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Monday, December 28, 2009

L'Osservatore Romano Pays Tribute to the Beatles and Hippie Cult

In an ill-starred attempt to garner more popular appeal, L'Osservatore Romano pays tribute to the figures who were truly important to them when they were actually young.

The December 25 edition of L’Osservatore Romano paid tribute to two new books devoted to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Mark Hayward’s The Beatles: On Camera, Off Guard 1963-69 and The Rolling Stones: On Camera, Off Guard 1963-69 contain photographs-- most of them previously unpublished-- of the bands.

The L’Osservatore Romano column was written by Giuseppe Fiorentino and Gaetano Vallini, who earlier this year commemorated the fortieth anniversary of the hippie film Easy Rider.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cathoic Advocacy Group Sues Revolutionary San Francisco

(12-16) 15:32 PST SAN FRANCISCO -- A Catholic advocacy group told a federal appeals court Wednesday that San Francisco supervisors unconstitutionally attacked the church in 2006 when they denounced a Vatican order prohibiting Catholic Charities from placing adoptive children with same-sex couples.

"This is a specific condemnation and criticism of religious beliefs," Robert Muise, lawyer for the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, told an 11-judge panel of the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco.

Just as the Constitution forbids government endorsement of religion, he said, it also prohibits official expressions of hostility to a religion or its doctrines.

The league and other Catholic groups have sued the city, seeking a court order repealing the nonbinding resolution.

Deputy City Attorney Vince Chhabria told the judges that the supervisors had a secular purpose - supporting equal rights for gays and lesbians - and were entitled to express disapproval of any group that opposed that goal. Chief Judge Alex Kozinski appeared to agree, although he asked critical questions of both sides.

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Monday, December 14, 2009

That Fraud Called “Liberty”

by Christopher A. Ferrara
December 11, 2009
In the public schools that are temples of the civic religion of secularism in the post-Christian West, schoolchildren imbibe a fairy tale.

According to the fairy tale, the downtrodden masses of the 18th and 19th centuries, “yearning to be free,” threw off the “tyranny of priests and kings” and established “government of the people” for the first time in human history, thus achieving the sacred Liberty for which — so the children are told incessantly — men have laid down their lives in countless wars.

But how is it that Liberty has meant more bloodshed than any king ever inflicted, including the French Revolutionary Wars, with their millions of victims, and the American Civil War, with 600,000 dead — the bloodiest civil war in human history up to that time?

How is it that Liberty has meant a level of taxation and government intrusion into daily life that the kings of old would have considered madness?

How is it that Liberty has meant less and less freedom for the good, the true and the beautiful, and more and more freedom for the bad, the false and the ugly, with each passing year?

And how is it that those who heap endless praise on Liberty do not seem to notice the vast pile of bodies sacrificed in its name, including hundreds of millions of unborn children, the victims of “reproductive choice”? (And let us not blame only the Supreme Court for the abortion holocaust, since abortion is more or less legal in all fifty states and every Western nation by the “will of the people.”)

Most Americans are unaware that Spain still has a king, Juan Carlos, who still has the right under the Spanish Constitution of 1978 to promulgate the laws passed by the Spanish parliament, without which the laws do not become effective. Yes, according to the fairy tale of Liberty, there is still a “tyrant” on a throne in Spain.

But how is it that that “tyrant” is himself the victim of tyranny? For by the “will of the people,” the Spanish parliament, under the socialist Zapatero government, has enacted a liberal abortion law, and the king is now expected either to sign it or abdicate.

Yes, the “tyrant” must bend to the “will of the people” and authorize the mass murder of innocents, or else abandon his “tyrannical” throne, so that the killing can begin in the name of Liberty.

As LifeSiteNews observes, however (December 7, 2009), Juan Carlos the “tyrant” is too weak to stand up to the forces that demand the shedding of innocent blood. While “Prominent Spanish Catholics are calling on the king to refuse to sign the law,” Juan Carlos has already signed into law the “gay marriage” legislation enacted by the Zapatero government, stating: “I’m not the king of Belgium.”

Juan Carlos was referring to the “tyrant” King Baudouin of Belgium, who in 1990 (as LifeSiteNews notes) “temporarily renounced his throne rather than sign his country’s law liberalizing abortion.” Then there is that “tyrant” Henri, Grand Duke of Luxembourg, “who refused last year [2008] to sign the duchy’s law legalizing euthanasia and who may be stripped of his constitutional powers as a result.”

And this is the “freedom” from the “tyranny of kings and priests” that we are expected to celebrate as our “leaders” tax us, regulate us, wage war after war, and oppress us in a hundred ways no king of Christendom would even have dreamed of imposing on his subjects.

Behold the fraud called “Liberty”, whose very essence is a negation of the true freedom of which Our Lord — the King of all creation — spoke: “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bishop Dewane Cancels Yoga Class and Fires Liberal "Educators"

“Dewane came to us from Rome,” McNally said. “This is wrong. We are getting these very conservative priests being ordained now.”

Indeed, the two biggest headline-producing episodes among Lee County Catholics came that way.

