Friday, November 5, 2021

Secret Police Ransack Project Veritas Offices — Secret Biden Diary!!


Edit: dear diary, I just found out today that there’s a diary that implicates the fake president of sexually abusing his daughter. 

The Secret Police are looking very closely at Project Veritas.

Imagine my shock that Pedo Biden is so closely connected to Bergoglio Crime Syndicate.

Even Faux News is up on this!

[Faux News] Project Veritas founder James O'Keefe offered a blistering response to the reported FBI raids that have been conducted against associates of the guerilla news outlet over the missing diary of President Biden's daughter. 

The New York Times broke the story on Friday that Biden's DOJ searched two locations in New York in search of a "stolen" diary that belonged to Ashley Biden that went missing just days before the 2020 presidential election. 


Thursday, November 4, 2021

Degenerate Students at Evil Benedictine Abbey Keep Score in Sex Olympics in Their Dorm

Saint John’s and Saint Benedict Students of Law?

Edit: Saint John's University is a faux-Catholic school in an increasingly vague connection to the degenerate Benedictine, Cassinese Abbey of Saint John's. It was founded in 1856 by Germans of Saint Vincent Meinrad Archabbey. It was once home of hubdreds of monks but has dwindled to 133.

What’s wrong with these circumcised bastards? What’s wrong with their parents? A lot, no doubt. What’s wrong with Saint John’s Abbey? Saint John’s University is one of the few all-male schools left, but it shares a campus with the all-girl College of Saint Benedict.  There’s really not a lot of outrage, but Saint Benedict’s girls have done some virtue signaling, and staged a walkout, I guess, a kind of Sterns County Lysistrata to protest the questioning of their spotless chastity, or something, which is being called into question by their predatory male counterparts at Saint John’s and their own consent to it.

Still, this is unacceptable and this is also a symptom of a greater problem of sexual morality and demoralization, for there are also numerous cases of credible sex abuse against monks and teachers connected to the nearby Modernist Abbey, numbering in the hundreds, but the impassive cloister walls and a battery of lawyers and collusion of law enforcement, alumni, parents who waste their money on tuition, leave this evil place immune to the effects of these scandals. We also know of no effort on the part of the Bergoglio Mafia to send a visitor. Saint John’s Modernist Abbey must not be Catholic, must not have a missionary impulse or exhibit a Catholic morality, so the aberrosexual sex predators, liturgical abuse and predatory fundraising must be OK. In fact, Team Bergoglio degenerates like the extremely effeminate +++Cupich and the evil Andrea Grillo are contributing articles to the Abbey’s withering Gay, Tell blog headed by sex predator and liturgical vandal, Anthony Ruff.

Still no sign of Josh Guimond who disappeared here in November 9, 2002.

The bereaved father has filed a lawsuit in March of 2021!

[Bring Me The News] The College of St. Benedict and St. John's University are investigating reports of a competition among some Johnnies students to have the most sexual encounters with specified Bennies.

Will Schwinghammer, editor-in-chief of CSB/SJU's student newspaper The Record, broke the story, describing a "sex competition" being run by male students from St. Patrick Hall. The story says there is a list of female students, with Johnnie participants potentially able to earn points for certain things. When the existence of this competition reached school officials, they arranged a floor meeting for residents to discuss the impact of this type of behavior, the paper reported.

CSB/SJU, in a statement to Bring Me The News, said they learned about these allegations in late September, and since then have been "actively addressing" the situation. That includes working with "trained investigators to determine the responsible parties."

"We are committed to creating and maintaining an environment in which all members of the community are aware of and respect the rights and human dignity of every other member," the statement continued, noting cases that rise to potential criminal behavior would be reported to local law enforcement.

At this point, CSB/SJU does not have any indication of sexual assault or violence linked to the competition, the spokesperson said.


