Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Mass of All Ages Will Outlast Newer Rites

The Pastor's Corner column on Dici makes common cause with Cardinal Koch about the Mass. Eventually one Mass will disappear. Perhaps it will be as Cardinal Ranjith envisions, the more ancient Missal of All Ages?

“Benedict XVI knows well that in the long term we cannot remain with a coexistence between the ordinary and extraordinary forms in the Roman rite, but that the Church will again need in the future a common rite... However, given that a new liturgical form cannot be decided in an office, as it requires a process of growth and purification, for the time being the Pope stresses above all that the two forms of use of the Roman rite can and must enrich one another mutually.” (Ibid.) According to Cardinal Koch, Rome’s permission of a Mass that needs no permission would be that it might ultimately disappear!

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