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Friday, July 18, 2014

Priest Arrested at Cocaine Party

Edit: this is the diocese of Don Antonio Secci, who has had such resistance to his attempts to restore and nurture the Catholic Faith in his own parish.  They also hosted the Society of St. Pius X.

Investigators accuse priest Stefano Maria Cavalletti of drug trafficking and possession of narcotics. This is not Cavalletti's first conflict with the law according to the report. 

Rome ( / CBA) A Catholic priest has been arrested by the Italian police at a cocaine party in Milan. Investigators are accusing the priest Stefano Maria Cavalletti of drug trafficking and possession of narcotics, says the daily newspaper "Corriere della Sera" (Thursday) reports.

The pastor of Carciano di Stresa in the northern Italian Piedmont was therefore caught in the act at the house of friends. He had even tried in vain to get rid of cocaine and his identity card, to escape identification, the newspaper said.

In a hearing by the judge of the 45-year-old had made ​​a confession. Cavalletti, according to the report, has not been in conflict with the law just this once. A year ago, the priest had been condemned by a court of first instance for fraud in an inheritance. His diocese of Novara is hoping for  an early resolution  of the recent allegations. You maintaine "Don Stefano is in prayer to the Lord and waits for the incidents to be resolved," says the newspaper quoting from a statement by the diocese. (C) 2014 Catholic News Agency KNA GmbH. All rights reserved.

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"In Every Dictatorship The Past is Censured" -- From the Life of a Diocesan Priest Who Discovered the Immemorial Mass of All Ages

(Milan) Don Alberto Secci, born in 1963, ordained in 1988, is a priest of the Diocese of Novara on the border with Switzerland. Don Secci became famous when he announced with two other diocesan priests, that he was bringing the traditional form of the Roman Rite back according to the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum of Pope Benedict XVI.. The result was great resistance from the diocesan leadership, the rest of the clergy and public hostility. Today he may celebrate the Old Rite and proclaim the undiminished faith - in a tiny mountain village with a few hundred inhabitants. In an interview, he talks about the crisis in the Church and the importance of tradition.
As the three priests announced their decision according to  Summorum Pontificum,  there was massive resistance in the diocesan leadership and the rest of the clergy of the diocese who immediately stirred up  sedition  of  the parishioners against their pastor. The priests became a national news story. The entire press of Italy reported about them. They were described as "stubborn" and denounced as "agents provocateurs"."We had become a scandal overnight, for the world and the diocese," said Don Secci. The Pope generously granted the Motu Proprio "and for that, the Church can't thank him enough," said the priest. However, Rome was unable to prevail against the selfishness of some bishops who consider their diocese as a private fief. Two Priests are active today in the Southern Alps at Domodossola Verbania and close to the Swiss border, a pastors. To expand its reach, they run the Internet apostolate Radicati nella Fede (Rooted in Faith) and  seek the instruction of the faithful in the Church's teaching of all time in their parish boundaries. In January, the fourth annual "Day of the Tradition" will take place, which Don Secci organizes once a year. The theme for 2014 is: "Winter in the Church after the Second Vatican Council". The topic is taken from the book by Cristina Siccardi (see separate article The Winter of the Church after the Second Vatican Council - The new book to an open question )  who will be present as a speaker.The interview with Don Alberto Secci was conducted by Riscossa Cristiana .
1) It is becoming increasingly apparent, even in relation to the celebration of the Holy Mass (Old Rite and New Rite) that there are two different ways to live the Catholic religion: priests and faithful, are oriented to lessons that are subject to the modern revolution, and other priests and faithful who adhere to the teachings and principles of the Church's tradition. How do you think it will be possible one day to resolve this dichotomy again?
Don Alberto Secci: It is necessary that those who have the grace to recognize this terrible dichotomy, have to choose for God, to live in complete catholicity  according to Catholic tradition. This is the crucial point. In Christianity there is nothing abstract. You said: "also in relation to the celebration of the Holy Mass in the traditional rite".  I'd rather say they remain Catholic, believers hold fast to the teachings and principles of the Church's tradition.. The believers who are  held by the revolution, however, have only a vague Christian inspiration and the only in the best cases. To be precise, you said: "in reference to the Mass."  Allow me to emphasize this "also". Why? Not in the sense, as if there were just the Mass, because the Doctrine of the  Faith is inseparable from the Mass and  connected to the entire apostolate. But it is much more in the sense that the Catholic life is the continuation of grace, which comes above all through the sacraments, and thus is the center of the Holy Mass, indeed a Mass without an ambiguous rite. Therefore, If  someone had the grace to understand the dramatic situation,  he would not trade his   conscience for personal acquiescence. One must look for a traditional Mass site and make this the comprehensive place of education in the faith, in the broadest sense of the word, not just intellectually. Small centers of the normal Catholic life, quite modest and perhaps even quite poor, but largely because of the graces that they convey. This will be the solution, God willing. It is our duty to decide whether we want to tread a path of grace and therefore, tradition by loving the Church in Her suffering. God is the solution to this mystery ailment. But God has already solved everything. We are to lovingly care about the Church and not "politically."