Jewish Nazis

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Cupich Posts Harsh Letter on Traditiones Custodes in “Gay, Tell”

Cardinal Blaise Cupich with Pope Francis.  The Archbishop of Chicago wants to implement his motu proprio Traditionis Custodes restrictively.

(New York) On July 21, Cardinal Blase Cupich, Archbishop of Chicago, the most important diocese in the USA, reacted to Pope Francis' restrictive Motu Proprio Traditionis Custodes.  Cardinal Cupich has spearheaded Francis in the US Bishops' Conference since his appointment.  Yet his first, tentative response was unexpectedly benevolent towards the communities and parishes of the tradition.  That raised hopes.  The final reaction has now been announced - and it sounds very different.

Traditionis custodes a gift?

On November 1st, All Saints' Day, Cardinal Blase Cupich published a letter in PrayTell, a website with no liturgical proximity to the traditional rite, with which he is preparing his archdiocese for a harsh, restrictive implementation of Traditionis Custodes.  The thumbscrew should be tightened.  The message can already be found in the heading, which describes Traditionis Custodes  as a “gift”.

Gift for who?

At a meeting of priests in his diocese, which he had called, the Pope's confidante described having been asked about the new motu proprio.

"They were curious to see how the Archdiocese would react and what knowledge this document could offer us all about the liturgy."

A “careful reading” reveals “the intention of the Holy Father,” said Cupich.

“Simply put, it is a matter of restoring, throughout the Church of the Roman Rite, a single and identical prayer expressing their unity, according to the liturgical books written by Popes Saint Paul VI  and John Paul II were promulgated in accordance with the decrees of the Second Vatican Council.  In other words, there are no two forms of the Roman rite, for the word 'reform' means something, namely that we leave an earlier form of the celebration of the sacraments behind and take on a new form. "

As an inappropriate comparison, Cupich uses the entry into force of the new Codex Iuris Canonici in 1983, which replaced the one from 1917.  In a legal system that is bound by the requirement of legal certainty, there can only be one applicable law for either the legal person or the legal area.  But that does not rule out that there are different legal systems in parallel.  One does not have to think of the former popular law of the Germanic tribes, according to which people who lived in the same place were subject to different laws depending on their ethnicity: Longobards to Longobard law, Franks to Franconian law, Bavarians to Bavarian law and Romans to Roman law.  This is also true today for the Latin Church and the Eastern Churches associated with it.

The catechism, too, according to Cupich, was “(updated) in 1993 with a view to the theological perspectives of the council”.  These were "reforms" that took place on the basis of the Second Vatican Council and that did not create parallelism, but replaced it.  There was also a "reform" in the liturgy, from which one can conclude:

 “With the reforms of the Code and the Catechism, the Church has left its former forms behind.  [...] Then it must also mean something with regard to the liturgical reform. "

But the comparison with the catechism is also weak, because in the doctrine of the faith a younger catechism cannot replace another in that the older one is no longer valid or even forbidden.

The Archbishop of Chicago therefore takes care not to say that the traditional rite was declared potentially abolished by Pope Francis, for in both Santa Marta and Illinois it is known that prohibiting the traditional rite is strictly impossible.  As the "intention of the Holy Father", Cupich inferred from the motu proprio that some cosmetic changes could perhaps be made to the Novus Ordo Missae, such as a stronger use of incense, Gregorian chant and silence.

The three guiding principles of Traditionis Custodes

According to the cardinal, the central message of Traditionis custodes is: In the future there will only be the Novus Ordo.

As a mandate to the bishops, he takes from the motu proprio that the faithful associated with the traditional rite are to be urged to switch to the Novus Ordo.

According to Cupich, Pope Francis was guided by three principles in Traditionis custodes:

Guiding Principle 1: The traditionalists are to blame

Following the first “guiding principle”, Cardinal Cupich also seeks the “guilty party” in the communities of tradition.  

