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Sunday, February 22, 2015

"Aberro-Tolerance": Marian Statue Vandalized

(Rome) The face and chest have been smeared with blood. It seems that some have taken the statue of the  Most Pure Virgin  to heart. The blood flows down her white robe.Thus, the large statue in front of the church of San Giovanni Battista was found on the outskirts of the Italian city of Lecce. The statue had been bombarded with red paint. On the outer walls of the parish church, blasphemous slogans were smeared in the same "bloody" color: "God is Trans", "pedophile priests", "Mantovano Taliban."
The judge Alfredo Mantovano was from 2001-2006 and 2008-2011 State Secretary at the Ministry of Interior. In 2012 he left politics and has been a judge at the Higher Regional Court of Rome. He is regarded as a leading expert in family law. Since 1976 he has been part of the Catholic Alliance.  Last week he was speaker at a meeting in the parish of the Catholic Alliance's "War Against the Natural Family Gender Ideology, was Organized Gay Marriage ". A current, but also dangerous subject.

Gay Intolerance

Virgin Mary statue in Lecce
There are left-wing groups that do not accept the human right of free speech and assembly for others if they do not  like the topic.  The intolerance of aberrosexual groups has  left a trace of verbal and physical violence  more recently in Italy: from the assaults on the Italian Veilleurs, whom they describe as "standing guard." The original just like the French hold silent protests in places and minister against the "gay agenda" and the destruction of the family; or the political and media lynching of any organization or initiative, which promotes the natural family, mother and father, a union of man and woman. That violence is possible because there is more and benign neglect by "moderate" circles. Lecce is located in Puglia. The Italian region of Apulia is governed by the avowed homosexuals and leftists attacks WikiLeaks since 2005.
Now the usual violent offenders have struck in Lecce. The Association LeA - freely and openly wrote the day before the attack that events such as the meeting in the parish "in a democratic, secular and advanced society are harmful to the dignity of all people, not just homosexuals because they are opportunities to incite homophobic hatred, not to spread correct information on LGBT issues and to promote a climate of psychological terror."  For this reason, the union announced a counter-rally -  which was supported by a vast number of large and small groups of the homo-, left, and feminist spectrum, including anarchists and sectarian Communist groups - as always.

Virgin Mary statue "Crying" - blasphemous vandalism

The translation of the statement meant that the Catholic rally was intended to be prevented by occupation of the conference hall. In fact, the left-reinforced aberro hordes tried to storm the room, they threatened and insulted the conference participants. However, the pre-warned police managed to push them back and keep them at an appropriate distance.
A week later an attack was perpetrated on the statue in front of the church and spray painted messages were written on the church wall. The revenge for the foiled attempt on the meeting. An action against the Blessed Mother under cover of darkness and anonymity. The State Security has launched investigations, while parish faithful cleaned the walls.  Purification of the Virgin Mary statue is proving to be difficult. The face of Mary was the main target.
"God is Trans" has been sprayed by aberrosexual activists in Lecce. It commemorates the slogan "God is woman" by the unspeakable political mercenaries of Femen. Both are expressions of ideological delusion and cultural stupidity.
The Catholics today are the main target of the new totalitarian gender thinking and the new kingdom of alleged rights. A totalitarian and intolerant thinking that will sink in the name of human rights, to attacking Christianity and the resulting civilization, the values themselves ​​that have led to human rights. It's a dangerous game.
The statue of Lecce seems to cry even if it is only just color.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: LeP / AC
Trans: Tancred

Veilleurs in Paris protesting against embryonic research:

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Pope Backs Efforts to Defend Family in Slovakia

Edit: why is this even an issue?
[Huffington Post] As Slovakia gears up for a referendum on same-sex unions this coming weekend, Pope Francis gave his blessing to the country's efforts to block marriage and adoption rights for gay couples.

Speaking at his weekly general audience on Wednesday, the pope said: "I greet the pilgrims from Slovakia and, through them, I wish to express my appreciation to the entire Slovak church, encouraging everyone to continue their efforts in defense of the family, the vital cell of society."

Alliance for the Family, a Slovak conservative group, has gathered more than 400,000 votes -- representing nearly 10 percent of the country’s electorate, according to Reuters -- on a petition calling for a national vote that could block any future efforts to overturn Slovakia's existing ban on same-sex marriage.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Satirical Magazine "Barcelona" Celebrates Pope Francis' Stance on Aberrosexuality by Calling him "Faggot"

Edit: seems to us that whatever Catholic apologists writing for a conservative audience might think, the overwhelmingly Leftist world press reads his message loud and clear.  Barcelona Revista is a "satirical magazine" with a circulation of 30,000, according to Wikipedia. We got this story from one of the regular posters.  Putazo is a term often used affectionately between males who are good friends in a vulgar but jocose manner.
The satirical magazine Argentina Barcelona published in its latest issue a controversial cover bearing an image of Pope Francis in makeup under the headline "Putazo". [Faggot]
The medium was referring to the opening being impulse by Jorge Bergoglio in the Catholic Church to review aspects as homosexuality and divorce in the Synod on Family taking place in the Vatican .
"Influenced by Francis, the Catholic Church is opened itself for the first time to 'sodomites, inverts and other sufferers of homosexuality'. The decision of the Supreme Pontiff to tolerate Argentine 'effeminates,  depraved', puts an end to centuries of discrimination and moral conviction to begin an era 'friendly to the manfloro [insult against aberrosexuals]'. Are they born priests in a motion as the third sex? Is Bergoglio the 'Pope of the culorrotos'[derogatory slang for aberrosexual] ?"  asks Barcelona on its front.
up"Is a Parody"
In an interview with Radio 10 of Argentina's director of environment, Ingrid Beck , said that only a parody, insisting that there isn't any disrespect to the pontiff. 
"The Church is engaging in a tendency to speak of homosexuals and it was worthy of putting it on the front page," Beck said, adding that "anyway it is about considering whether or not homosexuals are worthy of joining the institution as people, and that is what is disrespectful. "
"It seems there are no limits for humor, you do not have to be, and there are no limits on the news. It's a parody, humor. We work with the absurd," insisted the journalist.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Pope Receives Transexual With "Girlfriend" -- Papal Approach to the Mainstream?

