Sunday, September 21, 2014

French Justice: Prison for Insulting Islam -- Paid For Desecrating Notre Dame

Edit: it's hard to believe that for years, certain apologists of the French Revolution denied that a prostitute dressed as "Reason" was paraded to the High Altar in Notre Dame to sing ribald songs.
Surely French Justice will some day become a familiar oxymoron.
(Paris) Double standards of anti-Christian political correctness have been proven by French judge. They have condemned two women because they deposited a pig's head outside a mosque, but let nine Femen mercenaries free, although they had defiled the Cathedral of Paris.
The Cathedral of Paris and thus to violate important church in France is less severe storm than any mosque? Yes, says a French judge and precipitated acquittal and conviction.
Two women have been convicted in France for nine months of prison, because they deposited a pig's head in front of the Mosque of Mayotte.  For six months they were released on probation, but   three of those months they spent in jail.

Condemned for "Incitement to Hatred"

Judgment was given by the Criminal Division of Mamoudzou on 18 September. The incident occurred in the last New Year's Eve. After a night of drinking with much alcohol put a woman to redeem a lost bet, before the mosque a pig's head. The second woman was sentenced because she had put the pig's head available. The husband's first wife was also sentenced because he had brought the car in front of the mosque. The sentencing took place because of "incitement to hatred, violence and discrimination based on belonging to a religion."

Political mercenaries from Femen acquitted

The judgment of Mamoudzou carried out under existing penal provisions. However, it irritated many French. Many wonder why three people go to jail because they place two pig's heads in front of  a mosque - a mosque they never set foot in -  while nine Femen activists who several   times violated the Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris  be acquitted by a criminal senate in Paris. The political mercenaries of Femen, stripped to the waist and painted anti-church and blasphemous slogans invaded the cathedral, while shouting blasphemous-sexist slogans, completed sacrilegious acts, jumped on the altar and damaged a bell. The desecrated cathedral had to be rededicated, each by its own rite, before any rituals could be performed again.  Femen to see the article Who's behind Femen and their anti-Christian protest? Paid activists from the red light district .

The Damage also Scorn: Church Must Have Femen Pay Damages

The Parisian judges also ordered  that the "sex tremistinnen" as the anti-Christian political mercenaries called themselves, must be paid damages. The Archdiocese of Paris will have to pay each prostitute 1,500 euros in damages because the security service of the Cathedral had dared to carry the "ladies" against their will from the Cathedral.
Would the judgment have also failed if Femen had stormed a mosque? In France, there's good reason for doubt. It remains to be seen if   FEMEN-women will set  foot  in a mosque and dare  to attack Muslim representatives in any way, while the list of damages in church desecrations, including the Cologne Cathedral, and attacks on Catholic bishops and cardinals, including the Cardinals Leonard (Brussels) and Rouco (Madrid), is getting longer.
For a French judge the desecration of the country's most important Catholic Cathedral is less serious than an offensive act against any mosque. The varying standards of politically correct Christian hostility.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Photo: Tempi
Trans: Tancred


Anonymous said...

Does this surprise any rational human being in their right mind?

This is cultural and very real future suicide. The judge is an imbecile and decidedly mentally not fit for the judiciary. He might have a brighter future in America!


Anonymous said...
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Tancred said...

Talk is cheap and threatening violence on here is probably a crime.

Anonymous said...

Were you threatened, Tancred or was I or someone else? Any chance I could see that anonymous post you removed, if it involved a threat against me?

One never knows how serious someone is or if they are just blowing off steam. It is best to be prepared and that is becoming more and more obvious.

The plot that seems to have been uncovered in Australia is just the tip of the iceberg in a formerly civilized world that is coming apart, by the day. Madmen are everywhere and are capable of any atrocity. Even good men are, under enough stress, isolation and misguided thought.

It is clear to me that we are in a far more dangerous time than we experienced, at least in the United States, in the late sixties and early seventies. There was a common culture present to some extent, then, even among those on opposite sides of some things. This is no longer the case with the diversity that immigration has brought to America. many are not assimilating. rather they are isolating themselves continuing to harbor malignant barbaric beliefs and willing to carry out practices that are abhorrent to rational people and in violation of the promises one makes when one obtains citizenship in America or agrees to live peacefully as a permanent resident.

This, I believe, is unprecedented in American history, certainly to the extent that it exists today, and it does not bode well for America as a nation. To a different extent it seems fair to believe that similar circumstances are transpiring in Europe as well. But that is a poorly educated guess on my part.

The west is in very serious trouble and I do not think the younger people are aware or care. They seem rather to be more concerned with their carbon footprint and not to offend the "protected and deferred to groups" many of whom are militant, unconcerned about others basic human rights(which no one seems to agree on anymore, unlike in the past, for the most part) and seemingly hell-bent on executing whatever mayhem is necessary to get what they want, no matter the cost, especially those with whom they do not agree: Catholics, practicing traditional christians and to a lesser extent, perhaps due to sheer numbers, though, Jews.

I think the minimizing of the current dangers are intentional on the part of "officials" because they agree with and accept the, "in the closet', festering hatred of Christianity, especially Catholicism, of many "consituencies", giving it covert cover and support because their intent is to destroy the Catholic Church and Christianity, by whatever means can be used and excused before an increasingly gullible/stupid, or worse, public. Certainly, the courts in the U.S. are overflowing with those who ignore the constitution and make law from the bench, sometimes openly usurping the will of the people and their representatives. America is increasingly becoming ever more lawless, most ominously through those with the position and power to do so.