The communities and believers of tradition are to be blamed for Traditionis Custodes.  Whoever has the damage does not need to worry about the ridicule, one might say.  Because, according to Cupich, despite “concessions” by Pope Francis, it had not been achieved to bridge the gap between the SSPX and Rome.  Rather, the promotion of the traditional rite - at this point the Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI mentioned elsewhere in the letter are not mentioned - one:

 "Movement within the Church itself" created "which obviously sows division by undermining the reforms of the Second Vatican Council by rejecting the most important of them: the reform of the Roman Rite".

Here Cupich quotes from an interview with Archbishop Augustine Di Noia, the assistant secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and makes the statement entirely his own.

Guiding principle 2: The Novus Ordo is to be recognized exclusively

The second “guiding principle” that Pope Francis moves with Traditionis Custodes is “unmistakable recognition by all Catholics that the Second Vatican Council and its reforms are not only an authentic work of the Holy Spirit, but also stand in continuity with the tradition of the Church.  This recognition means, in particular, the full acceptance that  ‘the liturgical books promulgated by Paul VI.  and John Paul II, are in accordance with the decrees of the Second Vatican Council, as the only expression of the lex orandi of the Roman Rite‘."

Cupich here quotes from Article 1 the most controversial part of the Motu Proprio, also in this case without reservation.

Guiding principle 3: The bishops have to enforce exclusive recognition

A third principle is "the role of the bishop as the sole moderator, promoter and guardian of the entire liturgical life in his diocese".  With the decree of Traditionis Custodes, Pope Francis returned the authority to the local bishop to regulate the use of "the earlier liturgy as an exceptional concession".  The "return" was made with a drastic restriction: the permission to use the traditional rite should only be an "exception".  This is how Cupich makes it clear in the next sentence.  "The use of rituals that arose before the liturgical reforms of the Second Vatican Council (Missale Romanum from 1962 and Rituale Romanum from 1952) should be permitted only" as an "exception".

The restriction issued by Francis follows a clear mandate to the bishops:

“In his letter accompanying Traditionis Custodes to the bishops around the world, Pope Francis makes it clear that the local bishop has the duty to make his decision in such a way that the return to a uniform form of celebration is promoted in his diocese."

Pushing believers to the Novus Ordo

 Cardinal Cupich concludes:

“The pastoral realization of the aims of Traditionis custodes requires that we, as pastors, accompany people to understand the connection between the way we worship and what we believe, taking into account the wish of the Holy Father  it must be taken into account that the pastors lead the faithful to the exclusive use of the Reformed liturgical books. "

He describes what the Cardinal-Archbishop expects from his priests and pastors:

 “The accompaniment can take the form of visits to the faithful who regularly attend this Mass and who have celebrated the sacraments with the earlier rituals, to help them understand the essential principles of the renewal called for by the Second Vatican Council.  It should also be about showing people how the Reformed Mass gives them greater use of scriptures and prayers from the Roman tradition, as well as an updated liturgical festival calendar that includes recently canonized saints.  Accompaniment can also mean that the Reformed Mass of the Council creatively incorporates elements that people found nourishing in the celebration of the earlier form of Mass and that were already an option, e.g.  B. reverential movements and gestures, the use of Gregorian chant, Latin and incense, and longer periods of silence within the liturgy. "

Cupich, however, does not seem to notice that the believers associated with the traditional rite, due to their age alone, are no longer primarily those who did not participate in the liturgical reform in 1969, but primarily believers who grew up in the Novus Ordo and were shaped by it.  It is precisely for this reason that they have turned to tradition.  You know the Novus Ordo very well and need neither an introduction nor a re-introduction to it.

The cardinal says nothing about how he envisions the future of the communities of the traditional Rite working in his archdiocese, including the FSSP and, above all, the Canons Regular of St. John of Cracow who arose there.  Should they too be pushed to the Novus Ordo?  But the archbishop says this much: Believers should no longer have (to look after) this community.