The first was his decision to ban a yoga class at Blessed Pope John XXIII parish in south Fort Myers because, he said, of insurance issues.

His involvement started, though, when people attending religious services could see the yoga class through a glass partition, found it distracting and complained to the bishop.

That was early in 2007, shortly after Dewane’s arrival in Florida. The incident marked Dewane as a by-the-book conservative. His critics saw him as a meddling throwback to times when laity had little say.

“We attempt to supplement what we offer with variety,” he said. “But first and foremost we are there for religious purposes.”

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Degenerate Pop Star Wants Pope to Resign

Pop Stars, Liberals, Marxists have all kinds of prescriptions for other people, never mind that their own lives are a disaster that was the case with Karl Marx and it's certainly the case for this woman. What she's really objecting to here is the moral authority of the Church to which she claims to belong and have a say in.

Doesn't she have something more important to wring her hands about, like the literally untold evils of socialism, personal license and immorality, the decline of the family, or the deplorable plight of the average South African since Apartheid?

The Vatican issued a statement on Friday saying the pope felt "outrage, betrayal and shame" over the scandal and would write to the Irish people about sexual abuse.

But O'Connor, who once inflamed Catholic sensibilities by ripping up a picture of Benedict's predecessor Pope John Paul on live television, said in a letter published in a British newspaper earlier on Friday that the pope had remained silent on child abuse for too long.

"I demand the Pope stand down for his contemptible silence on the matter and his acts of non-co-operation with the inquiry," O'Connor wrote in a letter to the Independent newspaper, published ahead of a meeting between Irish church leaders and the pope at the Vatican.

"Popes have had no problem voicing their opinions when we wanted contraception or divorce," O'Connor said. "No problem criticizing 'The Da Vinci Code'. No problem criticizing Naomi Campbell for wearing a bejeweled cross.

"Yet when it comes to the evils done by pedophiles dressed as priests they are silent. It is grotesque, unbelievable, bizarre and unprecedented. They stand for nothing now but evil." [But, People like Pee Wee Herman are your people, not the Pope's]

The Church in the overwhelmingly Catholic country has been rocked by two reports this year on abuse. The Murphy Commission Report issued on November 26 found it had "obsessively" hidden child abuse from 1975 to 2004.

O'Connor, whose 1990 song "Nothing Compares 2 U" was a number one hit across the world, caused uproar in Ireland when a breakaway Catholic group ordained her a priest at a ceremony staged in Lourdes 10 years ago.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More Accusations Against Modernist Benedictine Monastery

Attorneys for a man claiming he was sexually abused by clergy at St. John's in Collegeville have filed a lawsuit, alleging a massive cover-up that spans more than 25 years.

The Order of St. Benedict, St. John's Abbey, and St. John's Preparatory School are listed as defendants on the lawsuit filed in Stearns County Court on Tuesday. Plaintiff attorney Pat Noaker says the suit identifies 11 accused, abusive Benedictines who were continually allowed to work with children from the early 60s through the mid-eighties.

"This concealment was overt and intentional at St. John's, this was not accidental," Noaker said shortly after filing the lawsuit.

The plaintiff listed on court papers is Jerry McCarthy, who says he was sexually abused by a father at St. John's in 1971; when he was a high school sophomore at St. John's Prep.

McCarthy told reporters he noticed the father who abused him recently passed away, and that sort of spurred him on, to tell his story.

After contacting Noaker, he was surprised by what his lawyer found.

"I had heard some of the stories over the years, but I was surprised to hear about the depth of it," McCarthy said.

Brother Aaron Raverty, with St. John's Abbey, released a statement late Tuesday afternoon.

"Saint John's has learned of a possible lawsuit, which we plan to carefully review. St. John's takes the issue of sexual misconduct very seriously, and over many years, has worked to ensure that policies and procedures on human rights are followed and enforced. Saint John's policies are clear and longstanding: we do not tolerate sexual misconduct in any form."

And yet they don't abide by the rules of the Catholic Church regarding ordination of homosexuals or featuring Catholic speakers that depart from the truths of the Catholic Faith and the priciples of Ex Corde Ecclesiae.

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What could be better? The campus of St Johns surrounded by hardwoods dressed in autumnal red and gold and yellow. The Great Hall and the School of Theology: perhaps an encounter with a professor from my days here a decade and a half ago. A tour led by Northfield friend, Lutheran Pastor Keith Homstad, an oblate of this Benedictine Abbey. Capped off by an evening address by Sister Joan Chittister, entitled What in the Monastic endeavor touches the heart of the gospel?

