for Vatican insider . "The majority of the German bishops agreed to the Kasper's proposal," the cardinal said at the Synod of Bishops on the issue of admission remarried divorcees to Communion. The church is "not a system of abstract ideas," but must "provide answers to the realities of the people," says Marx.
The Huffington Post wrote on October 24, 2013: "Cardinal Reinhard Marx of the Archdiocese of Munich spent eleven million dollars for the reconstruction of the archbishop's residence, and an additional 13 million dollars for a guest house in Rome."
The Munich tabloid tz wrote on March 13, 2012: "The location is excellent, the price is: € 9.7 million for the Archdiocese of Munich-Freising in Rome has bought a new guest house. Evil tongues have already assigned the property a nickname: Palazzo Marx '(...) ". The restoration of the palace [of the archbishop's residence Palais Holnstein in Munich] cost 8.1 million euros."
The Süddeutsche Zeitung headlined on April 12, 2012: "Our Palace in Rome". And further: "For a long time rumors have been circulating among Church workers in the Holy See that Cardinal Reinhard Marx had a "palace" in Rome," A "completely normal house," justified the press man of the Archdiocese of the purchase. The "Roman branch" for stays of Cardinal Marx in Rome was to belay criticism, by  calling it a "Meeting House".
Colafemmina: No comment.

Edit: His massive wreckovation project must also not be forgotten.  The cost of 51 million euros far outstrips the defamed Bishop Teberst Van-Elst.

 Archbishop Bruno Forte

Archbishop Forte with Cardinal Tagle at Synod
Archbishop Bruno Forte: "Guaranteeing the rights of homosexuals, is a question of decency". With these words,   Vatican Insider quoted Archbishop of Chieti-Vasto in connection with the controversial interim report of the Synod of Bishops, whose passages about homosexuality sprang from his quill, as Cardinal Erdo confirmed. 
Chietitoday reported on 26 November 2011: "The Church by Mario Botta in Sambuceto will be ready in three years. The agreement was sealed.  'On this Artwork '- said Msgr Forte - 'I encountered the harmonious cooperativeness of all.  As all know, Mario Botta has given me the project under the condition that the Church can meet the people, because the Church is an expression of the people of God in a given area. I am convinced that this will be a work that will bring the religious soul of the whole Abruzzo people to expression.'  The work, which will cost between eight and ten million euros, is financed by 45 percent of the Italian Episcopal Conference, by the community and committees, including one of entrepreneurs and business associations and a parish committee."
Colafemmina: For criticism of the church building project see the comment .
Introduction / Translation: Giuseppe Nardi
image: MiL / Fides et Forma / Vatican Insider / Wikicommons / Fradernidade Arca de Maria / SZ (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
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Monday, October 6, 2014

Curial Archbishop Carballo Immortalized in a Church -- "Concerned About Pre-Conciliar Deviations"

(Madrid), José Rodriguez Carballo Archbishop Curia has been immortalized in a church of Santiago de Compostela. "Is this appropriate in the 21st century?" Asks Francisco de la Cigoña of La Gaceta .
Rodriguez Carballo is from Galicia and belongs to the Franciscan Order. The Spaniard was the first major personnel decision of the current pontificate. A few days after his election,  Pope Francis called the Franciscan at the beginning of April 2013 as Secretary of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life in the Roman Curia. Previously, Father Rodriguez Carballo from 2003-2013  was the119th General Minister of the Franciscan Order.
The Catholic journalist Francisco de la Cigoña was content to ask questions: "Is  that not too early? Is that excessive?"  The presentation in the church shows Father Rodriguez Carballo with crosier and pectoral cross as a bishop. His episcopal ordination took place on 13 May 2013.
Curial Archbishop Rodriguez Carballo, Titular Archbishop per hac vice of Bellicastrum is, with João Cardinal Bráz de Aviz, Prefect of the Congregation for Religious, responsible for the  restrictive measures against the Order of the Franciscans of the Immaculate. The appointment of the Apostolic Commissioner, Father Fidenzio Volpi from the Capuchin Order, took place a few months after Carballos took office on 13 July-2013.
Last May, the Curial Archbishop said in a speech to the Association of Catalan religious (URC): "For religious, the Council is a point that is not negotiable."   "Whoever sees in the "reforms" of Vatican II all the bad things of the religious life, denies the presence of the Holy Spirit in the Church ". The Congregation for Religious   is  "very concerned" about this phenomenon: "We see real deviations" because "not a few institutes" have their growth "there is not just  a pre-conciliar, but even an anti-conciliar formation"... "not a few institutions" says Rodriguez Carballo. "This is not allowed, that is, to stand outside of history. This is something that has us very worried  in the Congregation. "
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: La Gaceta / de la Cigoña
Trans: Tancred
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