The "man of the Pope" in the US episcopate closes his remarks with another euphemism:

“I believe we can take this opportunity to help all of our people better understand the great gift that the council has given us in reforming our worship.  I take seriously my obligation to move forward in a manner that encourages a return to a unified form of celebration in accordance with the guidelines of Traditionis Custodes, but in the meantime we must all pray, as Jesus did the night before his death,  that all may be one. "

The letter suggests that Cardinal Cupich will soon make a final decision on the implementation of Traditionis Custodes in his area of ​​responsibility, a decision that will by no means be benevolent but rather restrictive.  Because of the importance of his archdiocese in the ecclesiastical hierarchy, his decision will set the tone for other bishops in the United States.

 Text: Giuseppe Nardi

 Image: VaticanMedia (screenshot)

Trans: Tancred


Voris’ New Guy Pal to Take on Political Correctness at Penn State

“Pray the Gay Away.” 
Edit: the latest in artificial rage.

 [Daily Collegian] These words, plastered on large posters above the face of British alt-right political commentator Milo Yiannopoulos, greeted visitors at Penn State’s HUB-Robeson Center on Oct. 25 — and again on Thursday. 

 Featured in prominent display cases in the HUB, tacked to poster boards, announcement forums and walls throughout campus buildings, and shared and reshared across students’ social media platforms, the posters advertise the Wednesday event by Uncensored America, one of Penn State’s student-run organizations. 

 When Penn State’s Queer and Trans People of Color Secretary Kyra Gines saw the posters for the first time, she said she thought the event was a performance or a satirical act with theatrically homophobic characters.


Monday, November 1, 2021

Fake Child Murdering “President” Encouraged by Marxist Bergoglio

 Edit: how timely that the “Pope” elected by a fraudulent Sankt Gallen Mafia cabal of aborting, Marxist, aberrosexual enabling bishops, should encourage a fraudulent fake president who pretends to be Catholic for political advantage!

ROME, Oct 31 (Reuters) - An emotional U.S. President Joe Biden, who has come away from his visit with papal backing in his conflict with conservative U.S. bishops, on Sunday praised Pope Francis for being "everything I learned about Catholicism."

Biden, the second Catholic president in U.S. history, choked up as he spoke about his late son Beau and his own feelings about the pope and Catholicism at a final news conference in Rome at the end of the G20 summit of leaders of the world's richest nations.

"This is a man who has great empathy. A man who understands that part of his Christianity is to reach out," Biden said. "He is a really, truly genuine decent man."


Friday, October 29, 2021

Battle Royal at Gathering Space

Edit: the media wants to make this into “dangerous man”. I’m not sure that’s the shot. It’s not about masks. Maybe he was complaining about the hideous architecture, the altar girls or the heretical sermon?  Hey, I thought “all are welcome” at gathering spaces?

After briefly kneeling, the aggrieved man is here accused of trespassing by the parish priest at a “gathering space” in Lakewood, Washington charged the gathering space after he was asked to leave, triggering a horde of congregants to join the melee and call for police and security. 

A clip of the incident, which has clocked up more than 560,000 views at the time of writing, shows the parish pastor, a fruity Fr. Paul Brunet, orders the man at the front of the congregation to “leave this church right now,” accusing him of “trespassing,” and calling for security. The footage was apparently filmed on Sunday at St. Frances Cabrini Parish Church in Lakewood.

As he’s attacked, you can hear a goblina telling him he’s trespassing. Probably the head of the parish council.


Bergoglio Cancels Biden Livestream

[Daily Caller]  The Vatican will no longer hold a live broadcast of President Joe Biden’s meeting with Pope Francis on Friday, the Holy See announced Thursday.

Biden will meet with the Holy Father on Friday as part of his overseas trip to Rome and Glasgow, Scotland, for a series of international summits. The Vatican had planned to provide a live broadcast of the event, but will now only provide edited footage of the meeting after the fact, according to the Associated Press.