Sister Joan is a leading Catholic feminist and voice for progressive Catholicism. Among other liberal causes, she is an outspoken advocate for the ordination of women to the priesthood. The press release notes just a tip of the iceberg for her accomplishments:

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Forces of Liberalism Are Attacking the Church

John Allen writes in NCR on the Pope's "headaches" that Holy Father might need the aspirin of liberalism to remedy the old nationalist headaches of populists; is it Pat Buchanan he is thinking of as well as remote Lombards and Venetians? As we read this we thought about the comparison between populist Catholics, assuming our definition is the same as Allen's and that he means to actually slur conservative (read actual) Catholics as being synonymous with nationalists and fascists, many of whom never the less, echo Oriana Fellaci's instinctual but rationally formed concerns for European Civilization in relation to Islam. Interestingly, Allen correctly points out that many Italians in the North, particularly the more nationalistically and Catholic minded, perhaps echoing similar intellectual movements in France like the Action Française, cling strongly to their Catholic identity, yet do, as John Allen maintains, retain a certain degree of anti-clerical feeling. Well, in a sense, who can blame them and in another, one wishes for a higher motivation still, that they may realize after all that the globalists (Allen calls them "centralists") who are strongly represented in the Vatican are, if we are really honest with ourselves, liberals who favor stronger centralization, government control and diminution of the things that define the nation.

The real issue then, John Allen's posturing notwithstanding, is the brain tumor of modernism. Pain is a good thing. If populists are causing the Holy Father a "headache" it must only be nature reminding him that something is wrong, and that reforms are needed to restore the heart of Europe to its everlasting Christian youth.

There are some evil men like John Allen's masters behind the furor in the Sex Abuse Scandal in the developing world. Of course, the liberals behind all of this aren't making us aware of the absolute deprivation of the poor in places like South Africa and Rhodesia whose regimes they lobbied for vociferously for more than a decade. They're much more concerned in getting some headway against the Irish Church and robbing its money by using the abuse scandal as a reason. They're already in the process of absconding with some 166 Million from the Christian Brothers, and they've used a convenience of accounting in San Francisco to finagle another 14.4 Million.

No doubt, lusting after the Church's millions, the Irish Republican Government and Gordon Brown's Labor Government have, like the Martians in HG Well's sci-fi novel, feasted their covetous eyes on the property of the Catholic Church after their failed social programs have failed to yield heaven on earth and left hell instead.

Ironically, men of their type had more to do with the scandal than does the Catholic Church itself. These liberals will blame "secrecy", but the real issue is the liberalism, and this media event was manufactured by them to whip up anger against Ireland's oldest and wisest institution by forces no one, not least of all those who are angered by this, understand.

Abuse takes place in government (and private schools) at a much greater rate than they have in Catholic schools, but there's a difference. First of all, the Government isn't interested in creating another shortfall, other religious denominations don't have any money, at least not compared to Catholicism and besides, the Church teaches a lot of things that many Europeans despise and let's face it, put a damper on living in the sleek world of tomorrow without guilt and all that medieval stuff.

The Church is easily demonized and it's wealthy. It sounds like a recipe for nationalization of assets to us.

Pope, President, Archbishop to discuss abuse scandal in Dublin.

Protest in Dublin, by 10 people with VOTF, another self-interested organization that will harp on pre-ordained issues which actually have nothing to do with the problem. They will insist that "secrecy" and "medievalism" are the problems when the real problem is something they themselves embody: liberalism. It really is indicated by the fact that VOTF wants to "change the structure of the Church."

Hopefully the Church strikes back against this non-sense by pointing out the liberals in their midst, as they have with Senator Patrick Kennedy. We need to do the same with the Bishops whose mismanagement gave the pretext to the government in the first place.

PITTSBURGH -- Catholics from the Pittsburgh area teamed up with the Washington DC group Insurrecta Nex to protest at the office of Sen. Bob Casey.

The Friday protest was to ask Bishop David Zubik and all U.S. bishops to deny Communion to senators who vote for health care reform covering abortion.

“If you vote for this bill, there’s child killing in it, then you will not be able to receive Holy Communion,” said one protester. “We’re tired of the treachery and the cowardice of so-called Catholic politicians who rebel against the teachings of Christ.”

Zubik responded in a statement that said, “The Church … has the responsibility to protect the sacredness of the Eucharist from any abuse, inclusive of politicizing Communion. If a time came where I must engage any individual for any reason in regard to reception of the Eucharist, that would be solely between myself as pastor and that person as a member of my flock.”

Zubik went on to say it would not be debated publicly.

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Friday, December 4, 2009

Pro-Homosexual Jesuit Speaker in Archdiocese of St Paul, Minnesota

There is going to be a "Retreat" by a Jesuit who promotes the moral and psychological normalcy of Homosexuality and Liberation Theology and despite warnings from concerned individuals, the Archdiocese has steadfastly refused to do anything about these dissidents speaking in its jurisdication this evening and all day tomorrow.

Dennis McGrath, Communications Director for the Archdiocese of Minnesota who even warned us of the "Catholic Coalition for Church Reform", insists that he's been doing everything possible to keep Michael Bayly, a local homosexual activist, and speakers friendly to him off of Archdiocesan property as speakers or people involved officially with the Archdiocese in any way. We think that he would prefer there weren't any Catholics in the Archdiocese at all, you know, no oversight.

We've just been informed that Terri Griep, a freelance writer, who is organizing the talk is a close collaborator with Michael Bayly and is herself not "harmonious with Catholic teachings" regarding Homosexuality and Liberation Theology. She describes her mission with the Catholic Coalition for Church Reform this way.

