Friday, January 21, 2011

Diocese of Essen: A Farewell Toast for the Church

The Old Liberal, tired and secularized Church in Germany is giving  itself away.  translated from Valeria Kurz's original German.

( In the Diocese of Essen they are intensivly occupied with harvesting the bad fruits of the Second Vatican Council.

Ever since the conversion of German it's been unheard of that a Bishop should preside as a bankruptcy attorney.

The most recent victim was the church of he Redemptorists, Maria Hilf in the down town of Bochum.

It has been for decades a church where many of the faithful go for confession and penance.

Actually last Sunday, it was closed after 143 years.

Bishop Franz-Josef Overbeck celebrated his last Holy Mass in the cloister church.

The remaining Redemptorists have been moved away.

In Bochum at present there are still five priests.  In the gold old days there were eleven. There wasn't a single young priest in sight.

On Sunday no one responded to the question why there is no growth in the Order -- Msgr Overbeck, neither.

Only some words of gratitude were sufficient -- garnished with some shibboleths: "Out of all that is history, is a new departure."

Actually, considering departure, is the Old Liberal, tired and secularized Church in Germany is hardly to be seen at all.

Both clergy and faithful have lost their will to live.

Instead of fighting for the church, one celebrated a Requiem for the Redemptorists -- with a farewell toast. is the original...

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