Saturday, December 15, 2018

Underground Bishops Expected to Subject Themselves to Communist Ones Favored by Pope as Sign of Obedience

“Gesture of obedience": Archbishop Celli with legitimate bishops of China, who have to resign in favor of bishops who belong to the state.

(Beijing) Two legitimate bishops were called to resign yesterday on behalf of Pope Francis. They have to give way to Patriotic bishops loyal to China’s Communist regime.

Underground Bishop Vincent Guo Xijin was the Bishop of Mindong, officially recognized by Rome. He was rejected by the Communist government in Beijing. At the insistence of Rome, he will now resign to make room for a bishop in the diocese, whose excommunication was lifted by Pope Francis last September. The repeal was a one-sided advance of Rome for the signing of the secret agreement between the Holy See and the People's Republic of China on the same day. The content of the agreement is kept secret in agreement of both sides, but should relate to episcopal appointments.

Pope Francis abolished the excommunication of seven bishops whose episcopal ordination had been ordered by the communist government without the consent of Rome. Part of the agreement seems to be that not only the excommunication should be repealed, but all previously bishops of Rome as diocesan bishops must be used and recognized. In order to make this possible, the Vatican negotiators urged legitimate bishops in the fall of 2017 to renounce their offices. They must subordinate themselves in rank to the bishops who belong to the state and become their suffragan bishops.

Bishop Vincent Guo Xijin was also urged to do so. In the past two years alone, he was arrested twice and taken to an unknown location. A popular method in the People's Republic of China is to exert pressure, intimidate, or subject regime opponents to re-education.

His place as Diocesan Bishop of Mindong will be occupied by Vincent Zhan Silu. This became known yesterday after Bishop Guo gathered his priests in the afternoon to explain the situation to them.

Bishop Guo, who will be Auxiliary Bishop of Mindong in the future, had just returned from a place near Beijing. Curial Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, the head of the Vatican delegation that had prepared the agreement and signed it on behalf of the Pope, had sent him there.

Archbishop Celli handed Bishop Guo a letter from Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin and Cardinal Fernando Filoni, Prefect of Propaganda Fide. In it they asked him to cede the leadership of the diocese to Zhan Silu. Archbishop Celli emphasized to the bishop that Pope Francis awaits his resignation as a "gesture of obedience". It is a "sacrifice for the overall situation of the Chinese Church,” which he has to bring into being.

The news, AsiaNews said, has "saddened" many priests and believers. Until now it was the case that an episcopal bishop, reconciled to Rome and recognized by the Holy See, subordinated himself to the Underground Bishop and became its Auxiliary Bishop. "Now the opposite is the case," says AsiaNews.

In the diocese of Mindong, the vast majority of the faithful and the priests belong to the Underground Church. The Natuonal Patriotic Association has counted at best ten percent of the faithful and 20 percent of the priests. Thanks to the Vatican-Chinese agreement, the state-owned organization is now also in control of the underground church.

The question of who benefits from the agreement does not have to be asked. Cardinal Joseph Zen, emeritus bishop of Hong Kong and gray eminence of the Underground Church said in September. It is the government in Beijing.

Bishop Peter Zhuang Jianjian was also summoned to meet Archbishop Celli. He too will resign "as a papal wish" as Diocesan Bishop of Shantou. His place will be taken over by Bishop Joseph Huang Bingzhang.

The paths approved by Rome  are still a stumbling block for those affected. In order for the legitimate bishops, after their resignation, to become auxiliary bishops of their previous dioceses, they need the approval of the communist government and the bishops' council. They depend on those from whom they have so far been able to stay away from great sacrifices but successfully.

Even before signing, Cardinal Zen said that the Vatican would hand over the faithful underground church to the regime.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: AsiaNews
Trans: Tancred


JBQ said...

There appears very little doubt that Pope Francis is a Communist. I was told this by an Orthodox priest born in what was then a Communist country in Europe. He continues the efforts of John XXIII and Paul VI in this regard.----For this philosophy, Pope John Paul II was an aberration. He saw socialism for what it really was. This referred to both National Socialism and Communism. For his recalcitrance, he was shot with complicity on the part of the Vatican itself according to Mehmet Ali Agca who was the shooter. ----There was a short window of remorse on his part before Islam stepped and used their influence to shut up one of their sons. Francis is a dangerous man. His profile appears to coincide with that seen in the Apocalypse.----These leaders in China are atheists. Can we repeat this again? They are atheists and Cardinal Zen has raised the alarm.----As a Vietnam era Navy veteran, I know that Pope John XXIII did the same in Vietnam. He worked with the Communist government of the North to rid their country of the influence of "the evil invaders" who brought capitalism to their land. By agreeing to allow all those Catholics suppressed by Vietnam to escape to the South, he signed the death warrant for a free Vietnam. The infrastructure was overwhelmed and Vietnam fell. Actually, Catholic rule in the South was a minority government. Buddhists were in a majority.----The French brought culture to Vietnam. America sold them out at Dien Bien Phu. Out of greed, America laid the foundation for its own destruction in Southeast Asia. The wish to help against Communism was a noble Crusade by a nation which left 58,000 of her sons behind.----This issue with China is shaping up as very rotten and leaving bare the ethically challenged beliefs of this administration in Rome. During her visit at Fatima, the Mother of God promised to intervene to protect the Church of her divine son. In the end, her immaculate heart will triumph and evil will be overcome.---- It appears that the Third Secret has promised a divine intervention. Zen and Vigano are alerting the world to the evil of the merger between Communism and the Vatican. In a similar manner, America will be sold out.----According to this pontiff, capitalism is the greatest evil. Capitalism according to the pontiff causes all manner of evil including abortion. Man must be saved from himself through the creation of a one world socialist government under the auspices of a one world dictator.