Is it consistent with the Gospel message of transforming love and abundant life to construct and promote a theology that justifies denying lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons full expression of their sexuality and the human good of partnering? What might an alternative theology, one informed by the findings of science and the experiences and insights of LGBT people, look like?

The Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Work/Study Group of the 2010 Synod will explore the historical, biological, and psycho/social aspects of human sexuality – with particular emphasis on homosexuality. It will also make recommendations for the adoption of a theology that values and celebrates the lives and relationships of LGBT people.

The abovementioned event took place at Our Lady of Lords Catholic Church, Edina, Minnesota.

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Another... Jesuit...

Even the USCCB thinks Jesuits are Evil

It's not just a few bloggers, or the weight of popular opinion which holds that Jesuits aren't exactly Catholic; now a Capuchin Theologian, Fr Weinardy, almost like in the ancient theological debates of old, takes a Fordham Jesuit to the cleaners.

So, Jesuit institutions are categorically problematic and even the USCCB is aware of it. This Fordham theologian, Dr. Tilley, insists on hiding behind the notion that he is representing a kind of Catholic Theology to be comprehended by contemporary persons, but we wonder two things: whether or not his formulations are equal to or harmouniuos with the formulations of Catholic theology of the first centuries, do they express the same thing and granting that Jesuit theologians actually succeed in adding new light to the faith, does anyone really understand what they're saying after all is said and done? Under the penumbras of their theological praxis, modernist theologians of the Jesuit stripe often escape from the authorities and are allowed to present counterfeit theological positions as Catholic.

In reality, the stylish but unpopular theological formulations of Dr Weinardy bear a stronger resemblance to Simon Magus and the Gnostics throughout the ages than they do to the deposit of Faith. Again we ask the question: what's wrong with the Anglicans, they have openings don't they?

Back in 1993, then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger gave an address in Hong Kong to the presidents of Asian bishops’ conferences on Christology, meaning the church’s teaching about Christ. Ratzinger criticized trends in contemporary theology that he believed gave too much away for the sake of accommodating religious diversity, and a footnote cited the work of Belgian Jesuit theologian Jacques Dupuis.

At that stage, Ratzinger’s footnote was no more than a scholarly citation, yet it signaled that Dupuis was on the radar screen of the church’s doctrinal authorities. For those paying attention, it thus came as little surprise that eight years later, Dupuis was subject of a critical Vatican “notification.” (Dupuis died in 2004.)

Right now, the memory of that episode might make Terrence Tilley, a Fordham theologian and past president of the Catholic Theological Society of America, shudder.

In the most recent issue of the Quarterly of the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars, Capuchin Fr. Thomas Weinandy, executive director of the U.S. Bishops’ Secretariat of Doctrine, subjects Tilley’s presidential address to the CTSA last June to a withering critique – in effect, suggesting that it offered clever rhetoric masking “doctrinal ambiguity and error.”

In very broad strokes, the CTSA is often perceived as leaning to the left in Catholic debate, while the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars has a reputation as more conservative.

Weinanday’s essay was affixed with a note that his views “do not necessarily reflect any position of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.” Of course, it’s also not quite the same thing to be targeted by a staffer for the U.S. bishops as to be singled out by the Vatican’s doctrinal czar and a future pope.

At the moment, there is no reason to believe that either Tilley or the CTSA is likely to face any sort of official investigation or reprimand. At a minimum, however, Weinandy’s essay is a reminder of the deep divides within the theological community, as well as the sometimes uneasy relationship between the church’s doctrinal authorities and its theological guild.

Though the disputes involved are complex, as with Dupuis the heart of the matter is Christology. The title of Weinandy's essay suggests that Tilley's views lead to "the demise" of the doctrine of the Incarnation, meaning that Christ was both fully God and fully human -- a charge that Tilley denies.

read further...

But then, there are many Bishops responsible for this non-sense going on right in their back yard. Fordham is Archbishop Dolan's problem.

Perhaps Henry Karlson of Fordham University can give us some insight into Liberalism, which he doesn't think is a sin.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Openly Lesbian "Catholic" Woman Is Member of USCCB Subcommittee For Health Care and Work

By James Todd

December 3, 2009 - According to the USCCB website Mary Kay Henry was appointed to the USCCB Subcommittee for Health Care and Work in 1998. Now more than a decade later, Ms. Henry continues to provide consultation to the USCCB in this capacity – in spite of her open dissent from Church teaching on homosexuality.

Michael Voris of Real Catholic TV, who first reported this story, stated that when he called the USCCB their only immediate comment was that someone would get back to him. Mr. Voris in his daily video commentary states: “Where do the bishops find these people to consult? Surely, there has to be .. somewhere in America .. a faithful Catholic the bishops can turn to for advice on matters of health care.”

What Mr. Voris is referring to is the information found in Mary Kay Henry’s CV posted on the SEIU web site. The last paragraph of that CV follows.

“Mary Kay is also active in the fight for immigration reform and gay and lesbian rights. She is a founding member of SEIU's gay and lesbian Lavender Caucus. She and her partner, Paula Macchello, have been together for 20 years.”

