Thursday, March 17, 2011

Viennese Disco Masses are at an End

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It says "Mass" outside. But it's a Rock concert on the inside. This thief's pastoral initiative doesn't serve the youth, rather it serves the blathering of the official Bishops, providing them a diversion from the shattering glass of their Olde Liberal Church destruction.

(, Wien)The sacrilegious Viennese Rock Eucharist "find-fight-follow" are at an end.

DISCO With Auxiliary Bishop

This was according to the Old Liberal Viennese youth pastor, Fr. Gregor Jansen, for the Austrian news agency 'kathpress'.

In the last nine years there have been over fifty such Rock events with pancake "Eucharists".

The Viennese Cardinal Christoph von Schönborn stood for two of these sacrilegious, pancake disco Eucharists.

On 29 May the last sacrilegious disco Eucharist will be held in the open air.

Fr. Jansen has named no reason for the end.

Celebrate, why?

The disco-Eucharists have drawn massive criticism. They also hardened the reputation of the Viennese Cardinal as an Olde Liberal Church destroyer.

All the same it is yet to be seen if any reproof from Rome had brought their end.

It's probable that the organizers of the event up until now have lost their desire and there are no successors in sight.

Fr. Jansen explained that the originators only desired "a break".

They have to install for each and every Disco-Eucharist their own text in alleged "youth speech", find Rock Bands and install lighting in the various church spaces.

Fr. Jansen laments that the ending project had brought "much Holy Ghost".

The Rock Eucharists would have struck the "nerve of the time and the youth".

He believes that they would had "simply begun celebrating" -- he neglects to mention just what they were celebrating.

Mandatory Program

There are relatively many youth who come to these Disco-Eucharists.

Actually there's a reason for that: the events belong to the Mandatory Program for Confirmation of the Archdiocese of Vienna.

Now Fr. Jansen wants to make a request about the "Know How" to give Rock-Eucharists.

Ideas about how music or light effects of the Disco-Order of Mass were catching on in many Viennese Parishes -- so said Fr. Jansen.

Rock-Eucharists can also be organized in future without the motto 'find-fight-follow'.

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