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Monday, January 11, 2010

Father Schwartz's New Year's Book List at Our Lady of Grace

It was a quiet evening at the spirituality retreat offered at Our Lady of Grace in properous Edina, Minnesota, and Fr. Burke SJ, the homosexuality promoting speaker, welcomed and endorsed by Archbishop Nienstedt, came and went without too much of a fuss. Just from looking at that American colonial town hall, you wouldn't think anything insidious was going on, you'd think the Archdiocese was on a solid course. But there were books left behind, as if a GLBT Santa had left them in stockings on Epiphany, revealing a familiar agenda, given by some familiar authors whose homosexual advocacy of heresy often conflicts with their stated ministry as Catholic priests and religious. We know that homosexuals are not supposed to be ordained, but somehow, a few slipped thorugh, a few wrote some books too, books and ideas that are actually hostile to Catholicism but promote homosexuality. This is Father Bob Schwartz's reading list:

Father Richard Rohr OFM

Father Richard Rohr is the author of many best-selling self-help books, like Adam's Return, which is the book Fr. Bob has asked his flock to read. Fr. Rohr is a noted speaker and author who is beyond belief, beyond "good and bad". He says, incitefully, "belief systems ask nothing of you and hasn't led to praxis". This is simply heresy, but no one is asking us.

He appears at homosesxual events, eager to help out down in New Mexico at a Gay Spirituality retreat, but that's no reason why he can't be featured prominently in Fr. Bob's spirituality retreat as a suggested reading.

Blasphemous Cover Art

"Adam's Return"

Here are some citations from Father Richard Rohr's book:

"I believe that the truth is more likely to be found at the bottom and the edges of things than at the top or the center. The top or center always has too much to provea nd too much to protect. I learnd this by connecting the dots of Judeo-Christian Scriptures, from my Franciscan background -- the pedagogy of the oppressed and the continued testimony of the saints and mystics -- and from the first tep of Alchholics Anonymous. Final authority in the spiritual world does not tend to come from any agenda of success but from some form of suffering that always feels like the bottom. Insecurity and impermanence are the best spiritual teachers, as Alan Watts and so many others demonstrate. The good news is clearly not a winner's script, although the ego and even churches continually try to make it so.

Finally, I believe that our images and words for God matter deeply in the way we live our practical lives because we all become the God we worship. This has been a central breakthrough in awareness in recent decades, thanks largely to feminist theologians. I believe that God is the ultimate combination of whatever it means to be male and whatever it means to be female. [(She who i: The Mystery of God in Feminist Theological Discourse(New York : Crossroad, 1993), and Elizabeth Schuessler Forienza, In Memory of Her (New York: Crossroad, 1984) These two fine theolgians give feminism a very good name and give God a new chance.] [u]God is fully sexual in the deepest meaning of the term.[/u]

"... we must... find public ways to recovinize honor, and name the feminine nature of God, since we have overly limited our metaphors for God for centuries." (xiii)

Now we need enlightened and transformed magicians, lovers of life and beauty, and strong nonviolent warriors to produce truly big-picture men -- or kings. (P. 124)

The only religion that chews on the flesh of God has a very sensuous, sexual symbol for the transformation of the lover; we call it the Eucharist. Christianity says that God is Love but does not appear to really enjoy the lover. Despite all the BAch Masses, Baroque churches, incense, vestments, and luxriant art, we still made our religion into a moralistic matter instead of a mystical joy. .... the hot sins ofor the Baptists and Catholics are always associated with the body. This is no religion of incarnation. [!] (P. 130)

I will not eliminate or disallow all those wonderful sexually charged words for God -- such as Mother, Father, Son, Daughter, Bride, Bridegroom, friend, Guest Loveer, Jealous Lover, or even Seducer. Even more, I am not willing to eliminate the ntion of God, a relationship with God, or the very word "God" (even though I know that every name for God, including the word in itself, will always be a very limited metaphor and will carry a lot of baggage. (xiv)

