Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Cardinal Duka Calls out Evil Cardinal Marx

Cardinal Dominik Duka accuses Cardinal Marx of apparently defaming Pope Benedict XVI.

(Munich/Prague) The Czech bishops are jumping to Benedict XVI's side to protect him because the German bishops are obviously unable or unwilling to do so. Cardinal Dominik Duka, Archbishop of Prague, defends Benedict XVI. in an open letter against the dirt bucket campaign that is underway in Germany against the former head of the Church. At the same time, he accuses Cardinal Reinhard Marx, the incumbent Archbishop of Munich and Freising, "of having defamed and tarnished his reputation".

The heckling from Prague shook the bishop's palaces in Munich and Limburg like thunder. Cardinal Duka, the primate of Bohemia, reads his German brothers the riot act in an open letter. Even more: He practices devastating criticism of one of the most powerful bishops in Europe.

The report with which Benedict XVI. is "unjustly slandered and hurt," as far as is now clear, is not worth the paper it is printed on. This report "probably cost hundreds of thousands of euros," said Cardinal Duka. The words weigh as heavy as lead: The Czech cardinal says frankly that apparently a lot of money was paid to drag Benedict XVI. through the dirt.

Cardinal Duka, persecuted by the Communists, knows how directed discrediting campaigns work. The Munich lawyers who prepared the report were unfair to Benedict XVI. because, as the cardinal implies, they apparently already had the intention of pillorying the former pope. The motivation remains unclear for the time being. Cardinal Duka ignores it. Do the lawyers just want to attract attention in a cheap way, make themselves important? One thing is certain, according to Duka: "No evidence" was presented, only an "opinion" was given.

The canon lawyer Stefan Mückl, who in the course of the dirt bucket campaign against Benedict XVI.  explored the allegations made in detail, meanwhile, came to a clear conclusion: More than 40 years ago, the then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Archbishop of Munich and Freising, had "no knowledge of the criminal acts of these priests", contrary to the assumption in the Munich report.

Specifically, there are four cases. The report scandalized the fact that the archbishop at the time knew about the cases but did nothing to counteract them. "But it's not true. He didn't know what these priests did," said Mückl after studying the files.

Monsignor Bätzing, Bishop of Limburg and President of the German Bishops' Conference, plays an opaque role in the matter. In any case, he did nothing to improve and defend the reputation of Benedict XVIOn the contrary, after the publication of the dubious allegations by the Munich report, he was ready to join the chorus of critics of Benedict. Cardinal Duka does not mention Bätzing by name, but the head of the German bishops is also washed with it. 

Far more serious is the accusation that Cardinal Duka makes against Cardinal Marx. Marx, former President of the German Bishops' Conference and representative of Europe in the Council of Cardinals, which advises Pope Francis in the governance of the universal Church, was guilty of "defamation", the defamation of his predecessor as Archbishop of Munich and Freising and later Pope Benedict XVI.

Cardinal Marx, who has twice offered his resignation to Pope Francis in connection with the cases of sexual abuse by clerics, albeit only pro forma, is standing in front of a pile of rubble. Cardinal Duka's accusation weighs heavily: the Archbishop of Prague says that Cardinal Marx has lost his credibility.

It really is time for Marx to resign.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image : Wikicommons

Trans: Tancred



Alois Retter said...

Duka has backed the wrong horse in Ratzinger who duped the entire Church for decades. Marx and the German Catholic are trying to repair the damage.

JBQ said...

The time is now. Evolution of the Church has reached the point where Benedict must be destroyed. Reinhard Marx has a lifestyle consistent with the "Jack of Hearts".---Benedict must defend himself but he cannot. He is protecting his brother George who was involved in evident sex abuse while the head of a choir for some 40 years. Elton John will now be canonized even before his death.

Tancred said...

How is Marx trying to repair the damage? Buying luxury cars and boutique properties so he can fete his aberro-predator colleagues in style?

Tancred said...

@JBQ Georg is dead, and as far as I know, all he did was give “Ohrfeige” or corporal punishment back in the 70s when he was still teaching. All Catholic schools had corporal punishment up into the late 80s in the US at least.

Tancred said...,_Gemälde_die_Ohrfeige,_1871_,_D1912.jpg

Alois Retter said...

Tucker asserts that Cardinal Marx has been buying luxury cars and boutique properties. Tucker offers no evidence and so what anyway. He might run a check on the types of vehicles US bishops are driving these days and the Zip Codes of their humble lodgings.

Marx and church leader around the world are desperately trying to repair the enormous damage done to the Faithful after the disastrous JP II - Benedict Ratzinger years during which thousands of paedophile clergy were running rampant and destroying the lives of countless children and their families. Ironically, grinning Joe Ratzinger has been exposed for his hypocrisy, coming down like a ton of bricks on other bishops while he was covering up clerical crimes like the best of them.

Tancred said...

Marx’s taste for a life of luxury and fa66otry is well-documented, Mr. Bugger.

Tancred said...

Alois Retter said...

Self referential codswallop, Tucker.
However, your taste for misinformation and blatant lies is fully congruent with the regular treatment dished out to truth by the porno-minded TrashTrads.

Tancred said...

Self-referential bathhouse later blather, Gaybrielle. The projection is all your own.

Tancred said...

Why would Marx assign someone to parish work who has a history of curating child pornography on seminary computers?

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