Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Keeping frequent flyers safe from the Jab



Dieter Mohr said...

The Anti-Vaxxers are exercising their free choice. They are choosing to exclude themselves from most of the human community; chosen freely not to use air travel, go to restaurants, sporting events, getting employment in most professions etc.
Enjoy it all especially when the grim reality begins to bite hard.

Mark said...

Stewardess are prone to blood clots. That’s why they where nylons even though they’re not flame retardant.

Anonymous said...


Gaybrielle's Sodomite Superior said...

Gaybrielle alert @ Dieter Mohr

Sounds like he's whinging about some of Jew world's peak experiences, and that he likes talking about being bitten hard.

Air travel: having one's crotch grabbed (maybe that's a plus for Gaybrielle), having your property stolen right out of your luggage, crammed into an aluminum can, with a good smattering of anti-social spoiled brats, not to mention imperious flight crew monitoring your wearing your shame muzzle properly.

Restaurants: can't keep competent staff on the payroll willing to work for below-subsistence wage, ingredients that go from freezer to microwave and then get cold sitting at the pass, all for 30.00-40.00 USD per plate; putting up with two dykes at the next table, and their alleged child running rampant and screaming.

Sporting events rigged by bookmaking Las Vegas Jews, attended by thugs who view your seat as their personal pissing ground.

Employment as a cubicle hamster, which even if you win the nasty rat-race to the position offering bread-winner's wages, you get saddled with heavy responsibilities, are expected to drop whatever you are doing and answer phone and email, 24-7-365, and soon realize that you no longer have life outside work.

So skipping the vaxx helps me get away from this and other excrement endemic to the modern world? -Sounds like a bonus.