In that sense God does save us, precisely by giving himself/herself to us and drawing us into the greater story. (xiv)

If there were any homophobic or emotionally wheitheld types among the twelve, I cannot imagine what they made of John with his head on the breast of Jesus during a proper reoligious ceremony. (P. 148)

Jesus was a layman (P. 149)

This was held on to for a long time with the Mass of the Catechumens, and people had to leave at a certain point because they were not ready to reeive the full gift yet. Now Eucharist has to do with achieving moral worthiness and passing ritual requirements instead of stirring holy desire. This unfortunately leaves most church rituals outside the realm of radical grace except fo rhose who have done their inner journey and personally experienced it elsewhere. (P. 175)

Father James Martin SJ,

Is the Jesuit editor of America, another author of the books which Fr. Bob recomends. He writes a troubling Op-ed piece for the New York Times in which he uses his homosexual friend's meeting with the Pope to highlight how homosexuals don't feel welcomed in the church. What with the predominence of homosexuals in the ministry, it's rather hard to come to that conclusion. Fr. Bob's selected Jesuit author here is problematic for a least three reasons:

1)He's not really pro-life:

2)  Promotes Centering Prayer which Mitch Pacwa  SJ warns against, and is heretical

3) Teaches the Bible is in error, this is heresy: "There are some major continuity problems in the Gospels" in the his book, My Life with the Saints.

Father Ronald Rolheister OMI

Bio from his website: Ronald Rolheiser, a Roman Catholic priest and member of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, is president of the Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio, Texas.

He is a community-builder, lecturer and writer. His books are popular throughout the English-speaking world and his weekly column is carried by more than ninety newspapers worldwide.

His book is Forgotten Among the Lilies,

The Catholicism I was raised in had, a fault, and it did, it was precisely that it did not allow for mistakes.  It demanded that you get it right the first time.  there was supposed to be no need for a second chance.  If you made a mistake, you lived with it and, like the rich young man, were doomed to be sad, at least for the rest of your life.  A seerious mistake was a permanent stigmaticzation, a markt hat you wore like Cain.

I have seen that mark in all kinds of people: divorcees, ex-priests, ex-religious, people who have had abortions, married people who have had affairs, people who have had children outside marriage, parents who have made serious mistake with their children, and countless others who have made serious mistakes

There was too little around to help them. We need a theology of brokenness." [so gay]( p 145)

On Women's Ordination

When you love someone, unless they actively reject that love, the are bound -- bound to the body of Christ, sustained in salvation." p 167

"Superficially, one might conclude that their pain is most acute at Eucharist because a male presides there.  This however, I submit, is a secondary explanation.  Their pain touches on something deeper, that must send a signal to the whole church.  Irerespective of the fact that it is mixed with other pains, they are experiencing the pain of the prophet. (P. 241)

Mentioned in Heresy Hunter:

Sister Joan Chittester:

Her recomended book was, The Gift of Years.

She has long been a very controversial and most heterodox speaker and author for the Benedictine order. We're sure that she has no business teaching at a Catholic faculty, but what rationale could Father Bob have for recomending her?

We would not recommend reading her book because it doesn't really deal with the spirtual problems of growing old and dying, something which we all must do, and preparing for death by ensuring that our souls are in a state of Sanctifying Grace. The disappointments of life are momentary, but the punishments and rewards for life are eternal.

Her own words:

Talking about Thomas Reese SJ who was forced to resign from America Magazine, she wrote, "He published articles in America that looked at both sides of the communion-for-politicians issue, at both sides of the gay marriage issue, at both sides of the role of Congregation of the Faith, at both sides of the church as institution and religion. "

Attacks Church teaching on Homosexuality: "I am completely commited to the achievement of full civil rights for gay and lesbian people. To deny these people rights in the name of morality is immoral.  The Church is a human institution and it grows slowly."