Things are much, much worse than they appear because the media are part of those intentionally seeking to destroy Catholicism and Christianity. Our young people have long been reprogrammed by our so-called educational system which is little different than an anti-christian propaganda machine. All the
groundwork is in place for a pogrom which will make Hitler and Stalin's handiwork, like practice for the "ethnic" cleansing that is being prepared for. The Ottomans taught the fascists well with the Armenians. Their progeny, the militant, hate-filled, malignantly radical, Islamists have learned well from all of the above. It is coming....on all sides.


Tancred said...

It's just someone inciting violence. Probably crazy, but possibly a provacateur

Anonymous said...

Wonder how they will fare under Sharia Law ,those women will have to cover up for a start .I don't agree with with disrespecting Mosques ,but the penalty for disrespecting a Catholic Church should be the same sentence ,the message being given is its ok to vandalise a Catholic Church ,just don't think you can do it to a mosque or synagogue ,disgraceful double standards ,looks like Islam is set to be the chosen religion of France .

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Islam is the punishment for France's apostasy and embrace of Atheism. In these times, they who reject God can have nothing but the hope of judgement and punishment. It will come. The full brunt of Islamic fury probably has not yet occurred because of good and decent French Catholics who know exactly how their beloved French Republic came into existence, and constantly pray for God's mercy and help, Catholics who pray for the sake of their fellow Frenchmen who had themselves forgotten to pray, and priests who love their flock more than honor rendered unto themselves, who have to withstand so many indignities even from their bishops and fellow priests but keep their suffering a secret for God to know and accept with their offerings.

Remember: Democracy chose Barabbas over Christ; Democracy sent Him to Golgotha, Democracy refuses to recognize Jesus Christ as King over Heaven and Earth, and Democracy is the measure of Man's fallen nature.


Tancred said...

Not interested. You're definitely a provocateur whether you know it or not.

LeonG said...

Anyone who has read Pope St Pius X's Pascendi does not have to go any further to know that the church is run by its enemies the liberal modernists who have established a new paradigm that is no longer Roman Catholic. You would have to be exceedingly naive to imagine that The Vatican is in the hands of Catholics because it is no longer. Liberal modernists, compromisers, protestants and de facto schismatics. Demonstrate to us objectively that there is one genuinely orthodox inhabitant in this place. No wonder Satan entered through a fissure in the sanctuary, doused the red lamp and invited several of his demons. It is a cesspit of criminality and delinquency.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with being a provocateur? St. Bernard was one, and so was Pope Urban when they both preached the Holy Crusades. St. Louis, St. Lawrence of Brindisi, St. John of Capistran. I'm not like them, but I seek to emulate them, and boy did they move mountains.

Are we really limited to the blogs about FEMEN? If we take them down in a non-violent manner, they will regroup, and they will attack again.

But to give you charity, even if we kill each one of those women, they become some sort of perverse martyr for sexual liberation or some other stupid ideology, and then we'll see some offspring of FEMEN. This is why there must be some amount of cruelty in treating FEMEN; if there's only a small amount of cruelty, they will dismiss that enemy, but if enough cruelty is inflicted, then they might reconsider.


Anonymous said...

Also, Tancred, I will be honest- I am a firm believer that war cannot be reformed or made orderly or honorable; the causes of war may be just or not, but warfare itself is cruel, and the more cruel it is, the faster it ends. What are we in but in a war with the enemies of the Church?

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Men are going to have to establish groups of volunteers to protect our Holy Churches from these salacious socialist slatterns.

A little creativity involving tracking these sluts back to their covens might produce some interesting opportunities for exposing their sources of support.

Look, seeing the hooters of these horned hooligans is not even mildly interesting but revealing the horns on the heads of their supporters could prove to be a great bit of sport.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

speaking of liberalism and the ultimate ruination of that nation

Anonymous said...

I believe it's millionaire atheist George Soros who funds FEMEN.

Damask Rose said...

I think that the Diocese should appeal the court's order to pay damages to the prostitutes on grounds of human rights freedom of religion. In fact, get a top lawyer to take the French court "to court" and enquire about equality of different faiths in France and their just/unjust treatment, and do this at the time now when many Frenchmen are questioning the French court's decision.

One has to remember though, that this is a country that threw out its Catholicism. Sometimes I wonder if the clerics and religious did really bleed the poor French dry along with the aristocracy during the time that led up to the Revolution. How much did the French people really hate the Church? Certainly there was public resistance to anti-Catholicism, ie Vendee, but I think the Masons were rife in French government resulting in expulsion of the Jesuits and Masons surrounded the monarchy.

I think it's all a set up, part of the big plan. I agree with Karl at 4:02 pm. Who would have thought 10 years ago that topless women would desecrate a Catholic Cathedral? But I think we've brought it on ourselves. We ourselves are desecrating our own sanctuaries with awful liturgical abuses. We have women/girls dancing in-front of sanctuaries with sometimes totally inappropriate outfits. It's all getting very pagan. We seem to have our own cadre of a much watered down ideologically Femen active in our own parishes, on the parish councils supported by ball-less priests and bishops.

Everybody knows that aberro-sexuals and Islam want to eradicate Catholicism/Christianity. Or rather perhaps, these two groups are just tools, "useful idiots". It is Christianity that holds back the human barbarism that brought down the wrath of the Flood.

...Well, at least the Nephilim aren't around...