There appears to be a growing distrust and credibility gap between faithful Catholics and the USCCB. Just last month the USCCB’s annual CCHD collection was challenged by a coalition of Catholic lay groups, over the CCHD funding of anti-catholic organizations.

Last year, immediately after the 2008 elections, CCHD finalized their decision to defund Acorn and end its many years of association with this controversial group.

Michael Hitchborn of American Life League, commenting upon CCHD funding controversy last month stated “Given how easily we discovered CCHD funding going to anti-Catholic causes, the only two possibilities are that the CCHD is incompetent or complicit.”

Mr. Hitchborn’s quote would seem to apply here, to the present association between Mary Henry and the USCCB, as well. A quick 5 minute search on the internet can uncover Ms. Henry’s CV including a statement about her “partner” of 20 years, her role as a founding member of a gay and lesbian organization, her active support for gay marriage, and her opposition to Prop 8 in California.

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Do I hear 7 Bishops?

6th Bishop Refuses CCHD Collection.

By Patrick B. Craine

TULSA, Oklahoma, November 30, 2009 ( - Bishop Edward J. Slattery of Tulsa, Oklahoma also chose not to contribute to the national collection for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) (LSN) has confirmed, making him the sixth bishop confirmed to have done so.

In a letter to the pastors of his diocese, read at Masses on the weekend of the November 21-22 collection, Bishop Slattery informed the faithful that the funds contributed to the CCHD collection would be reserved for use within the diocese.

Msgr. Patrick Brankin told LSN that Bishop Slattery made his decision in the week before the collection, in light of the evidence released this fall implicating numerous CCHD grantees in activities contrary to Catholic teaching.

"What [the Bishop] decided was that he would take up the collection, but any of the funds that were generated would be used in the diocese," said Msgr. Brankin. "[The funds] would be used for the kind of self-help promotion groups that would be normally funded by [CCHD], but they would be under the bishop's oversight."

In the months leading up to the November collection, members of the newly-formed Reform CCHD Now (RCN) coalition produced several reports documenting how numerous CCHD grantees have promoted or are promoting activities contrary to Church teaching, including abortion, contraception, and same-sex "marriage." In fact, on the Friday before the collection, RCN claimed that $1.3 million is allocated to questionable groups.

Bishop Slattery made his decision due to concern about the "scandal" of CCHD's inappropriate use of funds, said Msgr. Brankin. "Obviously the reason [for his decision] is the bishop did not want to cause scandal, considering the lack of oversight that's been evidenced at the [CCHD]," he explained.

"It's an embarrassment that this scandal, that that sort of stuff, goes on," Msgr. Brankin continued. "Bishop Slattery did not want the people of the diocese to be scandalized, or God forbid, that the money that they contribute would be used for something that is inconsistent, or contrary, to Catholic moral and ethical teaching. Pro-life, pro-family - we've got to support that."

The week before the collection, Bishop Slattery joined the rest of his brother bishops at the USCCB plenary meeting in Baltimore. There they heard a defence of the CCHD from Bishop Roger Morin, chairman of the USCCB subcommittee that oversees the organization.

In making his decision, Bishop Slattery was "very conscious" of Bishop Morin's report, said Msgr. Brankin, in which, he says, Bishop Morin "addressed" the problems with CCHD and admitted the need for more "responsible" oversight.

"That's fine," he said, "but I think [Bishop Slattery] is taking a cautious stand in saying 'I want [CCHD] to succeed. I want them to correct mistakes. But I don't want our people to be afraid that by contributing to the [CCHD], somehow they might be contributing to this kind of anti-life, anti-Catholic effort.'"

This is the first year Bishop Slattery has chosen not to contribute to the national CCHD, and "he's leaving next year's an open question," said Msgr. Brankin.

"The bishop is very strongly pro-life," he added, noting, for example, that he had just been to a diocesan meeting planning for the January March for Life. "He wants as many people as can, here in Tulsa, to march in support and in solidarity with the March in Washington. So, he's just very strong in that."

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Four US Bishops Did Not Take up Collection for Embattled CCHD

$1.3 Million in CCHD Funds Going to Questionable Groups: Reform Coalition

List of Bishops:

Bishop Robert J. Baker - Birmingham, Alabama

Bishop John O. Barres - Allentown, Pennsylvania

Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz - Lincoln, Nebraska

Bishop Victor Galeone - St. Augustine, Florida

Bishop Robert C. Morlino - Madison, Wisconsin

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Bishop Edward J. Slattery - Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Bishop Bruskewitz addresses CCHD's Incompatibillity with Catholicism

"We question the ideology of [CCHD]," The good Bishop basically puts it in a nutshell and says what so many of his brother Bishops refuses to say.

LINCOLN, Nebraska, November 24, 2009 ( --Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz of Lincoln, Nebraska explained in an interview with today his reasons for dropping the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) collection in his diocese, saying that CCHD head Bishop Roger Morin was "a little bit too dismissive" of concerns brought against the organization.

