Thursday, April 13, 2017

Venezuelan Priest Murdered

Edit: in a climate of increasing persecution of the Church, some have turned to murder. Those responsible have not been apprehended yet.

[runrun] On Monday, April 10, the priest Diego Begolla, house coordinator of the  Franciscans de La Victoria  in Aragua state, was found with his threat slit in his office.

Begolla's body showed signs of violence and the neck was cut with an edged weapon. The situation had a serious impact on the elderly Father Suso, who knows him.

For the moment it is known that the religious was in his office and it is assumed that the motive was theft from the institution, because the assailants took computer equipment, valuables, food and other things.

The location is being examined by officials of the Police of Aragua and of the Corps of Investigations Scientific, Penal and Criminalistics, (Cicpc) to collect the evidence.

The news caused much shock among citizens on the eve of Holy Week.



Anonymous said...

I don't know where else to post this, do you have anything about Alec Ryrie? Dennis Prager is currently salivating over him. Thanks.

JBQ said...

This is not just happening in Venezuela. Here in St. Louis, there was an incident around Christmas in which the manger scene was set on fire at a prominent St. Louis County Church in one of the richest areas of St. Louis County. In addition about six weeks ago, one of the Franciscan friars at St. Anthony Padua in the City was jumped in front of the church and suffered severe trauma in addition to a broken leg. There is a growing mood among the barbaric sector in the U.S. to hate Christianity. The aura around the radical left is one of Les Miserables and the destruction of Christ. Of such beginnings was the foundation lain for the Bolshevik Revolution.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the bible say Catholics will be beheaded in the last days?

Tancred said...

His throat was actually slit.