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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Noteworthy Words of the Nuncio About the True Council

Die Pummerin läutet zum Abschied von Papst Benedikt XVI. [Bild: kreuz-net]
Pontifical High Mass in the Cathedral of St. Stephen in Vienna at the end of the Pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI.  

On the evening of the 28th of January in the year of the Lord 2013, a Pontifical Mass for the end Benedict XVI’s Pontificate was given in a completely filled Cathedral and Metropolitan Church, St. Stephen in Vienna by the Apostolic Nuncio of Austria, Archbishop Peter Zurbriggen for the end.

The Liturgy -- the Novus Ordo -- was meagre;  the vestments were unlovely; the musical arrangements could have been better arranged; what was certainly a noteworthy cause for joy were the words of the Nuncio, who praised the deeds of Benedict XVI. and at the same time remained in no way thoroughly empty and inert.

In the German National Church in Rome, at the grave of Pope Hadrian VI.: there is an inscription which reads significantly, that even the best man of the time, in which he is put, will leave an important mark on his efforts.  Zurbriggen noted that this is applicable in a certain way also for Benedict XVI., who was called to the Papal throne in difficult times for the Church.

The Nuncio cited Benedict’s speech on the present Dictatorship of Relativism, against which the Pope has ever encouraged to reach for Christ, that very trust in God, to which Jeremiah also called upon, from which the reading of the Mass was chosen.

Interpretation of Vatican II

The three Encyclicals of the Pope were mentioned, his work on “Jesus of Nazareth” and Benedict’s efforts toward the correct understanding of Liturgy and for the correct interpretation of the Second Vatican Council,  which also must not be meant as a break,  according to which it is completely different, as it has been near to the almost 2,000 years before that.

So it is also even misleading to speak of a Pre-Conciliar and a Post-Conciliar Church.  Every false interpretation of the Council has brought us to each crisis, in which the Church today finds itself, as the Nuncio clearly formulated: and he still significantly noted, that for us, the true value of the Council, and every true and valid Council, will only then be solved, when the modernist rubbish heaped till now has been thrown out.

At 8 o’clock in the evening, shortly before the Consecration, the Nuncio stopped, as the solemn silence within the Gothic Cathedral the bells began to toll to signal the beginning of the elevation, at the same time of the voluntary end of this Pontificate. Tears welled up in the eyes of some.  Doubtless a historical moment.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Holy Father Abdicates His Office Amid Tremendous Pressures and Threats to His Life

Edit: last year on February 10th, the Telegraph reported a prediction that Pope Benedict would be assassinated in the following year at some point. It is in the back ground of such a threat that the present resignation seems to play itself out, and indeed there was at least one attempted attack against the Holy Father's person in Lebanon last year. At present, there are discussings about a theological and geopolitical struggle going on not only related to positions of power, but the Vatican Bank and the old P-2 conspiracy related to the CIA.

Of course, there is the assertion that the paper tiger of the sex-abuse crisis and an underground sexual cabal and Satanists, according to Father Amorth, and a Polish Priest researcher on deviant personalities, Father Oko,  who says that the Holy Father is "waging a tireless war against evil".

The Setting

An urgent message was handed to the Holy Father from the Archbishop of Palermo Paolo Cardinal Romeo, whose indiscrete comments during a trip to China were passed on to Dario Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos of Colombia.

Fuel to the fire has been added by additional speculation from a German Journalist at Compact that there the Holy Father was indeed being threatened implicating the Central Intelligence Agency.

It was last year during the Pope's visit that he was threatened in Lebanon by an attempted terror attack thwarted by Anti-Terrorist Units and what seems to be a tip off from Hezbollah.

The German COMPACT magazine reports extensively about the murderous threat against the Holy Father

The completely surprising resignation of Pope Benedict is an unparalleled proceeding. In the history of Christendom there has only been one similar case in the last 2,000 years. In the back ground there is an internal power struggle in the Vatican, which is not only theological, but of a geopolitical nature: Ratzinger fought against CIA-insiders with concealed accounts in the Vatican bank, which had whacked his predecessor. COMPACT reports in an interview.

Jurgen Elsasser, born 1957, worked through the 90s primarily for the left media like Junge Welt, Konkret, Freitag, Neues Deutschland. Since there the climate of opinion became increasingly more restrictive, he went on his own way. Today he is the Chief Editor of COMPACT magazine.

The following in German, for now: