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Friday, December 23, 2016

Bishop Ousts Another Traditional Friendly Order From His Diocese

Edit: got this the other day from our correspondent in Oklahoma, the Okie Traditionalist.  This is the same Bishop who's acted to remove Father Ripperger's order from his diocese. Bergoglio's man Konderla  has decided to oust the Daughters of Mary, a Catholic female religious order, from his diocese:

From their recent Advent/Christmas 2016 Newsletter (emphasis his) LINK

The new bishop of Tulsa told us earlier this month that he does not see a way forward for our community in the Diocese of Tulsa, Oklahoma. In a memo to Diocesan priests and staff, the bishop wrote: “After careful consideration and prayerful discernment, the Diocese of Tulsa has elected to end its affiliation with the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Israel’s Hope and allow the community to continue their apostolic exploration in another diocese.”
This is a great sadness to us and to many families and individuals in the Diocese of Tulsa and beyond who have worked so hard and given so much to establish our Priory and renovate the guest house that was donated to us. Yet, we are at peace...
It's also discussed on the Hirsch Files...

Who says, you'd better not complain, or it will get worse.

Let him know what you think of him:

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Bishop Edward Slattery Celebrates Immemorial Mass of All Ages Ad Orientem for All Hallows

Edit: with all the people complaining abbout the sky falling, we thought we'd give this some attention.

[Okie Traditionalist] Tonight, the Diocese of Tulsa, especially the Catholic faithful devoted to the Traditional Mass, got a spiritual booster shot in the arm from their recently retired bishop--Bishop Edward Slattery--celebrating the Ancient and Venerable Roman Rite at the Cathedral, on behalf of All Souls.

Curiously, the Cathedral website only announced a Novus Ordo for this evening at the local cemetery LINK. Even its Sunday bulletin made no mention of the Bishop's High Mass (LINK). It took a phone call by an Okie Traditionalist Correspondent to the cathedral's secretary to confirm that His Excellency would in fact be saying a public Traditional Mass where, until just recently, he was Chief Pastor.

As discussed here (LINK), Bishop Slattery has been one of the rare bishops actively promoting the Traditional Latin Mass, and the first American bishop to start saying Mass Ad Orientem every Sunday in his cathedral. As sitting bishop, he often said the Tridentine rite of his own accord at the cathedral and elsewhere, not only as a courtesy to several Latin Mass communities he actively founded over the last 2 decades.


Also, Laramie Hirsch...

Sunday, September 11, 2016

New Bergoglian Bishop of Tulsa Shuts Down Priestly Society of Exorcists

Edit: from Hirsch Files, Okie Traditionalist. He is shutting down the Society of the Most Sorrowful Mother, which has been operating in the diocese since it was established there in 2015 by the retired friend of Catholicism, Bishop Slattery.

[Hirsch Files] Remember how great and traditional everyone thought Bishop Slattery was? Well, he's retired now, and been replaced by one of Pope Francis' picks. A former college chaplain, Bishop Konderla is now the bishop of Tulsa.

Looking back upon my college experiences, I recall the university chaplains as having a superficial touch when it came to the depth of our Faith--which is to be expected, since on a university campus, you are surrounded by students blind to reality, living in an artificial world of unrealistic career hopes.

In any event, I've learned from some anonymous sources that this new bishop is likely going to be nothing like Bishop Slattery. Indeed, it seems that he is going to close up shop for the Society of the Most Sorrowful Mother, an exorcist society that includes Fr. Ripperger.