Bishop Bruskewitz is one of five bishops confirmed so far to have chosen not to take up the collection this year for the national CCHD, the USCCB's domestic anti-poverty arm. The others included Bishop Victor Galeone of St. Augustine, Florida; Bishop John O. Barres of Allentown, Pennsylvania; Bishop Robert C. Morlino of Madison, Wisconsin; and Bishop Robert J. Baker of Birmingham, Alabama. In addition, at least three other U.S. bishops have called for reform of the CCHD.

"We question the ideology of [CCHD]," the bishop explained in the interview, "and ... we are shocked at the scandalous participation with the ACORN organization and also the participation with other organizations of questionable moral values or standards."

The organization came under fire in the months leading up to this past weekend's national collection due to reports documenting how numerous grantees have promoted or are promoting activities contrary to Church teaching, including abortion, contraception, and same-sex "marriage." In fact, the Reform CCHD Now coalition announced last week that $1.3 million is allocated to questionable groups. Additionally, critics have charged CCHD with favoring "left-leaning" groups in the spirit of infamous community organizer Saul Alinksy.

CCHD ceased funding ACORN (the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), a liberal network of community activism groups, last year due to concerns about "financial management" and "political partisanship." CCHD had given ACORN over $7 million in grants during the previous ten years. ACORN came under renewed scrutiny this year after sting operations caught several ACORN offices condoning child prostitution and sex trafficking.

"It's so extremely controversial," the bishop said about CCHD. There have been "many negative resonances about it from people throughout the diocese and beyond the diocese," he said, adding that the "controversial character made it appear that [CCHD] was not effective" in meeting its purposes.
His diocese doesn't "rule [CCHD] out entirely," he said, but he would only reconsider the collection if there were "some changes in the organization itself, or its purposes, or its goals."

The collection "served very little purpose for us," he said, noting that the Lincoln diocese has not received funds from CCHD. "We do have a very extensive Catholic Social Services, St. Vincent de Paul activity here in the diocese," he said, "which supplies the needs of those who are impoverished, of those who need assistance to come out of poverty."

Bishop Roger Morin, chairman of the USCCB's subcommittee on the CCHD, delivered a passionate plea in defense of the organization at last week's USCCB plenary meeting. While pledging their commitment to ensure grantees' respect for Catholic teaching, he decried the "outrageous" allegations made by CCHD's critics that it funds pro-abortion or anti-family organizations.

But Bishop Bruskewitz expressed displeasure with Bishop Morin's report, saying the bishop did not adequately consider the criticisms brought against the CCHD.

"I didn't think [the report] took into account sufficiently the negatives that have been bantered about with regard to the organization," he said. He said Bishop Morin was "obviously defending the organization he had been involved in different areas," and now for which he's the chairman.

The report, further, "lacked some of the interests" that concerned people "have brought to the fore," he said. "I think he was perhaps a little bit too dismissive of them."

Nevertheless, he maintained that he has "no objection" to people supporting CCHD should they choose. If "people [who] like this organization ... want to send money to it, even from my diocese, they can," he said. "But I'm not going to take up the collection."

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Dublin's Archbishop Silent on Catholic Teaching

Standing firm and joining in the maelstrom of criticism against the Church for the deeds of some of its shepherds who do not accept Catholic teaching, the Archbishop of Dublin, who's unlikely ever to make Cardinal, points an accusing finger at the Vatican, religious orders in Ireland and the Archbishop of Westminster. He is more capable of blaming everything else but the real cause. For if he accuses the Vatican of remaining silent on sex abuse, his silence on the truths the Catholic faith and the obligations of Catholic ministers points to some unsavory associations of his own that link him more closely to the pereptrators of these crimes than it does with the Church he claims to support.

In an earlier interview recorded on Off The Record, he ineptly, if deliberately, fumbles the ball in support of Catholic teaching about homosexuality:

Interviewer: You can say yes or no to my question: do you think that people -- homosexual people -- who engage in homosexual sexual relations are engaged in an intrinsic moral evil?

Archbishop: I would not make a judgment, again, on ... on ... on ... on ... on individual people. I have no idea

Following the sports analogy, he seems to have made an assist more recently, since he became the Arcbishop of Dublin in 2004, for government prosecutors who have lain greedy eyes on the possessions of the Church; he's done this while being viewed by the liberal press, whose causes of globalism, "climate change" and social justice, he embraces and supports.

But this recent, irresponsible public statement by his auxilliary Bishop puts him at a war footing with the hierarchy:

Nov. 27 (Bloomberg) -- The Vatican’s failure to cooperate with a panel investigating the sexual abuse of children by priests in Ireland is “very regrettable,” said an auxiliary Roman Catholic bishop of Dublin, Eamonn Walsh.

“I’m very disappointed with this failure to respond” to the Dublin Archdiocese Commission of Investigation, Walsh said in a telephone interview today. “I am surprised with the attitude, it is totally unnecessary. It doesn’t tally at all with the approach of the Holy Father,” he said, referring to Pope Benedict XVI.

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This type of talk, which he participates and allows, earns him the praise of dissident voices in the United States, at NCR.