Biden has previously met with Pope Francis three times, but Friday will be his first meeting as president. (RELATED: White House Denies Report That Vatican Canceled A Meeting Between Biden And Pope Francis)


Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Bishop of Vaduz Rejects Absurd Synodal Process


Synodal Synod for Synodality

 From a Catholic woman:

The two-year World Synod on the Synodal Church has begun.  It should be a time of “encounter, listening and reflection”, the Pope said at the opening.  The central ideas of community, participation and mission are in the room or verbatim on a lot of paper, the Roman preparatory document and the Vademecum, the guide for the 'Synod of Listening'.  Who would not agree that dialogue and listening are good for a fruitful togetherness on a common path in the Church?


The dioceses of Basel, Chur and St. Gallen are all ears

But if you are still in shock over the Pope's latest motu proprio, you are wondering whether there is an inner connection between the two events.  After all, the Catholics of tradition should also be able to listen and understand.  So were they collectively under suspicion of schism in good time and the restricted to the old Mass?

In Germany in particular, Catholics loyal to the teaching office are shaped by their experiences with the so-called “Synodal Way”.  Talk of a synodal Church makes one suspicious, especially since the Roman synodal documents deliberately leave room for interpretation.  Too much dreams and creativity, innovative thinking and a Church under the signs of the times in the third millennium.  Skepticism is appropriate about such a mammoth project and its openness.  Will the much-invoked Holy Spirit "who speaks through the people of God" (Vademecum, p. 12) judge it?  Will one want to admit the one revealed truth unadulterated, although that is inconvenient and resists the ideology of contemporary cosmopolitanism and political appropriation?  Every renewal of the one Catholic Church and every evangelization must start from this truth and remain in it.  Also and especially synodal processes.  How should we understand it when “no one - regardless of their faith - should be excluded when it comes to expressing their views and experiences, insofar as this is done with the intention of seeking the Church on her synodal path  to support according to the truth ”(Vademecum, p. 13)?

So it is difficult to hope that this synod will offer a corrective to German special way [basically, ignoring Rome on Abortion, birth control and sodomy] on the level of the universal Church and can contain them, especially since the unofficially official website of the DBK sums it up:

“The German dioceses have chosen different ways to involve Catholics in the synodal process.  The time is extremely short, because by the end of the year the dioceses should prepare a document of no more than ten pages and forward it to the German Bishops' Conference, in which the respective experiences and ideas of synodality are to be described.  Many dioceses therefore fall back on existing synodal structures."

How much German “Synodal Way” will be reflected here?  Various statements and opening sermons for the Synod do not suggest anything good:

 "At the opening, the Pope said that he would not want a different church, but a church that is different," said Bishop Bode.  “We are happy to take the path there at the level of the universal Church.  For almost two years we have been intensively involved in the Synodal Way at the federal level and also at the level of our diocese.  We will contribute our experience from these processes to the world synod that is now beginning. "

Except. Wolfgang Haas, Archbishop of Vaduz in the Principality of Liechtenstein, refrains from participating not only because of the small size of his diocese, but also because he sees the danger of ideological delusion.

"I am of the opinion that in our little archdiocese, for good reasons, we can refrain from carrying out such a complex and sometimes even complicated procedure, which in our part of the world runs the risk of becoming ideologically branched."

 He refers to the “close relationships” in just ten parishes, which make quick communication and “spiritual and spiritual exchange” between pastors and lay people possible at any time.

The reform-oriented association for an open church immediately and vehemently criticized the non-participation in the synod and accused the bishop of lying:

“What has a completely new quality is that the Archbishop of Vaduz also publicly rejects the Synodal Process.  He is openly opposed to Pope Francis.  This letter is probably not only addressed to the Church in Liechtenstein, but seeks approval far beyond that - in the circles close to Wolfgang Haas (FSSP etc.).  That the church dialogue in our small country works anyway is a naked lie.  The people experience the clergy here as not very willing to talk.”

