Sunday, December 14, 2014

Aberro-Activists Wanted to Disturb His Wedding

Edit: we have been wondering what happened to him for a while, and just saw this on Translated it.

The American blogger Thomas Peters sits in a wheelchair after an accident. In an interview he talks about his still firm faith, his marriage and his work.

Washington DC ( In a rare interview, the American blogger Thomas Peters (29) has spoken about his faith, his work and his life as a paraplegic. His faith had survived the severe accident which would have cost him nearly killed, he told the British Catholic Herald.

In 2006 he began the blog "American Papist" was founded. The site was successful from the start. Peters was one of the most well-known blogger in the US and was a frequent guest on television and radio broadcasts. Later, he became involved in the "National Organization for Marriage" (NOM), an organization that is politically committed to the protection of traditional marriage and family.

In the course of his wedding in 2012, he began to feel the negative effects of his popularity. There were multiple threats from gay activists to disrupt the wedding. Peter therefore hired a security guard.

A little over a year later the blogger suffered serious injuries of the spine in a swimming accident. He remains in a wheelchair and is learning to move his right hand.

Medical advances may be a miracle. With his injuries he was supposed to be paralyzed from the neck down. But he can move his arms, his left hand and his torso. His faith is still strong, confirmed Peters, who grew up in a Catholic family with five brothers and sisters. He continues to write blog entries on the website be published. He has also developed an online application to facilitate political commitment. Link to AMDG

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