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Monday, December 18, 2017

Christmas Tree Removed in Tyrol Because it Might Offend Muslims

Edit: shouldn't we be removing Muslims, instead? Remember that German theologian who got outed by which resulted in him being fired from his Catholic teaching jobs, and then putting out a bounty on's operators along with meth fiend and pedophilia apologist, Volker Beck? He's been working his way back to prominence and respectability in German conservative ecclesiastical circles. Here's an entry from his blog, Philosophia Perennis. Also, despite being, "one of theirs", Berger has been banned from Facebook for questioning the Welcoming Culture which is currently denaturing Germany.
Bolzen or Bolsano is a city in South Tyrol and is deeply Catholic, but the gears of political correctness are moving.

(David Berger) According to reports by Italian media, a traditional Christmas tree has been removed from the public part of the Town Hall of the North Italian city of Bolzano prior to a visit by a Muslim delegation to the city. The reason: "The Christmas tree could hurt the feelings of Muslims or insult them."

The incident was made known by the president of the local sports club: He had been allowed to decorate the tree this year and in addition to sporting symbols also used Christian Christmas symbols - in the South Tyrol this is particularly associated with Catholicism as a matter of course.

Just a few days after the Christmas tree was set up, the president of the Sports Veterans' association received a call from the town hall office.

He was instructed to remove the Christmas tree and its decorations because the town hall would soon be visited by a Muslim delegation and "violate their religious feelings or offend them".

Allesandro Urzi, conservative politician in South Tyrol speaks in the face of the incident of a "Barbarization of the general culture" in Italy:

"Respect for any
religious commitment must not be confused with the removal of the traditional symbols on which our society rests. Both believers and unbelievers find in these traditional symbols important elements that make up our identity. "

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Monday, September 1, 2014

"Sign of the Times" -- Franciscans Give up Cloister in Reutte Tyrol

(Innsbruck) And again a monastery less. The last four brothers of the Franciscan Friary in the town of Reutte in the Tyrol have left their posts. After 386 years, the Franciscan monastery in the market town on the Lech has been abandoned. The Provincial of the Franciscan province of Austria, Father Oliver Ruggenthaler, justified the abandonment  to  ORF [Austrian Broadcasting] with the words: The small number of brothers was a "sign of the times".
Certainly it is a "sign" for the continued decline of a [once] glorious 800-year-old Order. The population of Reutte wanted to ask the Order to stay by a petition. An expression of solidarity and of feeling upon the departure of losing a part of one's identity. In addition to a piece of religious history, a piece of Church history comes to an end. But  the lack of religious youth can not be fixed with petitions. Nor can the lack of priests  be replaced by  "active participation of the laity in the pastoral space" (Mayor Alois Upper).
The Franciscans were came to Reutte in 1628, where they were summoned  the sovereign of  Tyrolea then, Archduke Leopold V of Austria. The original fifteen Franciscan monasteries Tyrol together with two smaller branches attest to the deep roots of the Order in this area. The oldest monastery of the Order in Bolzano originated most likely in 1221 during the lifetime of St. Francis of Assisi. At its peak the province of the mid-18th century had about 500 brothers. At that time also was included the Bavarian monastery  and monasteries in western Austria (Vorarlberg, Baden, Württemberg, Alsace) to the Tyrolean province. The 1927 for the annexation of South Tyrol by Italy made for a division that was overcome in 2001 by the unification in a single Tyrolean province of the Order, but has not halted the further decline of the Order. In 2007 there was a merger with the Austrian chapter.
Today there are eight monasteries in Tyrol. The branches of Kufstein, Klobenstein, Hinterriß, Maia and last Innichen (2012) and Reutte (2014) had to be abandoned because of a lack of growth. . The Monastery of Cortina d'Ampezzo still exists, but since the interwar period, it is part of the Venetian Province of the Order.
From 1977-2000 the Provincial Novitiate of the Order was located in Reutte. The vacant monastery has passed over to the Community of Reutte and is to be converted into an assisted living facility.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Franciscan Province
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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pope Francis Excommunicates President of 'We Are Church'

Martha Heizer has been simulating masses regularly together with her husband. Now Rome has cracked down and excommunicated both - Faculty of Theology Innsbruck: Heizer is expected, due to a lack of studies to renounce her self-designation as "theologian"

Rome ( Pope Francis has excommunicated the President of the anti-Roman platform "We are Church," Martha Heizer (67), and her husband, Gert. This was reported by the "Tiroler Tageszeitung" on Thursday. Because the two Tyroleans regularly simulated Eucharistic celebrations, which is a serious offense ("delictum gravius") so were faced with excommunication, ie, they are excluded from the Church's sacraments. Bishop Scheuer wanted yesterday evening to deliver Rome's decree, but this was rejected by both. The President of the platform "We are Church" and those who helped launch the Church referendum were "shocked by the intervention" of Rome.

Already in 2011 Jozef Neviadomski, Dean of the Faculty of Theology of the University of Innsbruck and professor of dogmatics, pointed out that Frau Dr. Heizer is "presented in public media, 'as a theologian'". Such qualification confers on it "the aura of expertise, which she still - at least in an academic context - has never earned". Neviadomski pointed out that Heizer has "neither theology nor religious education studies," but she was been employed "for many years as an assistant in the area of ​​religious education at the Theological Faculty of Innsbruck" as a PhD educator. The Dean stated: "Your teaching has been considered quite valuable to the Faculty but was characterized by systematic usurpation of competences in things theology, a process that was not legitimized by an appropriate effort in study. The fact is that parts of the faculty had advised for years before the rejection of the self-classification as a theologian, that this had the potential for conflict, even as the affected person was its origin."

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Edit: But they're also sending a visitor to the Sister of the Immaculate, according to Rorate.
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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Brave Tyrolean Priest Warns of Unworthy Reception of Holy Communion

This example is a schoolbook case:  a brave Tyrolean priest has managed to drastically reduce sacrilegious communion in his parish.
© Catholic Church
(England and Wales), 

(, Amras)  Last Sunday brave Father Patrick Busskamp (43) in Ambras -- a southern part of the city of Innsbruck --  celebrated first communion.

The priest is a pastor of Ambras and also a Praemonstrantensian at Stift Wilten in Innsbruck.

The Pastor Explains

At the distribution of Communion Father Busskamp reminded those present  that only people in a state of grace may receive Communion.

Whoever unworthily receives Holy Communion eats upon themselves condemnation according to the testimony of St. Paul.

The Pastor clearly explained that  the instances of adultery and missing Sunday Mass are hindrances to the reception of Communion.

It is a fact that from the celebration of First Communion on to national holidays there are various people who present themselves to take the Host as if they were picking up a dinner check.

A Joyous Event

The explanation of the dutiful priest did not remain without effect.

Because:  only the children presented themselves for First Communion and none of the adults.

Father Busskamp reported the joyful occasion by telephone to Ex-Reichsender (It's a descendent of the Nazi broadcaster in Vienna) ORF.

He didn't refuse Communion to anyone.

He did not let himself be led in the interview by Ex-Reichsender (ORF).

The Abbot Wants more Checks

The Old Liberal Abbot Raimund Schreier of Wilten stabbed his brother in the back.

He bemoaned that none of the Godless participants went to Holy Communion.

Pharisaicaly he ascribed an "erroneous sensibility" to his colleague.

He is apparently "very clever",  to prevent the giving out of more dinner checks  at First Communion.

During this year's Lent Stift Wilten put three naked bronze figures in front of the  church

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