And here we come full circle.  Archbishop Haas is connected to the old Mass, which had a home in his diocese up to Traditionis Custodes in parish churches.  It is Dr.  Günther Boss, the theological advisor of the Association for an Open Church, who was a thorn in the side, and so he had already greeted the appearance of Traditionis Custodes with malicious glee towards Archbishop Haas:

“Bravo Pope Francis!  […] This affects the EBVaduz directly, as one indulges in the so-called Tridentine liturgy again in several parish churches.  [...] As I interpret it, from now on no more masses may be celebrated in the old form in the parish churches of Eschen, Triesenberg etc., because it is no longer allowed in parish churches.  Exceptions can only be given by the bishop, but not for parish churches!  But now I am curious whether one not only talks about obedience all the time, but also being obedient once in a while. "

Deacon ordination 2021 by Archbishop S. E. Wolfgang Haas in Wigratzbad

 But even without a synodal program: What Archbishop Haas writes about the Holy Spirit and the Church in his pastoral letter, which is highly recommended for reading this year, gives faithful Catholics stability and security in uncertain times:

“The Church's magisterial mouth always speaks clearly and unambiguously when it surrenders entirely to the voice of the Holy Spirit.  If he does not do this, i.e. speaks with ambiguity or a lack of clarity and thus expresses himself in an obscure manner, then he has let himself be guided by other voices that are not of the Holy Spirit.  Knowing the Christian truth of salvation, its authentic interpretation and its responsible communication, because it is linearly and continuously guided by the Holy Spirit, not 'volatile' behavior and are not subject to any kind of mutations."

 Image: (screenshots)

Trans: Tancred


Jew Economist Honored by Academy of Social Sciences

Jeffrey Sachs and Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo at a meeting of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences

 (Rome) Jeffrey Sachs, director of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network and Neo-Malthusian, has been promoted to full member of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences by Pope Francis.

 Sachs, one of the most influential advocates of anti-natalism, i.e. population reduction (through contraception, abortion, euthanasia, sterilization, homosexualization), was admitted to the Vatican in 2015 in the course of the publication of the eco-encyclical Laudato si ’by Pope Francis.  He is a central figure in bringing the papal agenda into line with that of the UN.  More than six years ago, the former chief economist of the UN Secretary-General became a co-opted member of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences.

 In 2012, under the auspices of the UN Secretary General, then Ban Ki-moon, the UN Network for Sustainable Development (UNSDSN) was established in New York.  It reports to twelve working groups, including good governance, full decarbonization, global governance, gender, and population dynamics.  There is a precise intention behind every term: global governance means the implementation of a unified world government, population dynamics means population decimation.  Jeffrey Sachs, who is also the director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University in New York, has been appointed director.  There are offshoots of the UNSDSN in almost all countries.  SDSN Germany is based at the German Development Institute in Bonn, which is financed 75 percent from the federal budget and a quarter from the state budget of North Rhine-Westphalia.  The members and partners of SDSN Germany range from the Bertelsmann Foundation to the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and the Heinrich Böll Foundation, the party foundation of the Greens.  The UNSDSN is also funded with generous donations from pharmaceutical and communications companies such as British Telecom, Verizon and Ericsson and Glaxo Smith Kline and Novartis.

The UN political agenda, which is to be implemented by 2030, for which Jeffrey Sachs is responsible

 Since 2015 there has been a question in the room: What is a Neo-Malthusian doing in the Vatican?  Sachs is not the only one who has found open gates in Rome since then.  The answer was given by the man who brought Sachs into the Papal States, Curia Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, political arm of Pope Francis and Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences.  Sanchez Sorondo said last February, when asked by the CNA press agency: What he said before 2012 no longer applies, "now he [Sachs] has changed".  From the mouth of a man who is himself not beyond doubt, that doesn't necessarily sound credible.  Among the "blossoms" of Sanchez Sorondo are claims such as:

 Abortion is a "consequence of climate change," which was not a slip-up;

 humanity is experiencing a “magical moment” because Pope Francis' magisterium coincides with that of the UN;

 in communist China, ecclesiastical social teaching is "best realized".