(Rome) This past weekend, Pope Francis received the Spanish Transgender, Diego Neria Lajarraga. This was reported by the Spanish newspaper Hoy in its Monday edition. Diego is actually a woman and has gained the masculine given name after a sex change. Pope Francis received Diego with his girlfriend.
According to the transsexuals they received a phone call from Pope Francis on Christmas Eve 2014. At the weekend she was now the guest of the head of the Catholic Church in Santa Marta Guest House, received in audience at the Vatican. Neria Lajarraga describes themselves as "practicing Catholics".

Letter to the Pope, the Pope Phone Call and Audience

Last fall, she had written the Pope  a letter complaining that she will be "excluded" as a "practicing Catholic" in her home parish in the Spanish city of Plasencia, since she had undergone a sex change. A priest, said Diego Neria Lajarraga,  even insulted  her as a "daughter of the devil".
Pope Francis read the letter, picked up the phone and invited the   Spaniard and her "girlfriend" in the Vatican. There was no official audience, but one of the many non-protocol-related meetings at which the pontificate of the Argentine Pope is so rich. As the newspaper "Hoy" writes, Diego turned to the Pope because she felt that he would listen to her. Whether Diego also listened to the Pope, is not known. Is not known, nor what the Pope  said to the  woman. All information  has been submitted by Diego Neria Lajarraga. The Holy See did not share even   that the encounter took place.

Catholic Media Goes Silent - Except the German

While the Vatican media are silent, the German section of Vatican Radio [They're probably wildly jubilant.] is the only one who reported on the out-of protocol audience: "Transgender Man Received by Pope" after previously the official Catholic media agencies had adopted in German-speaking countries on the topic.
"The meeting took place against the background of a perceived change of course by some observers to the Vatican Catholic lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT). LGBT lobbying groups have repeatedly emphasized that since taking office two years ago, Francis' moderate tone  would be expressed from the Vatican  in the view of the relevant issues," says ORF online report.

Chronology of a "Rapprochement"

With the promotion of a homosexual [pederast?] priest for personal confidant of the Pope, according to the statement on homosexuality, "Who am I to judge?" And after trying to insert into the synod paper on the family an "opening" toward homosexuality,  the approach between Pope Francis and mainstream has gone further. This is, in any event, the signal as it has been received and distributed by the media. Even the Catholic. The Catholic teaching on homosexuality remains by   the way. It is not mentioned. Pope Francis knows how much  to select his interlocutors who are media-friendly and worthy of applause. 
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Vatican Radio (screenshot)
Trans; Tancred

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Neo-Cardinal Pimiento: "One Can Tolerate Gay Marriage"