Trad101 said...

At the very pinnacle of power 'Left' and 'Right' don't exist, those are only convenient labels designed to keep us peasants chasing our tails. The power behind World Government has always been a loose alliance of what I call the new money men of America, hard-core commies, and to a lesser extent the old moneyed groups of Europe. Into that cosy arrangement stepped the Vatican as a eager but junior partner. As part of the membership deal the Vatican promised to deliver the rank and file Catholics, with the Vatican II Council designed to facilitate that merger. However, the unexpected happened, Vat II didn't deliver the goods in the form of compliant and enthusiastic Catholics, at least not in the expected numbers. So the globalists turned their attention to the Islamics with the intention of using them as their foot soldiers. The Vatican doesn't seem to realize it is now stuck between a rock and a hard place!
Just my observations, no hard evidence!

Litacanaman said...

Manipulation after Manipulation by the wolfs, There times are running out, Pope Francisco is almost destroyed by the enemy's of God, It will not be to long that he flees like Benedict, and then What? Pls Blessed Mother helps us.

Anonymous said...

"Pope Francisco is almost destroyed by the enemy's of God"

Do not deceive yourself, Lita Canaman--
Pope Francis himself is the enemy of God. It is his decrees and his wishes that formulate the new Vatican policy towards China. Parolin and others are just "yes men".
So many "neo-con" Catholics are all too ready to excuse Francis, and rather claim that all the blame for the horrible departure from the Faith that has happened over the last six years is the doing of behind the scenes radicals....not innocent Pope Francis. LOL!!!
Pope Francis is the radical, dissident heretic who brought into power in the Vatican and elsewhere like minded radical dissident liberal heretics, and who allows for homosexuality and sodomy in the Vatican itself. It was there before, but never so openly and so many.
Reading about the speeches, documents, and agenda of Francis, which is a total departure from the Catholic Faith, and his constant insulting and degrading and threatening words and actions against Catholic traditionalism and traditional Catholics, it is a gross violation of valid judgement to label associates of Francis regarding China....or anything the guilty parties, whereas in fact, they are acting on orders from Francis himself.
Francis is not the wimpish pope like Paul VI, who rubber stamped all the liberal reforms of Vatican II and other deviations plotted and created by his associates without even reading them. No, Francis hatches these things in his own mind, then has like minded lackeys carry them out.
Don't ever think he is innocent.

Damian Malliapalli

Litacanaman said...

Be careful what u you said, only GOD Know his heart.

Litacanaman said...
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Anonymous said...

I don't understand this part of your post:

"For his recalcitrance, ***he was shot with complicity on the part of the Vatican itself*** according to Mehmet Ali Agca who was the shooter.

Who in the Vatican wanted Pope John Paul II dead?

Anonymous said...

Great comment. Thank you.

Tom A. said...

Both the original and commie bishops all accept Vatican 2 and the Novus Ordo fake mass, so what's the big deal?

Peter W said...

Someone let Hyenas out.

JBQ said...

@Anonymous: re: Shooting of JPII----Mehmet Ali Agca made the comment "I had help inside the Vatican". He did not elaborate. Pope John Paul II met with Agca in his prison cell and forgave him.---It is pretty much fact that the Bulgarians used Agca for the job. They were under the direction of the Russian KGB. In fact, Bulgarian Air Lines was the cover for their Secret Service. Another fact is that several Bulgarian spies were in Vatican Square at the time of the shooting. Ostensibly, their role was to "take out" Agca in order to sanitize the incident and to leave no loose ends.----Agca is a Turk and a Muslim. He was busted out of a Turkish prison to do the job. He was being held for murder. The shooter of MLK was given a similar deal inside a Missouri prison. This is how assassinations work.---First of all, JPII bent over to reach out to a woman who handed him a medal. This saved his life because the target was his head. A nun in the crowd then tackled Agca probably saving his life as well.----Intrigue inside the Vatican is deep and deadly. Malachi Martin wrote that he knew that JPI was assassinated. He also stated that Mussolini had Pius XI murdered for his encyclical against national socialism.

Peter W said...

Malachi Martin lived permanently in his own addled little psychological enclave so he was able to access an instant opinion on anything at any time. The outside world was blocked from intruding on his self constructed cosmos.
The enduring comfort of inveterate conspiracy theorists is that they have no need of verifiable corroborating evidence. Well done, JBQ, now back to the good ship 'Lolly Pop.'

Tancred said...

Actually, he was very much involved with many different people from all walks of life.

You’re nuttier and gayer than Kaiser.