Friday, December 18, 2009

Another Sign of the Times: Liberal Minnesota Archbishop

Back in June of 2008 Bill Donahue of the Catholic League recently gave a glowing report of Archbishop Nienstedt's efforts to curtail the promotion of Homosexuality at the parish of St. Joan of Arc. Despite his timely intervention, the parish's administration and problematic direction remained. It's as though a surgeon only treated the symptoms of a cancer destroying his patient's immune system, leaving the root cause of the disease untreated. So, two weeks ago, the Parish of St. Joan of Arc hosted the Twin Cities Gay Men's Chorus to "celebrate the inner child".

It is becoming more clear as his administration continues that Archbishop Nienstedt is erecting a Potemkin Archdiocese to appease local and vocal conservative voices, and Rome, while attempting to avoid at the same time alienating big liberal donors like the Pohlads. He previously permitted a pro-homosexual speaker, organized by Terri Griep, facillitator of CCCR and a writer at the Archdioces' paper, the Catholic Spirit, to speak at Our Lady of Grace Parish.

Celebrating their Inner Child

There was no outcry when the Gay Men's Chorus used St. Joan of Arc Parish and Archdiocesan property, promoting homosexuality against the Archdiocese's speaker policy, Bill Donahue's posturing notwithstanding a year ago, nothing has been done.

Here's what was said then, so much for those empty words; the same problems are well in place:

Catholic League president Bill Donohue supports Archbishop Nienstedt [to maintain the sole appearances of Catholicism]:

“The annual prayer service at St. Joan of Arc was never held to honor gays as equal members of the Catholic community, rather it was held to celebrate the LGBT lifestyle. That’s not a small difference. The Catholic Church welcomes people of all sexual orientations, but it is not obligated to celebrate sodomy anymore than it is obligated to celebrate fornication.

“The attacks on Archbishop Nienstedt are vicious. One local gay Catholic leader, David McCaffrey, has said that Nienstedt is guilty of ‘yet another volley of dehumanizing spiritual violence directed at LGBT persons and their families under [his] reign of homophobic hatred.’ This is a remarkable comment given that Nienstedt didn’t take over as archbishop until last month.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wealthy Liberal Catholics Paying Archbishop Nienstedt Millions

Archbishop Nienstedt is going to get a bump for inner-city Catholic Schools from the Pohlad family to the tune of $1 Million a year. Former Twins baseball team owner, Carl Pohlad had his funeral Mass in the very liberal, pro-homosexual Basilica of St. Mary's and he headed he collectivist Metropolitan Transit Commission which oversaw the destruction of the rail system and the reallocation of a cost ineffective bus system.

In any event, inner-city Catholic schools are yet another poor investment, especially from a Catholic perspective, unless Archbishop Nienstedt is willing to address the large presence of Neo-marxists who comprise the administration and teaching staff.

The Pohlad family still plays golf at Interlaken which endorses Planned Parenthood.

The Pohlad Family today announced a major commitment to keeping urban Catholic elementary schools affordable for young people from economically-disadvantaged families. Through the Minneapolis Foundation and the Catholic Community Foundation, a total of $1 million in tuition assistance will be distributed to nineteen Catholic schools for use during the 2009-2010 school year. The Pohlads plan to continue this million dollar funding each year through 2013-2014.

Archbishop John Nienstedt welcomed the commitment: “The Pohlad family’s quiet giving has focused on providing opportunities that help young people move out of poverty. We are grateful for the family’s recommitment to Catholic education in neighborhoods where poverty has been growing.”

Hat tip to Ray at Stella Borrealis.

Link to original...