(Bogota) He is nearing 100 and will be almost the oldest member of the College of Cardinals, when  Pope Francis will put the purple biretta on his head on February 14.  We are talking about Colombia's neo-Cardinal José de Jesús Rodriguez Pimiento, for almost 20 years emeritus Archbishop of Manizales.
In the current issue of the weekly magazine Semana dated January 11, an interview with  the Cardinal who will turn 96 years old was published in spe. The interview was published under the title "In the name of Francis."
The weekly claims to have conducted the interview because of the cardinal survey.  The named topic is"gay marriage and Cuba."
Semana: What did you feel when you heard the news?
José de Jesús Pimiento: Surprise. I'm not hoping for such an honor, because I have become an elderly and withdrawn person. It is a noble and generous offer of the Pope, that inspires me and acknowledges the work  that I have done. It is a comfort.
Semana: Why do you think Francis has chosen you?
José de Jesús Pimiento: He wants to highlight those who have effectively worked in the ministry. He sees us as models. Although I do not think I'm that, I humbly recognize that honor.
Semana: What was your job?
José de Jesús Pimiento: I have worked in various dioceses and given stimulus to the social work of the Church. I have coordinated the Accion Social Accion Catolica and  done definite work to assist the victims of the tragedy of Nevado del Ruiz. I have twice led  the Episcopal Conference, have been involved with the Holy See on the reform of the Concordat and worked in favor of implementing the Second Vatican Council in Colombia. I could not do everything what I wanted, but at least I moved ideas.
Semana: And what did you do?
José de Jesús Pimiento: I helped, instead of exploitation and capitalism, to solve the problems of the poor, like the excessive accumulation of goods that cause misery in the world.
Semana: Could the Pope also send a message of peace to Colombia?
José de Jesús Pimiento: I do not know if he plans to. In any case, my appointment is a call to Colombia to better understand its spiritual values ​​and preserve them.
Semana: Do you agree generally with Francis?
José de Jesús Pimiento: I was touched because he stimulates the life of the Church. He is a creative shepherd, and knows his thinking on needs   time to apply. Today we encourage the values ​​that humanity needs.
Neo-Cardinal Pimiento "One can tolerate gay marriage"
Semana: What do you think about gay marriage?
José de Jesús Pimiento: The state legislature makes many mistakes. What  the Lord and nature have determined can not be changed. Gay marriage is a  union that can be tolerated, but it is not a marriage.
Semana: What do you say about the work of the Pope in the case of United States and Cuba?
José de Jesús Pimiento: What he has done is not just   political, but the application of the Gospel in the life of  States.
Semana: Are you now living in the Vatican?
José de Jesús Pimiento: I'll stay where I am, in the retreat house of the Foyer de Charité from Bucaramanga and will continue to help those who seek me for advice.
Born in 1919 in Colombia, José de Jesús Rodriguez Pimiento  was ordained a priest in 1941.  In1955 Pope Pius XII appointed him Titular Bishop of Apollinis in Lydia (now Turkey) and Auxiliary Bishop of Pasto. In 1959 he was appointed by Pope John XXIII. to the See of Monteria. As a diocesan bishop, Msgr. Pimiento took part in the rest of the Second Vatican Council. In 1964 he was appointed by Pope Paul VI.  as Bishop of Garzón-Neiva and in 1975 as Archbishop of Manizales. In 1996, Pope John Paul II. acccepted the age-related resignation of the then 77 year old  archbishop. As a delegate, he participated in the II. And III. General Conference of Latin American Bishops, In 1968 in Medellin (Colombia) and 1979 in Puebla de los Angeles (Mexico), he was elected Chairman of the Colombian Bishops' Conference 1972.   It was an office which he held two consecutive periods. After his retirement he returned to pastoral care and worked as a missionary.  For several months he managed his home diocese as Apostolic Administrator. In 2005 he celebrated his golden jubilee as bishop.
Translation: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Semana (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred verkon99@hotmailcom

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Aberro-Activists Wanted to Disturb His Wedding

Edit: we have been wondering what happened to him for a while, and just saw this on Translated it.

The American blogger Thomas Peters sits in a wheelchair after an accident. In an interview he talks about his still firm faith, his marriage and his work.

Washington DC ( In a rare interview, the American blogger Thomas Peters (29) has spoken about his faith, his work and his life as a paraplegic. His faith had survived the severe accident which would have cost him nearly killed, he told the British Catholic Herald.

In 2006 he began the blog "American Papist" was founded. The site was successful from the start. Peters was one of the most well-known blogger in the US and was a frequent guest on television and radio broadcasts. Later, he became involved in the "National Organization for Marriage" (NOM), an organization that is politically committed to the protection of traditional marriage and family.

In the course of his wedding in 2012, he began to feel the negative effects of his popularity. There were multiple threats from gay activists to disrupt the wedding. Peter therefore hired a security guard.

A little over a year later the blogger suffered serious injuries of the spine in a swimming accident. He remains in a wheelchair and is learning to move his right hand.

Medical advances may be a miracle. With his injuries he was supposed to be paralyzed from the neck down. But he can move his arms, his left hand and his torso. His faith is still strong, confirmed Peters, who grew up in a Catholic family with five brothers and sisters. He continues to write blog entries on the website be published. He has also developed an online application to facilitate political commitment. Link to AMDG

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Episcopal Synod Has the Tendency "to Make a Friend of the World"

Pope Francis on the way to the Synod Hall.
(Rome) Cardinal Peter Erdo introduced  the beginning of the Synod of Bishops. In his opening speech, Relatio ante disceptationem , he signaled an opening in changing the direction of pastoral practice in matters of Church teaching on marriage and family. At the same time he set some milestones over which it is better not to go: Humanae vitae, the serious depression of the Orthodox practice or a separation of justice and mercy. To declare that "the divorced are part of the Church," as did Erdo, however, was not new. No one has ever doubted this. It was only recalled recently also by Velasio Cardinal De Paolis, one of the opponents of Kasper's thesis of a "new openness".
With the beginning of the discussion, it was really lively.The front of the proponents of "aggiornamento" immediately made the lions work. It's about the topic leadership. Of the 70 speeches on Monday and Tuesday, a large majority took in one form or another the thesis of Cardinal Walter Kasper as his own, which he brought up  at the Consistory last February.

Ratio of the  Preponderance of "Liberals" Against Intellectual and Rhetorical Brilliance of the "Conservatives"

But somewhat surprisingly they have thus at least numerically surpassed the other side in the first round. On this other side there stands out, buth intellectually and rhetorically,  the Cardinals Raymond Burke and Sebastian Aguilar. From the multilingual briefing  in the Vatican press hall  it was quickly understood that what was  discussed in the auditorium on the Doctrine of the Faith, that in several reports about the discussions in the Aula that the doctrine should be better explained to disoriented believers. All just a matter of style? The Synod Fathers reaffirmed therein at least all were in agreement that the family should be considered as a basic unit of society.
Among the first who spoke, Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, representative of Central America in the C9-Cardinals' Advisory. He proposed a kind of catechumenate  for couples who also  should be subjected to a catechetical instruction spouses course. Cardinal Marx before the Synod introduced a sophisticated document of the German Bishops' Conference, which bears the signature of all German bishops, thus supporting Kasper's proposal.

