Saturday, May 26, 2012

German Archbishop Says Interest in Old Mass Very Small

Archbishop Zollitsch Underrates the Old Mass

Germany. With the Motu Prorio 'Summorum Pontificum' the Pope wants to show that he is doing "everything possible in order to avoid a definite schism." The Old Liberal Bishop Archbishop Robert Zollitsch said this in an interview with the newspaper 'Welt'. He fears that the reconciliation aims "God have mercy" will not be reached: "Point is that the interest in the Old Mass is much, much smaller in the Church than it looks like from the discussion."

  New Mainz Auxiliary Bishoop?

Germany. The Mainz Cathedral Rector Hans-Jurgen Eberhardt might shortly become the successor of the deceased Auxiliary Bishop Werner Guballa oof Mainz. Prelate Eberhardt is considered to be an Old Liberal protege of Cardinal Karl Lehmann.

A form of lifestyle?

Germany. Homosexual soldiers "should stand by their convictions as much as possible". That's what neo-conservative Bishop Franz-Josef Overbeck of Essen recently told a soldiers' pilgrimage to Lourdes. One must be careful "not to be formed by public opinion" -- he cryptically explained. This is valid not only for "this form of lifeestyle, but for others as well."

The secret at issue is this: that one sacrifices the world with God's sacrifice, that the betrayal of the religion must entail also the betrayal of the culture after it. Western culture will live just as long as Western religion. 

 From the book "The Angel's Wreath" in the year 1946 by the famous author Gertrud von Le Fort (+1971)



Dan said...

I would say that interest in Cardinal Zollitsch is even smaller.

Anonymous said...


Please demote heresiarch Zollitsch to his proper place.

He is NOT a cardinal, Deo gratias.

Tancred said...

That's not my job.

Anonymous said...

Zollitsch isn't a Cardinal, he is just a Bishop. Also, i believe he is 73, close to retiring.

Will the Pope replace the liberal garbage bishops with good traditional Catholic men? Probably not.

Rather than rad liberals, the new bishops will probably be wimpish John Paul II style "moderates".
After all, Pope Benedict XVI must keep the spirit of John Paul II alive, mustn't he? That seems to be his only job!

God forbid good traditional Catholics would ruin the J P II/Vatican II side show circus Church!!

Tancred said...

Thanks much!