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Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Cloister in Vienna for The Sisters of the Lamb

In the Briggittenau there is a "little cloister" -- The financing of the building comes completely from donations, the foundation will be followed by a contribution from the Archdiocese of Vienna.

Vienna ( In Vienna- Brigittenau there is a new Religious Order:  In the Dammer Street there will be built  a "little cloister" of the "Little Sisters of the Lamb". The corresponding approval has been taken care of.  The building for the wooden frame structure should begin in the spring.  The Sisters should be celebrating Christmas in their new cloister.

The new cloister will have two ground level courtyards and an additional chapel connected to the street.  The financing of the construction comes exclusively from donations.  The building has been ordered by the Archdiocese of Vienna. 

As a newer branch of the Dominican order the Little Sisters of the Lamb want "simple clean homes" built, in order to "live among the people" and make people "from every walk of life" welcome. That they are building their new cloister in the 20th district with its diverse population is especially interesting for the Sisters, because they offer a "wide field for friendship and meeting".  The Sisters would like to be a "sign of friendship and peace of God" in a multicultural area: "We are really happy in our new neighborhood."

Till now the Sisters have set up housekeeping in the former Carmelite church on the Taborstrasse.  Even here -- in an environment that is very strongly marked by Jewish and Islamic families -- they have already begun with "many signs of friendship".

The "Community of the Lamb" is in nine countries with a membership of 130 Little Sisters and 30 Little Brothers.  In solidarity with all of the poor of the world the Brothers and Sisters have chosen a simple life.

Since 1996, Cardinal Schonborn has been ecclesiastically responsible for the order.  Since then the Community has presented itself in Vienna.  The Little Brothers and Sisters of the Lamb bestow their power of prayer to all people, who they meet every day and who confide in them. 

There is a community of the "Friends Promoting the Community of the Lamb"  where you can support it at, or here in English.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Bishops Should Fight Obamacare With All Their Might

The first entry comes from Cardinal Rigali and shows some really decisive leadership.

The other entry by Father Robert Sirico at last asks the right questions and puts the social teachings of the Church in relation to her traditional role as the true source of Charity in her hospitals, orphanages, schools and soup kitchens. She has always fed and clothed the poor and this legistlation threatens what.

( - A top Roman Catholic cardinal told that there is “no way” Catholic members of Congress can support the Senate health care reform bill as long as it includes a provision that allows tax dollars to go to insurance plans that cover abortion.

At the National Press Club on Nov. 20, asked Cardinal Justin Rigali, the archbishop of Philadelphia: “The Senate health care bill that Majority Leader Reid released this week permits tax dollars to go to insurance plans which cover abortion. And my question is: Would it be a mortal sin for a Catholic member of Congress to vote for this bill knowing that this provision is in it?”

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Posted by Rev. Robert Sirico

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

As the health care debate moves to the U.S. Senate, much of the focus has been on how the Catholic bishops’ support of the amendment by U.S. Rep. Bart Stupak, the Menominee Democrat, to prohibit the use of tax dollars to fund abortion was a major victory for the pro-life side. The bishops urged the House of Representatives, through local parishes and in a Nov. 6 letter, to ensure that “needed health care reform legislation truly protects the life, dignity, health and consciences of all.”

All people of good will, all those who value human life and dignity, should cheer this development.

But there’s more to this health care juggernaut that should give us reason to oppose it in its current form. We should first be concerned with the vast expansion of government reach into the private lives of millions of Americans.

This “reform” will create a system that will put bureaucrats in charge of personal health care decisions — not doctors. It will give the federal government an avenue to nationalize more than 15 percent of the U.S. economy, putting bureaucrats and elected officials in the role of manager and regulator — much as we’ve seen in banking and automobiles.

Amazingly, with the push for a $1 trillion-plus health care package and the attendant debt, we may soon see Canada with lower government spending (as a percent of gross domestic product) on heath care than the United States. All this, too, is a threat to human dignity.

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