Train Moves Towards Change: "Epochal Signs Because there Were Forces That Wanted to Lead Back to Before the Council"

After these first battles the words emerged in sum, that the train travels towards change in practice, as well shown by the words of the "black pope". The Superior General of the Jesuits, Father Adolfo Nicolas told Vatican Insider: "The free and open discussion is towards change, towards pastoral adaptation to the changing reality of our time." But not only that Nicolas put this development in a context that is implicitly directed against Benedict XVI, and John Paul II: "This is an epoch-making sign, because there were forces in these years that have attempted to return the Church to before the great season of the Council."
Nicolas words are confirmed by what the journalists' briefing was told. Many Synod Fathers have demanded that the Church should adapt their language "and make the world into a friend."  Because "if the church does not listen to the world, the world will not listen to the Church," is how the logic behind it was explained.

Australian Auditors Make Homosexuality  the Subject - Bishop Criticized Catechism

Although they had not begun with the "hot" iron topics like Communion for remarried divorcees, it was already clear from the first two Synod days   that the  application is at issue in Rome, which is much more extensive and fundamental.  Not by chance was the situation of aberrosexual couples was discussed on both days at length. This was initiated by the Australian Auditor-couple Romano and Mavis Pirola from Australian Catholic Marriage and Family Council .  A Synod participant then followed who criticized  the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC): The designation of homosexuality in Canon 2357 as "an objectively disordered inclination", only to leads people away  from Christ, said the Bishop.
The African bishops spoke mainly about the problem of polygamy, which is perceived more strongly there, but largely ignored in the West, despite the phenomenon occuring in the course of Islamic immigration, if for family reunification two, three or four women are allowed into the country, or of three or four widows receive a widow's pension. These are facts with which the majority of European countries are already confronted, but which are concealed because of the "culture of welcome".

Stricter Marriage Preparation

The predominant line of the first Synod days is summarized: the way the accompaniment of couples for marriage is to undergo a radical review. It must become  "longer and more individual". It should necessitate greater "rigor" and  make the couple realize that their marriage promise is something serious and real, that it is not only a fiction, which is done  only because of the beautiful spectacle of a wedding in church with many guests, flowers and photographers. There should not be a fear  to reduce the number of marriages in the church,  said English Cardinal Vincent Nichols at the official press conference.
Regardless, the opinions among the Synod Fathers about the Gospel of the family,  are very divided with a highly significant tendency to want to make "the world a friend".
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Vatican Insider (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
Link to Katholisches...

Monday, September 22, 2014

Voices Are Coming to Agreement: Archbishop Piero Marini, New Prefect of Congregation for Divine Worship?

Piero Marini, New Prefect of the
Congregation for Divine Worship?
Edit: he is a declared enemy of Pope Benedict and the Catholic faith.

(Vatican) Will Archbishop Piero Marini (not to be confused with the current papal master of ceremonies Guido Marini) be the new Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments? Voices are coming to agreement. Some have no doubts any longer.

The Catholic monthly magazine Il Timone reported on its website that there is no longer any doubt for a certain "high prelate": "The decision has been made ​​on him. There is only a notice lacking."

1987-2007 Papal Master of Ceremonies With a Lack of Liturgical Sensibility

Piero Marini was papal master of ceremonies 1987-2007 under Pope John Paul II. He was confirmed by Pope Benedict XVI. in this office dismissed and replaced at the end of his regular term of office by Msgr. Guido Marini. Despite the similarity of names there is no relationship between the two. Especially the liturgical sensibility which is markedly different, which was the reason for the personnel reshuffle under Benedict XVI.

The now 72 year old Piero Marini never forgave Benedict XVI. for his removal from office and publicly made no bones about it after his resignation. Immediately after the election of Pope Francis it was first speculated there would be a dismissal of Master of Ceremonies Guido Marini and the return of Piero Marini in his old office. The reason for this was that Pope Francis summoned Piero Marini on April 4, 2013, just three weeks after his election as head of the church and received in audience. The content of the conversation was not known, but the audience was unusually early (see Guido Marini again instead of new (old) master of ceremonies - Piero Marini in audience with Pope Francis ).

Under Francis 'One Breathes Fresh Air After Swampy-stuffy Air"

Piero Marini said in an interview shortly afterwards, under Pope Francis "one breathes fresh air after the swampy-stuffy air" under Benedict XVI. At the same time the Curial Archbishop spoke of an "opening" of the Church For homosexuals (see Ex-Master of Ceremonies Piero Marini: Under Francis "one breathes fresh air after swampy-stuffy air" ). Soon afterwards there were Vatican rumors for Pope Francis to raise Piero Marini much higher and make him Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship (see Piero Marini next Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship? rumors about personnel changes at the Vatican? )

On August 28, Cardinal Antonio Cañizares Llovera the then reigning Prefect and the new archbishop of Valencia, which meant his removal from the Roman Curia. The appointment of a successor has not yet been announced, but is likely to be imminent. For more than one voice in Rome, the new prefect, the "choreographer" and "designer" of the event appearances and event vestments of Pope John Paul II. for which Benedict XVI. began, with the help of Msgr. Guido Marini, to reject the permanent new acquisitions and to exploit the rich fund the papal vestments of his (pre-conciliar) predecessors and recover sacredness.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 image: Tempi
Trans: Tancred
 Link to Katholisches...