More Old-Liberal Bishops for Minnesota: Bishop Sirba

Aside from the fact that the author of this article from an Archdiocesan paper called The Spirit doesn't know much about Catholicism, the article is interesting in that we are informed of the ordination of still one more of Msgr Schuler's boys from beautiful and "traditional" Saint Agnes parish who is raised to the office of Bishop, and we're also treated to the usual tired pleasantries that seem to accompany the full route of the Church elsewhere where Bishops don't fight wolves and are more concerned about endowments and PR than Cathlic Dogma. What Archbishop Nienstedt's predecessor, Archbishop Ireland referred to as "the phantom heresy", Americanism, is still well entrenched in Minnesota a century later. We are also reintroduced to the semi-orthodox Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Samebi who was present for the Consecration Mass and is new colleague Bishop Piche. Perhaps Bishop Sirba will be "fearful to the Church's enemies", but we doubt it. It's more Minnesota nice, hearty welcomes to dissident speakers and a continuing home for heretical educators and Benedictine Monks; business as usual and what passes for Catholicism in these parts. Pass the liberal snakeoil, please.

The crosier wielded by this Bohemian Prelate looks impressive at least, even if the vestments look like the costume for an improbable sci-fi future-church -- one thing at a time.

Also, don't expect Bishop Sirba to abolish altar girls any time soon, if ever, and we doubt he will be capable of keeping wolves out of his diocese when they come; just don't expect a wholesale restoration of Catholic religion. That's not on the agenda. His apparent mentor, Archbishop Nienstedt certainly isn't keeping the wolves out. Perhaps it is the case that, like his Archdiocesan Guideline on speakers, the panopoly of episcopacy is a minimalist attempt at true Catholicism.

During the Dec. 14 ordination ceremony, Bishop Sirba, former vicar general of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, called Archbishop Nienstedt “an inspiration, a guide and a friend.”

Link to illiterate Archdiocesan newspaper...

Friday, December 4, 2009

Pro-Homosexual Jesuit Speaker in Archdiocese of St Paul, Minnesota

There is going to be a "Retreat" by a Jesuit who promotes the moral and psychological normalcy of Homosexuality and Liberation Theology and despite warnings from concerned individuals, the Archdiocese has steadfastly refused to do anything about these dissidents speaking in its jurisdication this evening and all day tomorrow.

Dennis McGrath, Communications Director for the Archdiocese of Minnesota who even warned us of the "Catholic Coalition for Church Reform", insists that he's been doing everything possible to keep Michael Bayly, a local homosexual activist, and speakers friendly to him off of Archdiocesan property as speakers or people involved officially with the Archdiocese in any way. We think that he would prefer there weren't any Catholics in the Archdiocese at all, you know, no oversight.

We've just been informed that Terri Griep, a freelance writer, who is organizing the talk is a close collaborator with Michael Bayly and is herself not "harmonious with Catholic teachings" regarding Homosexuality and Liberation Theology. She describes her mission with the Catholic Coalition for Church Reform this way.

Is it consistent with the Gospel message of transforming love and abundant life to construct and promote a theology that justifies denying lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons full expression of their sexuality and the human good of partnering? What might an alternative theology, one informed by the findings of science and the experiences and insights of LGBT people, look like?

The Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Work/Study Group of the 2010 Synod will explore the historical, biological, and psycho/social aspects of human sexuality – with particular emphasis on homosexuality. It will also make recommendations for the adoption of a theology that values and celebrates the lives and relationships of LGBT people.

The abovementioned event took place at Our Lady of Lords Catholic Church, Edina, Minnesota.

Link to original...

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And he's soft on Marxism too!

Another... Jesuit...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's Socialism as Usual in Minnesota

Archbishop Nienstedt did mention subsidiarity in his brief interview today on MPR, but what he's asking for, ala Democratic Party, amounts to very direct government interference and more wealth confiscation on the part of the government. Insisting that the healthcare bill include "subsidiarity", the Archbishop suggested that it "move authority down to the lowest level," but he didn't elaborate on how increased centralization and wealth confiscation will involve subsidiarity, or how the mission of the Church to provide healthcare as She has in the past will not be hindered by this legislation.

