Monday, November 23, 2009

Let's Face it: Russia is Dying

Some of us look hopefully at a resurgence of the Orthodox Faith in Russia as part of the promise Our Lady has made to convert Russia, yet Russia is dying. No consecration of Russia has happened yet, but there are signs and expectations. What seems to be the case is that no one but Our Lady can save her.

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The BBC reports that Mr Bill Browder, head of a company called Hermitage Capital and once the largest foreign investor in Russia, has now described that large and empty country as “essentially a criminal state”. One’s first reaction is that Mr Browder, who has had far better opportunities for observation than most of us, has taken rather a long time to realise this. But then none of us has been particularly quick off the mark in grasping what has been right in front of our noses for years. Their representatives are still polluting the G8, the Council of Europe and other supposedly civilised institutions. We still pretend politely to take Mr Vladimir Putin seriously.

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Also see, St. Jean Raspail.


Anonymous said...

British propaganda.

Tancred said...

The factuality of this report is born out by an associate of mine who went over to Moscow with significant amounts of capital to invest locally, he was robbed and feared for his life, so he went home. It's not an isolated case.

The fact of the matter is that thanks to almost a Century of Socialism, Russia is in a deplorable state. It has all of the worst ills of Western states with few of the benefits: low birthrate, short life-expectancy, high rates of suicide based on familial disintegration and divorce. Even Putin knows this, which is why he's been trying to re-energize the Orthodox Church, God Bless him.