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Austrian Priest Criticizes Gomorrism -- Media Launches Attack

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Left  Media Hunt

Satanic Persecution of Priest 

Edit: a courageous Catholic priest tells the truth, teaches the Catholic Faith and now the media is on the hunt. We’ll be following this to see if he shares the same treatment with other courageous priests who’ve offered themselves to say what’s right.

Bilderberger and Freemason leads a Catholic pastor to his media pillory, because he tells the truth - memories of times of Nazi church struggle.
Thank you, Father, for the clear words  which the Austrian bishops are too cowardly to say![Image: Parish Journal Neukirchen a / d wild, quoted by ORF-NE]

Homosexuality - a Grave Sin “Against Nature"

Pastor Fr. André Wingen wrote in the bulletin of his parish in Neukirchen an der Wild, which is located in the district of Horn in Austria that:
  • "Homosexual partnerships  are perverted, unnatural and (are) among the gravest sins  ... homosexuality is abnormal, that is against nature, and needs to be healed."
This finding can not be refuted by the media whores, for if homosexuality is in the nature of man, then there would be no more people.
So long as there are still people, then homosexuality is something unnatural (see: "sins against nature” according to Catholic moral teaching) and perverse (see" pervertere ", lat).
This may be seen also in the Diocese of St. Pölten as: . "[T] he priest brings legitimate issues for discussion."
And "media friendly": "The discourse could be  'constructively‘ undertaken." - in the usually inefficient way asindicated by the bishops.

Journaille as homo-Lobby

But godless journalists are simply not  thinkers, but are hanging by the strings of the capital elite, in order to uphold  the systemically important lies of the ruling despot.
Anxiously trembling for their jobs journalists will be thrown a few bread crumbs for their anti-Christian, while treading the bread of life into the dust.
The Press is enslaved by the devil which incites against Catholic priests and against the truth.

Enlightenment Struggle Against the Church

The poor Presstitutes  blaspheme, as in totalitarian systems, against Jesus Christ, who is to be stigmatized over again in the general public. Such stigmatization there was before the Second Vatican Council, for example, in the French Jacobin revolution and during the Nazi church struggle.
The lie factories of global high finance (i.e., all mass media) are calling ultimately the abolition of the Catholic faith and the Catholic priesthood.
The lie manufacturers give the well-orchestrated order to commence fire against a real Catholic priest.

Baiting of the ORF

The pro-regime and  state-funded (extorted) radio (ORF) persecutes  real Catholic priest as well, like all other mass media that are held by the financial oligarchy for the purpose of the dictatorship of opinion. 
  • The O probrious  R ed F reemasons ( ORF ) are persecuting a priest: 
    With such "overly conservative" people you have only problems, says a passer-by, "those people who do not think outside the box." (Source: “ One is healed of Homosexuality" ) 
    If you look at the reporting on Russia, thus  it is clear that the ORF workforce is fixed on Eastern campaigns and the creation of empires. 
    From the former ORF-building on Argentinian Street in Vienna, the National Socialist broadcasts were already transmitted from 1 April 1939 to   to 6th April 1945 as the National Socialist propaganda broadcaster of "Reichssender Vienna," which even the Left Internet Encyclopedia "Wikipedia" can not hide.
  • Brother Reinhard Göhweil, chief editor of the "Wiener Zeitung”, outed as a Freemason, who according to the independent Andreas Unterberger,  was involved in the  persecution of a true Catholic priest.  (Source:  "Masonic Rules Also Apply to U-Committee" )
  • The owner of the Sub-“Standard”, [Der Standard is a state subsidized Austrian daily newspaper] which needs must agitate against a true Catholic priest, of course, is the Zionist Bilderberg Demagogue Oscar Bronner . See also Wiki.
    The regular presence of the subject Bronner at the annual Bilderberg conferences proves that the media is a modality of money. All those who do not share the ideology of the Bilderberg Group, are placed on the “Standard” media pillory, spat upon and guillotined (even the inventor of the guillotine was possessed by the evil spirit of the Satanic Freemasonry).
  • Another spiritually dead “rumor monger" pox, who is also responsible for Jacobin propaganda, called insultingly "Austria". This gutter sheet is co-financed to a large extent by government-related ads involuntarily extorted from taxpayers. 
    The photo on this article shows a black cross, which will probably recall in its darkness the emblem of the German Wehrmacht and the contempt of the Church by the National Socialists during the Church struggle. Of the capital-dependent hysterics, this best-buy sheet to as many trim to followers, it says hysterically: “Pastor Rails Against Homosexuals" 
    (Source: “ Pastor Rails Against Homosexuals ")  
    is not enough: The pastor of Neukirchen an der Wild “ even expressed himself critically against abortion", i.e. the unpunished murder of unborn children, which consequently  logically “folllows” that they are  "lives unworthy of life” according to the Jewish Viennese Socialist Party Councilor Julius Tandler.

Proxy war

The mass media which is outfitted with power by Satan  beats the priest, but intends to strike Jesus Christ.

Link to…

Trans: Tancred


Friday, June 6, 2014

Salvatorians Host NAMBLA Supporter in Their Ranks

We received this months ago, and haven't heard anything from the Salvatorians about whether or not they were going to do anything about it.  Their superior was very defensive.  One thing that's evident to anyone who's studied this phenomenon for long is that these people never give up, but they have help.

