Tuesday, May 24, 2011

President of Italian Bishops Calls for A Return of the Radiance of the Mass

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The President of the Italian Bishops Conference urges unity with the World Church and the Pope.

Rome (kath.net/as)The bishops of Italy are concerned about the complete translation of the Instruction "Universae Ecclesiae" for the correct use of the Motu Proprio "Summorum Pontificum". This was confirmed by the President of the Italian Bishops Conference (CEI) Angelo Cardinal Bagnasco on 23. May 2011 in his address with which he spoke to the 63 fully assembled Bishops Conference.

The Cardinal called to mind the intention of both documents. These aimed to a "obligatory and harmonious recovery of the entire Liturgical heritage of the Universal Church in every single Diocese". This is so the Church may not be wounded by a fissure between individual local churches and the Universal Church, says Bagnasco.

For this reason the power must "be united and give the Liturgy back its powerful radiance".

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