Not only has the Pope received some passive rebuke from the Archbishop of Dublin, but also Archbishop Nichols who said that the "real heroes" were the priests who cam forward and admitted their wrong doing.

He also didn't fail to criticize the religious orders of Ireland either when he began his quest for transparency.

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has taken control of the information and is a definitive beneficiary of public acclaim, at least from those liberals within the Church who are using this as a means of further transformation and alteration in its Doctrines.

But perhaps it would be better if he took up the advice of Enda Kenny asking Irish Bishops to resign?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Stricter Guidelines for Catholic Speakers in Archdiocese of Saint Paul, USA

Minneapolis-St. Paul is a test market. It was a test market for Mass said versus populum in the 30s, for Communion in the hand, for female altar servers, and now, almost paradoxically, it is a test market for Ultramontanism and authoritarianism. How this happened is a mystery to us, but perhaps, wherever evil thrives, good abounds.

ST. PAUL, Minn. -- Only individuals in good standing with the Catholic church can be invited to speak at churches or other Catholic venues or be considered for an award from the church, according to a new policy issued by the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

"The speaker's writings and previous public presentations must also be in harmony with the teaching and discipline of the church," it said.

"A priest who left the ministerial priesthood without dispensation would not be eligible for consideration. Those in irregular marriages or those living a lifestyle at variance with church teaching would also not be eligible," it said.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Clergy are cafeteria Catholics too

The clergy are aware that people are angry about this and some of them are probably more forthright about it than others, but this priest isn't atypical in his response. Seems like there's a real crisis of confidence. It's as if he were uncertain as to why he became a priest in the first place.

By Dianne Skripek

As a Catholic I was stunned when after Holy Communion the Pastor announced how there wouldn't be (but would be) a Second Collection for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development last Sunday, November 22.

After offering a cursory, confusing explanation of the CCHD controversy, Father stated there wasn''t a collection in typical fashion of basket passing but designated baskets were available in the vestibule. If someone wanted to donate to CCHD, the parish office would send a check on contributors'' behalf. After googling for facts, I thanked God I don''t typically give to Second Collections unless it directly supports missionaries or the needy.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

John Allen uncages His Colours and opens Fire

John Allen of the liberal National Catholic Reporter usually tries to keep above the fray, often earning him the scorn of his fellows at NCR for being too conservative, but in yet another departure, he perhaps underscores the increasing desperation of the modernist editorial slant of NCR and their increasing desperation about Benedict's reforms which are increasingly showing their liturgical and doctrinal modernism in a bad light. We noted earlier the soft-ball interview he gave to Cardinal George, which didn't really ask any tough questions, venerating the seamless garment as it were.

National Catholic Reporter’s
John Allen
Makes Case for Secularism

by Edwin Faust
November 12, 2009

A wise man once remarked that logic and liberalism cannot co-exist in the same head. Illustrating this truth yet again is National Catholic Reporter’s John Allen, who chose to write Nov. 6 of Pope Benedict XVI’s supposed “lenience” for what Allen calls “cafeteria Catholicism” on the right.

The phrase has usually been applied to those who accept certain Catholic teachings and reject others, especially in the domain of marriage and sexual morality. The usual and more accurate term for such people is “heretics” or “Protestants.” Catholics come in only one flavor: traditional. There is no defined doctrine or immemorial custom that is optional for a Catholic.

Yet, Allen includes in his new category of cafeteria Catholics two disparate groups: The Society of St. Pius X and Anglicans wishing to return to the Church. His implication is that the SSPX remains outside the Church, despite magisterial pronouncements to the contrary. He equates the talks in Rome between representatives of the Pope and the SSPX with those between Rome and members of the Church of England: “’s not clear how many Lefebvrites or Anglicans will walk through the doors Rome has tried to open ...”

Precisely what defined doctrines the SSPX is supposed to have rejected are not specified. And, of course, such specification is impossible because the SSPX fully accepts every defined doctrine of the Catholic Faith. It is their unwavering orthodoxy that has caused their difficulties. The doctrinal talks in Rome are not about the SSPX’s dissent from articles of the faith, but about the post-Vatican II novelties of ecumenism, religious liberty and the New Mass, as the official communiqué from Rome following the initial talk has acknowledged.


George Soros is Funneling Funds to Liberal Catholic Organizations

A flock of carrion birds and packs of liberal Internet wolves, some in sheep's clothing have descended from the dark master's cavernous lair. The atheistic George Soros has been attempting to divide the American Catholic Church still further by relying on existing liberal organizations within the Church, like the USCCB, and the Catholic Campaign for Human Development to promote immorality and politically hamstring the Bishop's ability to preach the Catholic Faith.

Still more interesting in all of this is Soros' connection in this case to President Obama and the Saul Alinsky style community organizing that has been a real wet blanket at Diocesan Offices teaching the Catholic Faith. Sometimes the distinction between these charlatans and diocesan employees is completely blurred.