Here's a brief history of the order from wiki. We can't imagine the founder would be happy about the way his order has been hijacked: The term Salvatorians refers to members of three religious communities: the Congregation of the Sisters of the Divine Saviour, the Lay Salvatorians, and the Society of the Divine Saviour (Latin: Societas Divini Salvatoris), a Roman Catholic religious institute composed of priests, religious brothers, and seminarians. The Society was founded by Father John Baptist Jordan in Rome on December 8, 1881. As of December 2010 the Society of the Divine Saviour numbers 1,127 members and works in 40 countries around the world. Salvatorians use the post-nominal letters "SDS".

Four years ago, there was a story going around Traditionalist Catholic Blogs, including this one, concerning a novice candidate for the priesthood within the Jesuit Order. It also appeared on some of the more high profile blogs, like the pusillanimous  Catholic and Enjoying It, which promptly repented  for exposing the story after a flurry of criticism from the sorts of individuals it represents.

The problem person is Cormac Brisssett. Mr. Brissett has a highly questionable past, which the Jesuits either ignored or turned a blind eye to it. He had endorsed the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). While attending the University of Minnesota, he signed two petitions that were a matter of public record. One of these petitions (which was a flyer distributed throughout the University of Minnesota concerning the rights of "gay" and/or closeted men to engage in public restroom sex without fear of reprisal from law enforcement.

Some wonder   why there's a problem with sex abuse in the Catholic Church.  A lot of it has to do with the media.  Obviously, the media isn't interested in Liberal moribund religious orders doing due diligence.  They want to swoop down and exploit the abuse when and if it happens, and create the impression of a global problem, a global problem not only with Catholicism, but religious belief itself.

There are a few individuals who are spirited into the organization who are apparently untouchable.  We can't imagine that if Mr. Brissett were as devoted to Catholicism and the traditional Mass of All Ages as he is to deviant sexual inclinations, that he would have a home with the Salvatorians for long.

The petition is still apparent on-line, here.

The other petition signed, was a public letter stating that NAMBLA should be allowed to march in a gay pride parade.

Both of these documents included the name David Thorstad, the founder of NAMBLA.

Mr. Brissett left the Jesuits where he was already helping "at risk" youth in Chicago's Boy's Town area.

Seeking to be of service to young boys at risk, Cormac Brissett is trying his hand with another order, the Salvatorians.

Since being asked about their new novice the Salvatorians have taken down any information about Mr. Brisette and have refused to give any information as to his current status. Nor have they explained why someone with Cormac's associations, both current and present, why he would want to be involved with children. Wouldn't it be better if he joined a contemplative order, where he had a more humble job if he feels he has a serious vocation? Why does anyone, especially someone who has a past wrapped up in promoting sexuality between adults and children, want to be involved with them. Even more pressing, why would people in positions of authority want someone like that in their order, representing that order, and having contact with children?

We managed to save Mr. Brissett's bio from the Salvatorian's homepage where he professes his admiration for the depraved NAMBLA member Allan Ginsberg and another deviant, David Sederis. Even if his activism on behalf of pederasty weren't evident (He gave an interview with famed novelist and pederasty advocate Edmund White, where the latter outlined the historical scope of such things, while endorsing them).  And he's concerned about human trafficking?  Like Oscar Wilde's penchant for underage male prostitutes? For someone who claims to have a religious vocation, he surely is worldly.  We'd say a religious vocation is more centered on a craving to cause scandal.   For he is clearly an advocate of aberrosexual activism, which also doesn't bother his superiors:

 Check Mr. Brisstt's profile for the Salvatorians. [It's dead]

The Salvatorians can be contacted, here.

Society of the Divine Savior
1735 N. Hi-Mount Blvd.
Milwaukee, WI 53208
(414) 258-1735

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Cardinal Schönborn Praises "Conchita Wurst"

Edit: Die Welt must have some stake in portraying Vienna's Cardinal in a conservative light.  He's not the only one.
[Die Welt] Encouragement comes from an unexpected corner: The Catholic Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Vienna is pleased with the victory of drag queen Conchita Wurst at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC). There "great diversity" in the garden of God, Schonborn told Austrian journal "Heute" . Even those people who did not feel at home with his portrayal, gave "the respect to which we all have a right." 
On the gender identity of the 69-year-old told the Archbishop of Vienna, he felt it as a "wonderful idea" of the Creator that he created man male and female. From this polarity and mutual supplement is apparent attraction, "to draw oneself to another," but also "to struggle with one another". In the context of the creation it was "God's most fascinating idea." Thus, the intriguing idea is also embodied in Conchita Wurst. 
The mild-hearted reaction of the Catholic Church is a bit surprising. Regarding the church and homosexuality, Schönborn had always shown a tough stance. [No he hasn't. Remember his intervention on behalf of an aberrosexual parish council member?] The Russian Orthodox Church had practiced the same heavy criticism at the output of the ESC.

Link to Die Welt...
H/t: T.A.
Also, Catholic4Life...

Monday, April 28, 2014

Cardinal Dolan Has New York’s Traditional Latin Heritage in the Crosshairs

Eugene O’Neill’s Birth Parish Headed for Destruction?
Edit: We’ve just been informed that Cardinal Dolan is probably going to close down the Latin Mass center of Holy Innocents and the Padre Pio Shrine.  Holy Innocents is also known as the “actor’s church”.  Strange choice to base your Traditional Community, but it might help preserve it.