As far as we know now, the Archbishop is still permitting a Marxist Jesuit to speak at Our Lady of Grace Parish in Edina, contrary to his own Guidelines regarding Catholic speakers.

by Tom Crann, Minnesota Public Radio,
Madeleine Baran, Minnesota Public Radio
December 3, 2009

St. Paul, Minn. — Archbishop John Nienstedt reiterated the Catholic Church's opposition to any health care reform bill that would allow abortion coverage, in an interview with MPR's All Things Considered on Thursday.

Nienstedt, the archbishop of St. Paul and Minneapolis, called health care "essential for the human life and dignity of every person," [Even if we have to extort the money from taxpayers] but said the Catholic Church will not support health care legislation unless it meets specific church demands.

"I believe that health care reform is necessary," said Nienstedt. "I'm all in favor of that. The question is, What kind of health care do we want as a nation? And any health care program that would include the killing of the unborn is unacceptable."

Nienstedt said that parishioners should oppose any bill that allows abortion or euthanasia coverage, rations care for the elderly, or lacks a "conscience clause" to allow medical providers to opt out of performing abortions or other procedures they consider immoral.

The Catholic Church has attracted controversy for its lobbying efforts in the health care debate, particularly for its efforts to ban abortion coverage in public option insurance plans.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops sent a letter to U.S. senators in November urging lawmakers to oppose abortion coverage, provide coverage for illegal immigrants and expand coverage for low-income Americans.

"I don't see that as political muscle," Nienstedt said. "I think that's the moral voice of the church speaking."

Link to original...

Don't forget to call the coordinator of Jesuit Kevin Burke's retreat, Terri Griep, here's her social justice website.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Guidelines aren't so Strict, Minnesota Archbishop Soft on Marxism

Dennis McGrath, the mouthpiece of the Archdiocese of Saint Paul, Minnesota, insists that a controversial speaker, Father Kevin Burke SJ, who is about to speak at a local parish, Our Lady of Grace in Edina, is a priest in good standing and there is no cause to invoke any sanctions against his coming visit and talk. While Mr. McGrath admits that the Church has admonitions about Liberation Theology, he won't admit that it condemns this Marxist ideological approach. McGrath insists that, "condemnation is much too strong a word." In reality the Church has condemned Liberation Theology and even if a specific condemnation weren't available at this point, many of its underlying principles. The Communications Director of the Archdiocese is wrong, the Church has condemned Liberation Theology and the Archdiocese (link) is hosting a well-known advocate of Liberation Theology and Homosexuality in opposition to his own rules not to host speakers whose writings are not in harmony with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Father Burke SJ has written and not retracted various treatises on Liberation Theology in praise of Marxists like Ignacio Ellacuria, who became a casualty of war when he assisted Soviet backed guerrillas in the Salvadoran civil war.

He also heads a faculty in Berkeley that features "Queer Studies". It's hard to see how this amounts to "being in harmony with the teachings of the Church."

When we brought this to the McGrath's attention, he accused the interviewer of not "loving homosexual persons" and went on for a while, insisting that they are certainly welcome in the Archdiocese.

We'd suggest that the Communications Director, given the large salary he receives to represent the Archdiocese in these matters, actually read the directives and teachings of the Church and Archdiocese he claims to represent.

At this point it seems clear where the Bishop and Dennis McGrath, ever eager to make false allusions himself, stand with regard to the teachings of the Church. We would in no way, of course, say that Archbishop Nienstedt or any of those under his leadership are Marxists or Homosexuals, naturally.

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Archbishop Nienstedt defends CCHD.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Archbishops Nienstedt and Chaput defend the nefarious CCHD

We're surprised that Archbishop Nienstedt is openly supporting this intitiative. He must have been dragooned into doing so. When we asked a priest recently what he thought of it, he gave a very cautious answer. It seems that the Bishops are very solicitous of their programs which promote heresy, homosexuality, waste of government funds and socialism.

Minneapolis, Minn., Nov 21, 2009 / 04:50 am (CNA).- Responding to concerns about the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), Archbishop John Nienstedt and Archbishop Charles J. Chaput have said the CCHD still does “much good,” despite several “disturbing” incidents and “mistakes” in which the campaign funded groups that worked against Catholic teachings.