 In any case, Sachs seems to feel at home in the Vatican.  He was promoted from co-opted to full member by Pope Francis.  The Vatican press office reported yesterday:

 "The Holy Father has appointed Professor Jeffrey David Sachs, Director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University in New York, USA, as a full member of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences."

 Only the position of Sachs ’at Columbia University is mentioned, but not his far more influential position in the implementation of the political UNO agenda.  This includes the intention of bringing abortion to the last corner of the earth, as US President Joe Biden put it in his government program.

 Since 2015, Sachs has become a “regular guest” of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences and other Vatican events.  In 2019/2020, despite Corona, he took part in at least six conferences hosted by the Holy See.  The subjects covered ranged from business and health to ethics and education.  The weight he has in Santa Marta was shown when he was appointed by Pope Francis to participate in the Amazon Synod in 2019, where he beat the drum for the climate agenda.

 In addition, Msgr. Sanchez Sorondo's assertion about Sachs does not apply at all.  He is still anti-natalist and repeated to Reuters in October 2019, at the time when the Amazon Synod was in session, that the birth rate should be reduced, which should be done by “training girls” and “bringing women into working life”.  “That applies to every country, to every religion,” says the man who is a central figure behind the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which, according to the UN, should be implemented globally by 2030.  The range of actions of the anti-natalists is not limited to the points mentioned by Sachs.  It is extremely diverse, manipulative and cruel.

 Text: Giuseppe Nardi

 Image: Youtube / Wikicommons (screenshots)

Monday, October 25, 2021

Does the Congregation of Divine Worship Really Regret the Harshness of Traditionis Custodes?

 Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz: Poland's bishops also spoke about Traditionis Custodes in Rome.

(Rome) Poland's bishops are on ad limina visit to Rome. They discussed with the implementation of the Motu proprio Traditionis Custodes with the Congregation of Divine Worship. The Archbishop of Warsaw thinks that he heard regrets about the harshness of the Motu Proprio.

The Polish bishops were divided into four groups for the prescribed visit, of which the third group had just finished their visit to Rome. During their visit to the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Order of the Sacrments they discussed there and the Motu proprio Traditionis Custodes. The interlocutor of the bishops had also conceded the harshness of Traditionis Custodes. This was reported by Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz, the Archbishop of Warsaw, in an interview with the Polish Catholic press agency KAI, which was published yesterday. In addition, it was confirmed to the bishops that Rome had instructions published for the application of Traditionis Custodes.

The Cardinal said when asked about what was discussed when visiting the Congregation of Divine Worship, stressed that "the discussion very interesting about the Tridentine liturgy. The bishops asked the representatives of the congregation "questions, in particular about whether the parish churches in which this liturgy could possibly be continued, as well as expanding the possibility of celebrating it according to the motu proprio Traditionis Custodes, should such a need arise in Poland in the future."

“On the one hand, the Congregation acknowledged that the matter had been handled too harshly and, in individual cases, could lead to abandonment of the Church because his needs were not being met instead of serving unity. On the other hand, a willingness was expressed to interpret the motu proprio broadly, more in the spirit than in the wording of the enacted law. We are waiting for the promised guidelines on this topic. "

Cardinal Nycz added that the Holy See wanted to place the matter with the celebration of the traditional Rite "under control", but "not say 'no' to the Tridentine liturgy as such." The Holy See is "careful because in some countries of the world it is linked to an anti-Conciliar ideology that the Second Vatican Council rejects."

The general suspicion of “ideologizing”, under which Pope Francis placed the traditional Rite, is spreading, as Cardinal Nycz's statements show. According to Traditionis Custodes, anyone who wants to celebrate in the traditional Rite, priests who have not yet done so, or new priests, must undergo an attitude test. In its history, the Church has only known such things in connection with heresies. This accusation does not, however, apply to tradition.