Maybe more thespians need to start having children and going regularly to Mass?
Among the locations being considered for closure by the committee, which is scheduled to issue its final blueprint to archbishop Cardinal Timothy Dolan in June, are the Church of St. John the Baptist and the Church of the Holy Innocents in Midtown Manhattan, according to internal documents obtained by Capital New York. Both would be consolidated into nearby St. Francis of Assisi on West 31st Street, which could take a new name.

St. John the Baptist, also on West 31st Street, is directly across from of Pennsylvania Station and a well known parish. It is run by the religious order of the Capuchin Franciscans and is home to the Saint Padre Pio Shrine, which attracts devotees to the 20th century saint. Holy Innocents on West 37th Street, the oldest building in the Fashion Center, was once known as the “actor's church.” Playwright Eugene O'Neill was baptized there in 1888. Some Masses are still celebrated there in Latin.
There’s no word as to what plans there are for St. Francis Xavier parish and its amazing outreach programs, and "loyal opposition” to the Archbishop and Catholic teaching.   At this point, the Cardinal seems enthusiastic about what’s happening there, and less so about what’s happening elsewhere, if these closures are any indication.

As usual, we invite those who live in NYC to comment on this.

Here he is being wildly enthusiastic about sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance…  or so it appears.

Link to Capital...

Monday, April 7, 2014

New Adoption Privileges for Aberrosexual Females in Holland

 (Amsterdam) The Netherlands is expanding the possibility to form various forms of "family" by extending the right to adopt children.   This will make it easier to set up a "family".  The special right of aberrosexual females for the adoption of children has now been acknowledged, says  the Dutch news agency ANP on the 1st of April, but not as an April Fool's joke.  In the Netherlands, new regulations have come into force with which lesbians are privileged. They allow lesbians to adopt the children of their partner in  a special process.
The revision allows both women in a sexual relationship can now be officially called "parents" of children recognize the need to go through without a normal, lengthy and costly adoption process.The same rule does not apply to aberrosexual men, as    the exercise of parental rights of women take priority and can not be transferred to third parties.
The Dutch aberro organization Cultuur en Ontspanningscentrum (COC) adopted the new regulation  enthusiastically. It speaks of a "revolutionary action" and stated that twenty aberro female couples  are said to have immediately made use of the first day into force.
The Netherlands was the first country in 2001, which enacted a law on the equality of aberrosexual couples with civil marriage, and equal rights and obligations of heterosexual couples extended to aberrosexual couples, including the right to adopt children. The amendment to the privileged adoption process for aberrosexual females  is a further success of the militant LGBT lobby. However, it is also opens up another step towards the moral abyss that in the name of ideological slogan "family for all".
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Manif pour tous

Friday, April 4, 2014

Argentine President Campaigns For Sodom as Godmother in Sacrilege

Edit: I just received an e-mail about asking us to comment on this.  As usual, we can't say anything as well as Nardi.  Of course, there are two different cases.  The one reported by is actually more shocking, although it  happened in 2012.

(Buenos Aires) Recently on the 17th of March,  Cristina Kirchner looked demonstratively in the direction of  Pope Francis, whom she had asked for an audience. On the 5th of April   the Argentine State President also demonstratively appealed as the godmother to the daughter of a lesbian whose aberrosexual lover also portrays herself as "Mother". The Argentine media has reported extensively on the action and  Kirchner's participation at the baptism of Umma Azul in the Cathedral of Cordoba.
Javier Klajner is youth minister and member of the Priestly Council in the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires. Tasks and offices which he already held, when Jorge Mario Bergoglio was Archbishop in the Argentine capital. Don Klajner defended the baptism for Vatican insider . Pope Francis was "always making sure   'that no child should be denied baptism,"  occurring completely independent of the situation of the parents. "He had exhorted the priests," says Klajner, to refuse no unmarried woman  the baptism of her child because the priest was  "not a manager". The Archdiocese of Cordoba has announced, says Klajner, that the baptism of "the daughter of Soledad Ortiz and Karina Villarroel like all other cases"  would be like any other. The baptism will be performed by  Carlos Varas.

Archdiocese: Baptism with Lesbian "Parents" Being Treated "Like Everyone Else"

 The baptism has upset resistance against it. Critics see it as a media spectacle that will be utilized specifically for aberro-propaganda. It was not about the baptism, but the abuse of a sacrament for the socio-political struggle of the LGBT organizations. This was demonstrated by the fact that State President Kirchner is  the godmother to the child. In addition, the question of standing in the room, as the two women are living in open homosexuality,   want to raise the child as  a Christian. Whether the child was conceived through artificial insemination is speculation, say the critics, however,  it would be for the church leaders of importance to clarify the seriousness of the mother of Umma. The Catholic Critics accuse the Archdiocese of Cordoba,  of closing their  eyes to reality and  pretending that everything was fine. That instead of a man and a woman, two women will act as "parents", will simply be ignored.

No Confirmation for the Two "Mothers"

That there are serious doubts about the Catholic faith of the two women is confirmed even by the Archdiocese Cordoba.  Initially the   Argentine media reported  that the two women are also to simultaneously receive Confirmation with the baptism of the child. The reports have now been denied. Archbishop Nanez had given no such permission, let the Archdiocese know. Rosana Triunfetto from the Ordinary of the Archdiocese said: "The Sacrament of Confirmation was is not being conferred on the two mothers  yet as the Archbishop of Cordoba has not approved this. There may be doubt because the couple has not made truthful statements."

