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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Concerns about Voter Fraud in Crime Ridden Democratic Districts

[Minnesota, USA] Now's the time to complain about voter fraud when immigrants and others not legally able to vote are liable to exercise that "sacred" duty without the benefit of citizenship. Unfortunately, the mainstream media isn't very concerned about that.

Mark Dayton is awaiting the results of the governors race in downtown Minneapolis at the Hilton. There have been reports of irregularities at the polls and accusations of "overzealous" citizens at the polls trying to stop it. Considering that it's widely reported in the past that the Democrats employ ballot stuffing, it's not surprised that there are citizens who are more than concerned about what's going on.

The NPR report on the radio claimed that voting was going smoothly with some complaints about voter fraud, but they did say that in the high-crime Cedar Riverside Neighborhood, the polling station claims they need "translators". Considering that basic English is required to pass a citizenship examination, it seems strange to expect that a citizen would not know English unless they were naturalized. Despite the inaccuracies about the voting running smoothly, it was laughable in that it featured a woman struggling to vote for Governor. The Election Judge was trying her best to explain that she couldn't vote for two candidates for Governor.

In any case, it's hard to imagine how you could make an informed decision about politics unless you knew the language proficiently. In any event, this is Minnesota. Just to remind, there's a $500 for information leading to the capture of someone committing voter fraud. Seems like there's a high likelihood of finding such people at the polling station at Ceder Riverside with its large Somali population. It goes to some length to explain why Jesuit Educated, Congressperson Keith Ellison was so concerned about campaign buttons with handcuffs on them featuring the Neighborhood Watch organization. Understandably many of his constituents in the inner-city are not sophisticated enough to understand the campaign, and he was even caught lying about it at a press conference, but that's another story.

Photo from story about Minnesota Somalis going on Jihad in Afghanistan.