The critical role of the Catholic Church in passing national health care reform legislation is coming under serious media scrutiny. But the story has taken a strange turn. It has now been revealed that George Soros, the billionaire hedge fund operator and well-known atheist, has been pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into "progressive" Catholic groups that are significant players in the national debates over health care and immigration.

On the surface, it would appear that Soros would be opposed to many positions of the Catholic Church.

A major financial backer of the ACLU, Soros supports such causes as drug legalization, the rights of "sex workers" and felons, euthanasia, radical feminism, abortion rights, and homosexual rights. He does all of this in the name of promoting an "open society."

But a review of the records of his Open Society Institute finds that a group calling itself

Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good (CACG) has received $200,000 from them over the last several years.

James Todd of, which represents traditional Catholics, calls such groups "CINOs," or Catholics In Name Only. He explains, "This group and several others have sprung up recently-I suspect purposely organized and funded-to counterbalance the growing influence of the faithful Catholics AND to try to deceive and mislead the middle of the road Catholics that have determined the last 13 Presidential elections."

Read further...

Pewsitter Blog.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Randall Balmer, Episcopalian, says Vatican "Opportunistic" (Poll)

| Randall Balmer, Episcopal priest,

NO: The Vatican’s sudden overture to disaffected Anglicans strikes me as both cynical and opportunistic.

Cynical in that the concession to effectively allow congregations to continue using Anglican hymns and liturgies seems to undermine decades of ecumenical discussions. [Wow, sounds just like a Jesuit.]

The move is opportunistic in that Rome is making the overture at what might be viewed as a moment of crisis or weakness in the Anglican Communion. The Vatican apparently is seeking to harvest those disaffected by the ordination of women and gays and by support for same-sex unions. [No, they're doing their job.]

A cynical action calls for a cynical interpretation: [Sounds like projection to me. There's nothing about this that's cynical, unless you read into it things which aren't there and attribute wicked motives] Perhaps the Vatican is hoping to lure Anglican parishes — and their property — to compensate for its financial losses in the priestly pedophilia scandals. [Anglicans are actually worse on that score]

I have no doubt that some disaffected Anglicans will see this as an attractive offer. At the same time, I wasn’t aware that Christians opposed to homosexuality or to women’s ordination were underserved in the religious marketplace. [If it were a marketplace. I'm afraid you're the cynical one, sir.]

Read entire article...

Cultural Marxist Theologian as America's Ambassador to the Vatican

An effeminate and slippery Miguel Diaz was chosen by the President to be America's ambassador to the Holy See. This was not a felicitous or friendly choice, perhaps more like sending David Duke to be our Ambassador to Israel. Miguel Diaz hails from one of the most theologically metastasizing institutions in the United States and it's a place that teaches that indeterminacy both moral and dogmatic, should reign to identify an all-inclusive, social justice Catholicism on one hand, and the neo-Marxism of the Democratic party on the other, while completely excluding the legitimate voice of Catholic tradition.

He bewails his role in dealing with conservative Catholics who have a voice in American politics over the issue of abortion, and insists, impossibly, that one can disagree or ignore the question and still call one's self a Catholic.

"As a person of faith, I am stunned by any effort that seeks to divide us," Diaz said in a phone interview from Rome with the Star Tribune. "One of the things I have embraced from this presidency is the effort to bring various persons together to engage in conversations even when we disagree."

It's part of the praxis of Marxism to engage in consensus building in order to forge an imaginary enclosure fit to include as many as possible in a misguided belief of the necessity for social engineering programs like "Health Care Reform" and "Global Warming". It's a dialogue designed to isolate dissenters and cement predesigned programs by, to borrow from Comrade Noam Chomsky, manufacturing consent, thereby undermining the significance of the individual and welding all into a slavish collectivist mentality.

George Weigel, correctly, is certain that this is an attempt to isolate conservative Catholics and drive a wedge in what he describes as the "Catholic Community" in the USA.

The Ambassador's home University at Collegeville is also the home of coven of pederasts, and is noted for the unexplained disappearance of a young, star student, Josh Guimond.

The Red Star article here...

Archbishop of Galveston thinks even less of Catholicism than of Jews

This Archbishop must think the Catholic laity is stupid and will simply keep on shelling out the contributions, supporting his liberal resolutions and even buying him dinner once in awhile for the sake of his jolly company.

Reminiscing like a battle hardened journalist, the Bishop of Galveston talks about how far we've come from those times when we actually thought the Catholic Church was important enough that we actually took the Gospels seriously when reading the Great Commission to go forth and make disciples of all nations (including the Jews). The Archbishop confidently contradicts all of this, heretically, and of course, since most people are aware that he knows his religious beliefs are tin plated but committed to the same ideas of liberalism he's committed to, they aren't going to be rude enough to point out to him that he's just contradicted the prophetic and integral portion of the Catholic religion.

We have no doubts he will never convert a Jew. Like Cardinal Cushing of Boston, he'll probably never convert anyone, because he has nothing to give.

Nostra Aetate implicitly acknowledged that Israel remains in a covenant with God, and later Pope John Paul II made it explicit that Jews are “the people of God of the Old Covenant, never revoked by God.”

Article here...