In his Nov. 19 column Archbishop Nienstedt of St. Paul and Minneapolis called attention to the collection for the CCHD on the weekend of Nov. 21-22.

He said the Campaign aims to “break the cycle of poverty” for 40 million people in the U.S. by funding local “self-help, anti-poverty” organizations. Many of these are not under the auspices of the Church, but agree to follow guidelines which prevent them from violating Catholic teachings, the archbishop explained.

He then noted recent controversies in which the CCHD had to stop funding for three projects that violated those guidelines. He said CCHD funding was “immediately cut off” when violations were made known.

As an example, he referred to an immigrant workers’ rights group that began advocating against California’s Proposition 8 and for same-sex “marriage.” Such a position, Archbishop Nienstedt said, “obviously has nothing to do with the rights of immigrants.”

Link to... CNS

Friday, November 20, 2009

Archbishop Nienstedt dismisses USCCB Sex-Abuse Study

Archbishop Nienstedt says that he wouldn't put too much credence in the (Soviet?) USCCB 2 Million Dollar Sex-Abuse Study, but one has to wonder about David Clohessy of SNAP who is suggesting that the problem isn't seated in the problem with homosexuals in the first place. Everyone has an agenda, and sometimes it's only as long as the nose.

We were treated to a weird statement, however, from +Sean of Boston who said something about teasing the study. How about admitting that you got rooked and think about getting rid of the people who authorized people essentially hostile to the Church to make the study in the first place? Isn't this a bit like sending seminarians to hostile, atheistic psychologists to weigh the worthiness of their vocations? Why, oh why, won't the Bishops trust the counsels of Tradition in these matters. They worked for the Dominicans of old.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Improved Leadership in St. Paul Archdioce USA

Gay activist Michael Bayly laments the change in management at the Cathedral. You know that things must be a lot better than they were 10 years ago, but much work has yet to be done. You also get a sense for how easy it was for American Catholic Bishops to throw money at anti-Catholic causes like sailors on liberty call.

"[Retired Archbishop] Harry Flynn came to us -- we didn't go to them, they came to us -- in the late 1990s and asked us to serve as resource people for the church," said Michael Bayly, executive coordinator of the Catholic Pastoral Committee on Sexual Minorities (CPCSM). "Then a new pope comes in. Now the archdiocese won't even take our phone calls."

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Archbishop Nienstedt on the new Translations of the Roman Missal

The new translations will emphasize the role of the priest in persona christi and rather than muting the prophetic, priestly and royal imperatives in the prayers which the current 1985 translation does, it will be more close to the original translations of the prayers and the mind of the Church. Rather than watering down, it becomes more declarative, forceful and instructive. Prayers accomplish what they ask, and if they're asking for vague, subjective statements, they lose their significance and power.

One of the principal goals of the Second Vatican Council was to initiate a reform of the Sacred Liturgy.

Archbishop John C. Nienstedt

The goal of this reform was not a matter of simply revising texts. Even less was it a matter of abandoning the treasured traditions of the past. Rather, at its heart, the liturgical reform of the council was a divinely inspired desire to foster within us, the People of God, a renewed love of the liturgy, the source and summit of our Catholic way of life.

Praying the liturgy

The goal of “active and conscious participation of the faithful” in the liturgy, so central to authentic liturgical reform, is not so much a matter of merely doing more things, but rather of actively internalizing and, in short, praying the liturgy.

Tremendous successes have been made in realizing this crucial goal, while much work remains. The church continues to invite all of her members to make her own liturgical life the source and summit of their lives, as she prays with Christ, in Christ, and through Christ in this service of love that is the liturgy.

In a matter of a few short years to come, the English-speaking church will receive a historic text that marks a special moment in the continuing implementation of the reforms of the Second Vatican Council. This text is a new English Roman Missal, more commonly known as the Sacramentary.

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