Thursday, November 4, 2021

Degenerate Students at Evil Benedictine Abbey Keep Score in Sex Olympics in Their Dorm

Saint John’s and Saint Benedict Students of Law?

Edit: Saint John's University is a faux-Catholic school in an increasingly vague connection to the degenerate Benedictine, Cassinese Abbey of Saint John's. It was founded in 1856 by Germans of Saint Vincent Meinrad Archabbey. It was once home of hubdreds of monks but has dwindled to 133.

What’s wrong with these circumcised bastards? What’s wrong with their parents? A lot, no doubt. What’s wrong with Saint John’s Abbey? Saint John’s University is one of the few all-male schools left, but it shares a campus with the all-girl College of Saint Benedict.  There’s really not a lot of outrage, but Saint Benedict’s girls have done some virtue signaling, and staged a walkout, I guess, a kind of Sterns County Lysistrata to protest the questioning of their spotless chastity, or something, which is being called into question by their predatory male counterparts at Saint John’s and their own consent to it.

Still, this is unacceptable and this is also a symptom of a greater problem of sexual morality and demoralization, for there are also numerous cases of credible sex abuse against monks and teachers connected to the nearby Modernist Abbey, numbering in the hundreds, but the impassive cloister walls and a battery of lawyers and collusion of law enforcement, alumni, parents who waste their money on tuition, leave this evil place immune to the effects of these scandals. We also know of no effort on the part of the Bergoglio Mafia to send a visitor. Saint John’s Modernist Abbey must not be Catholic, must not have a missionary impulse or exhibit a Catholic morality, so the aberrosexual sex predators, liturgical abuse and predatory fundraising must be OK. In fact, Team Bergoglio degenerates like the extremely effeminate +++Cupich and the evil Andrea Grillo are contributing articles to the Abbey’s withering Gay, Tell blog headed by sex predator and liturgical vandal, Anthony Ruff.

Still no sign of Josh Guimond who disappeared here in November 9, 2002.

The bereaved father has filed a lawsuit in March of 2021!

[Bring Me The News] The College of St. Benedict and St. John's University are investigating reports of a competition among some Johnnies students to have the most sexual encounters with specified Bennies.

Will Schwinghammer, editor-in-chief of CSB/SJU's student newspaper The Record, broke the story, describing a "sex competition" being run by male students from St. Patrick Hall. The story says there is a list of female students, with Johnnie participants potentially able to earn points for certain things. When the existence of this competition reached school officials, they arranged a floor meeting for residents to discuss the impact of this type of behavior, the paper reported.

CSB/SJU, in a statement to Bring Me The News, said they learned about these allegations in late September, and since then have been "actively addressing" the situation. That includes working with "trained investigators to determine the responsible parties."

"We are committed to creating and maintaining an environment in which all members of the community are aware of and respect the rights and human dignity of every other member," the statement continued, noting cases that rise to potential criminal behavior would be reported to local law enforcement.

At this point, CSB/SJU does not have any indication of sexual assault or violence linked to the competition, the spokesperson said.



Anonymous said...

Hey EP any news about the fistfight at the gathering place?

Tancred said...

Nothing yet. My first thought was, “what did the priest do wrong besides the obvious things?”

Andy Gubla said...

Similar credible allegations have been made in the past about the North American College in Rome.