First "Gay Couple" of Cordoba

Karina Villarroel and Soledad Ortiz have been  "married" for a year. The controversial law legalizing "gay marriage", which prevailed, was made possible by   President Kirchner . The two women are among the better-known aberrosexual activists in Argentina. They were the first aberrosexual couple that has been received in the province of Cordoba, for a "gay marriage".
Critics of the homo-spectacle say that the refusal of a sacrament is a gross measure, which must be justified, but could be offered legitimately and is sometimes even mandatory. Because "It is far more serious to manipulate  the sacraments for political reasons." The sacraments are visible signs of God's grace and not a "performance for political objectives". This also applied to State President Kirchner.

"Had Bergoglio Not Become Pope, The Baptism Would Have Been  Much More Difficult"

Karina Villarroel meanwhile said the media that Archbishop Carlos Nanez have given instructions for a meeting and there are "no problems" there in the Cathedral. Umma Azul will  have a godfather and two godmothers, one of which is Argentina's President. "If Bergoglio would not have been elected Pope, the baptism would have been much more difficult," assures the lesbian. An assessment that, according to Vatican insider was shared by some Argentine church circles.
Is baptism a further confirmation that Pope Francis influenced the world with his statement about homosexuals in July of last yea  changed  the decisions of Catholics in favor of homosexuality, and indirectly justified it?

Signature Collection: No Abuse of a Sacrament for Homo-propaganda

There is a petition against the homo-baptismal event was in Argentina.  In the petition, Church leaders are asked to reject any attempt at political appropriation of a sacrament. There must be clarity, so the "wrong signals" can be avoided. This also included a wrong choice of words, as the name also of the lesbian lover of the child's mother as "mother". The petition is aimed officially at State President Kirchner, but goes especially to the Apostolic Nuncio in Argentina, the Swiss Archbishop Emil Paul Tscherrig, to the Archbishop of Buenos Aires and Primate of Argentina, Cardinal Mario Poli, to the Chairman of the Argentine Episcopal Conference, Archbishop Jose Maria Arancedo and to the Archbishop of Cordoba, Archbishop Carlos Jose Nanez.
The petition has already been signed by more than 5,600 Catholics ( the link to the petition ).
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Vatican Insider / Citizen.go
Trans: Tancred

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Thim's Rise in Hamburg's Diocesan Hierarchy Has Astonished Erfurt Seminarians

Edit: Despite his controversial views on sexuality, his own strange past, Leftist associations and all that, this man is on the fast track to be the next Bishop of Hamburg.  He will certainly be among the three to be chosen by the Pope to replace the vacant seat abandoned by

(Hamburg) "This will secretly please our Hamburg diocesan administrator."  This refers to the possible first step towards a paradigm shift in the assessment of homosexual relations in the Catholic Church by Bishop Franz-Josef Overbeck. For the  bishop of Essen went on a week night meeting in Mülheim / Ruhr here -at least at first glance- for the welfare of children who are exposed allegedly to discrimination  in same-sex partnerships.
In a public discussion, Ansgar Thim would  not have ventured quite so far. Which is why he was too cautious, says and outside the diocesan apparatus. After all, he has not yet reached the top, although Thim under Archbishop Emeritus, Dr. Werner Thissen, has already forged a remarkable career. After ten years as a pastor  Thissen  appointed him personnel officer of the Archdiocese of Hamburg in 2008. In 2009 Thim was appointed to the cathedral chapter. And in 2013 he "inherited"  the office of Vicar General from predecessor Franz-Josef Spiza.
If the current diocesan administrator is to really  arrive at the top of the diocese in just a few years to that  half  step below the episcopal rank, this is an important decision in spite of the election after the mode of the Prussian Concordat in Rome, which  decides in advance on the list of three.   Thim's rise in the Hamburg diocese hierarchy has been followed with amazement at least by former seminarians of the Erfurt seminary. Not only that their former seminary speaker was positioned "theologically to the extreme Left", Thim and former seminary classmate and current Dean and Pastor, Bernd K.,   were a "kind of monogamous couple" in the Erfurt Institute.
Fierce resistance still exists to this  in Church circles.  But the consequences that follow are no longer so dire that you would have a dramatic career slump result automatically. Unless one comes across as  too rough and noticeable in relevant forums of the global network. This is exactly what had once been confidently done by a Lübeck priest who in addition to his parochial duties  was employed as a chaplain at the at the University of Lübeck. Certainly it was  purely coincidental that this appointment came under the aegis of the personnel officer, Thim. But one thing is also probably correct: The former scandal would have been avoided smoothly, if only they had looked out and kept their place. 
Old friendships do not rust. "Pastoral spaces are a window to the future of our communities" - was the subject of a presentation to which  Thim had recently been invited to give in the Berlin-Weissensee parish of Bernd K.. The particularly illuminating insights he was able to contribute in the establishment of pastoral spaces from the view of Hamburg, revealed themselves, at least not from the content of his speech. When it comes to pastoral areas, it comes to drawing boards and plan sketches, where the current lack of pastoral wealth in the new structures will  be highly praised. Nothing is automatically better because it is different. In reality, the pastoral space is represented as old wine in new bottles.
In other words, the still young history has in its staffing up to this point and a lot else has not been too kind to the refounded Archdiocese of Hamburg. At the Hamburg fish market, one would say this: The fish always begins to stink at the head.

Ansgar Theißen
Trans: Tanced
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