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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pope Francis Excommunicates President of 'We Are Church'

Martha Heizer has been simulating masses regularly together with her husband. Now Rome has cracked down and excommunicated both - Faculty of Theology Innsbruck: Heizer is expected, due to a lack of studies to renounce her self-designation as "theologian"

Rome ( Pope Francis has excommunicated the President of the anti-Roman platform "We are Church," Martha Heizer (67), and her husband, Gert. This was reported by the "Tiroler Tageszeitung" on Thursday. Because the two Tyroleans regularly simulated Eucharistic celebrations, which is a serious offense ("delictum gravius") so were faced with excommunication, ie, they are excluded from the Church's sacraments. Bishop Scheuer wanted yesterday evening to deliver Rome's decree, but this was rejected by both. The President of the platform "We are Church" and those who helped launch the Church referendum were "shocked by the intervention" of Rome.

Already in 2011 Jozef Neviadomski, Dean of the Faculty of Theology of the University of Innsbruck and professor of dogmatics, pointed out that Frau Dr. Heizer is "presented in public media, 'as a theologian'". Such qualification confers on it "the aura of expertise, which she still - at least in an academic context - has never earned". Neviadomski pointed out that Heizer has "neither theology nor religious education studies," but she was been employed "for many years as an assistant in the area of ​​religious education at the Theological Faculty of Innsbruck" as a PhD educator. The Dean stated: "Your teaching has been considered quite valuable to the Faculty but was characterized by systematic usurpation of competences in things theology, a process that was not legitimized by an appropriate effort in study. The fact is that parts of the faculty had advised for years before the rejection of the self-classification as a theologian, that this had the potential for conflict, even as the affected person was its origin."

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Edit: But they're also sending a visitor to the Sister of the Immaculate, according to Rorate.
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