Whether there are guilty feelings at the Congregation of Divine Worship is indeed in doubt, because while the contrast with Traditionis Custodes contrast is so hard,  especially in view of the new congregation leadership. Ultimately this just points out the insistence that there is an alleged "problem" that the Motu proprio Summorum Pontificum by Benedict XVI. had been used in an “ideological way”.

That sounds more like crocodile tears.

Text: Giuseppe di Nar-
image: MiL

Trans: Tancred


Sunday, October 24, 2021

Former President of Catholic Doctors Association Says Ban on Oral Communion and Holy Water “Excess of Caution”

Former president of the International Association of Catholic Doctors' Associations calls for an end to the Church’s Corona measures.

The former president of the international association of Catholic doctors considers oral communion and holy water to be harmless and criticizes the Church's Corona measures: "Maybe it was an excess of caution".

Since the beginning of the alleged Corona pandemic, practically all bishops in the world have de jure or de facto prescribed Communion in the hand as the only form of receiving Communion.  For more than a year and a half you have been violating current Church law and liturgical provisions.  These provide for oral communion as the only proper form of receiving Communion, while [sacrilegious]  hand Communion is also permitted as an extraordinary form in the Novus Ordo, and this has only been possible since the early 1970s.  In some countries, Communion in the hand was only approved by the local bishops' conference a few years ago.

With the allegedly necessary measures to contain the Corona virus, Pope Francis turned everything upside down, because the local bishops' conferences largely followed the Roman model.  Communion in the mouth was forbidden and Communiom in hand, which was only permitted in addition, was imposed on the faithful.

The Pope and the bishops stood not only against canon law, but also against science.  Even 19 months after the coercive measures were introduced, there is no scientific evidence to support them.  What is there are conflicting opinions.  In the worst case it can be said that there is no scientific knowledge that[sacrilegious]  Communion in the hand is safer than Communion on the tongue.  If one follows voices from the Catholic medical profession, Communion on the tongue is safer than Communion in the hand.

The fact is, an unknown number of Catholics who do not accept Communion in hand for reasons of reverence have been excluded from the sacrament of the Eucharist for 19 months.  Neither Pope Francis nor other bishops seem to care.  They seem unaware of the suffering some believers experience during these months.  Since there is hardly any viral load to be found and almost only "fully" vaccinated people are hospitalized (even if this fact is hushed up in some countries as much as possible), a number of Corona measures have been canceled by some bishops' conferences, the meaningfulness of which was, that from the beginning  there were considerable doubts.  The ban on Communion on the tongue still applies.  In some areas, it is even the only Corona measure that is still in force.  And priests are still relentless and refuse oral Communion to the faithful.

In an article, José Maria Simón Castellví, the former president of the International Federation of Catholic Medical Associations (FIAMC), draws attention to this situation and suggests that it be ended:

 “Communion in the mouth and Communion on the knees are safe because the hands of the Eucharist giver can always be disinfected in the event of contact with the lips of the Communicant.  Maybe that was an excess of caution. "

The Catalan doctor regrets that "one of the side effects of the Covid-19 pandemic was the almost complete abolition of the use of holy water in the Church".  He complains that "now that the Covid epidemic has already subsided in Europe, there is not the slightest sign of a revival of this very important element in the life of Christians.  It seems that we have come to terms with the minimal expression of the life of piety.”

José Maria Simón Castellví recalls that "the use of holy water does not transmit Covid".  It has been known for many months that surface transmission is negligible.  The former FIAMC chairman referred to José Luis Jiménez Palacios, professor of chemistry and environmental science at the University of Colorado and one of the world's most renowned researchers in the field of aerosol research, who had stated that “to date not a single case of surface transfer of Covid-  19 could be proven ".

The removal of the holy water from the churches was therefore an exaggeration of zeal that was neither sensible nor justified.

 “We can safely return to good habits,” concludes Simón Castellvì.

 Text: Giuseppe Nardi

 Image: FIAMC (screenshot)

Trans: Tancred


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