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Friday, December 4, 2009

Pro-Homosexual Jesuit Speaker in Archdiocese of St Paul, Minnesota

There is going to be a "Retreat" by a Jesuit who promotes the moral and psychological normalcy of Homosexuality and Liberation Theology and despite warnings from concerned individuals, the Archdiocese has steadfastly refused to do anything about these dissidents speaking in its jurisdication this evening and all day tomorrow.

Dennis McGrath, Communications Director for the Archdiocese of Minnesota who even warned us of the "Catholic Coalition for Church Reform", insists that he's been doing everything possible to keep Michael Bayly, a local homosexual activist, and speakers friendly to him off of Archdiocesan property as speakers or people involved officially with the Archdiocese in any way. We think that he would prefer there weren't any Catholics in the Archdiocese at all, you know, no oversight.

We've just been informed that Terri Griep, a freelance writer, who is organizing the talk is a close collaborator with Michael Bayly and is herself not "harmonious with Catholic teachings" regarding Homosexuality and Liberation Theology. She describes her mission with the Catholic Coalition for Church Reform this way.

Is it consistent with the Gospel message of transforming love and abundant life to construct and promote a theology that justifies denying lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons full expression of their sexuality and the human good of partnering? What might an alternative theology, one informed by the findings of science and the experiences and insights of LGBT people, look like?

The Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Work/Study Group of the 2010 Synod will explore the historical, biological, and psycho/social aspects of human sexuality – with particular emphasis on homosexuality. It will also make recommendations for the adoption of a theology that values and celebrates the lives and relationships of LGBT people.

The abovementioned event took place at Our Lady of Lords Catholic Church, Edina, Minnesota.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Guidelines aren't so Strict, Minnesota Archbishop Soft on Marxism

Dennis McGrath, the mouthpiece of the Archdiocese of Saint Paul, Minnesota, insists that a controversial speaker, Father Kevin Burke SJ, who is about to speak at a local parish, Our Lady of Grace in Edina, is a priest in good standing and there is no cause to invoke any sanctions against his coming visit and talk. While Mr. McGrath admits that the Church has admonitions about Liberation Theology, he won't admit that it condemns this Marxist ideological approach. McGrath insists that, "condemnation is much too strong a word." In reality the Church has condemned Liberation Theology and even if a specific condemnation weren't available at this point, many of its underlying principles. The Communications Director of the Archdiocese is wrong, the Church has condemned Liberation Theology and the Archdiocese (link) is hosting a well-known advocate of Liberation Theology and Homosexuality in opposition to his own rules not to host speakers whose writings are not in harmony with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Father Burke SJ has written and not retracted various treatises on Liberation Theology in praise of Marxists like Ignacio Ellacuria, who became a casualty of war when he assisted Soviet backed guerrillas in the Salvadoran civil war.

He also heads a faculty in Berkeley that features "Queer Studies". It's hard to see how this amounts to "being in harmony with the teachings of the Church."

When we brought this to the McGrath's attention, he accused the interviewer of not "loving homosexual persons" and went on for a while, insisting that they are certainly welcome in the Archdiocese.

We'd suggest that the Communications Director, given the large salary he receives to represent the Archdiocese in these matters, actually read the directives and teachings of the Church and Archdiocese he claims to represent.

At this point it seems clear where the Bishop and Dennis McGrath, ever eager to make false allusions himself, stand with regard to the teachings of the Church. We would in no way, of course, say that Archbishop Nienstedt or any of those under his leadership are Marxists or Homosexuals, naturally.

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