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Diocesan Conference Hosts SSPX Italian Superior to Talk on Vatican II

Edit: Don Secci Alberto is a Diocesan Priest in Novara, Italy invites a surprise guest who held everyone enraptured by the clarity of his discourse and the Apostolic fire of his zeal.  Here's a brief stab at some google translate with some editing for the ever dependable Messa in Latino blog.  The following is an account of the Third Conference of Tradition in Verbania in the region of Piedmont, Italy:

We have received and published in the common perspective of "thinking with the Church". We thank the author for sending to us the article. AC 

"To deny the very serious crisis in which we find the Church is to deny the evidence ... as a result, those who say things as they really are, is considered an enemy of the Church."

With these sorrowful words  Don Secci Alberto opened the Third Conference of the tradition that took place, as planned, at the hotel "The Cloister" of Verbania. The conference room was packed with an audience and so the same Don Albert celebrated Holy Mass in the chapel at 17.30.

"While we deny the evidence" - continued the courageous priest of Ossola - "it often leads us to be astonished at the face we see in the mirror.

Coming to Verbania they listened to, for example, a radio interview with a Roman prelate. He went so far as to declare that ... this crisis has enabled the Church to provide, as always, the right medicine."

This medicine is called the Second Vatican Council. ... How do you get to this point?"

Shortly after he was presented, then the keynote speaker of the event was announced. A surprise came to the table and it was Don Pierpaolo Petrucci, the top guy of the Italian District of the SSPX: "We invited the Society of St. Pius X" - said Don Alberto - "because no one has in more than forty years of study and sacrifice, has been able to further investigate the reasons and meaning of this frightful crisis. The same Roman authorities, agreeing to discuss formally with the SSPX, have implicitly admitted that their positions are important and worthy of attention." [WOW!]

Don Pierpaolo Petrucci's summary then, in his clear speech about the historical reasons that led to the current situation: "The cause of all the troubles of the Church, throughout its history, is obviously Satan.

He, to act, however, needs of employees and always human, unfortunately, has found in the course of the centuries. "

He then summed up the history of heresies, and especially those that have plagued Christianity humanism forward.

"Luther, in practice, said: Christ yes, the Church no.

Then came the French Revolution and Liberalism have gone a step further: God yes, Christ no.

Finally, the atheistic Marxism: God is dead. "

Until the mid-nineteenth century all these heresies were rife in the world but the Church opposed it vigorously.

Then began a slow penetration, subtle and creeping into the Bride of Christ. St. Pius X was able to vanquish the modernism, the synthesis of all heresies, but after his death, the process continued slowly, until it explodes during and after the Second Vatican Council.

"Archbishop Lefebvre" - said Don Pierpaolo - "he told us, as indeed also stated, in the opposite perspective Card. Suenens, that the Council had been in 1789 the Church. In it imposed the three revolutionary motto: Liberté ( religious freedom), Fraternity, with ecumenism, Equality with the principle of collegiality. "

At the end of his speech, the Italian Superior of the SSPX has answered many questions presented by the most numerous and attentive audience.

Finally Don Alberto Secci concluded its work inviting everyone to "pray and respond."

"Of course, we pray that every grace comes to us from Heaven, but we also have to respond with clarity: many priests, usually in private, admit many of the considerations that we have done, but then, perhaps for understandable reasons of respect for the authorities, they were not the courage to expose themselves in the first person.

But we have to pray and respond with the proper methods but react! "

-Marco Bongi