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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Croatian Football Coach Prays Rosary During Game!

Croatia coach Zlatko Dalic is the discovery of the World Cup. Every day, the devout Catholic prays the Rosary, even during the game

Edit: what a Neo-Pelagian!

Croatia ( The Croatian football team reached the World Cup final on Wednesday night with a win against England for the first time. The master of the success is obviously the new Croatian coach Zlatko Dalic, who has coached the team since last October and is now considered the coaching discovery of the World Cup. What few outside Croatia know. Dalic is a devout Catholic who prays the rosary every day. Even during a game he has this always with him and leaves him hardly out of hand.

For his success, he also refers to his beliefs. "Everything I've achieved in my life and in my career, I owe my faith, I'm very grateful to the Lord," he tells Croatian radio stations. "If a man loses hope, then he must rely on the merciful God and our faith."

Trans: Tancred

Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Sack of Rome in 1527 is a Meditation for the Church Today

Edit: the Sack of Rome in 1527 is a terrible event, which offers both meditations if loyalty and bravery from the most noble, like the Swiss Guards:

The oath to swear in the Swiss Guards takes place every year on May 6th, in remembrance of the "Sack of Rome" in 1527.  It was then that 147 Swiss soldiers fell defending Pope Clement VII.  Today they are counted as the "smallest army in the world."  It was their valor and that of their leader, Captain Röist, who fell, even as his wife looked on, which gave the Pope time to escape to down the Borgo, a secret passageway, to the Castel Sant'Angelo and to be safe for a time from the depredations of Charles V's Lutheran and Spanish soldiery. 
They also valiantly defended the Pope on September 20th, 1870, when the Masonic armies of Italian unification breached the walls of Rome.

It also offers a meditation on the current state of the Church, as we see these events from afar this from Ludwig Pastor as cited by Roberto de Mattei:

This unlimited license to steal and kill lasted eight days and the occupation of the city nine months. We read in a Veneto account of May 10, 1527, reported by Ludwig von Pastor “Hell is nothing in comparison with the appearance Rome currently presents” (The History of Popes, Desclée, Rome 1942m, vol. IV, 2, p.261). The religious were the main victims of the Landsknechts’ fury. Cardinals’ palaces were plundered, churches profaned, priests and monks killed or made slaves, nuns raped and sold at markets. Obscene parodies of religious ceremonies were seen, chalices for Mass were used to get drunk amidst blasphemies, Sacred Hosts were roasted in a pan and fed to animals, the tombs of saints were violated, heads of the Apostles, such as St. Andrew, were used for playing football on the streets. A donkey was dressed up in ecclesiastical robes and led to the altar of a church. The priest who refused to give it Communion was hacked to pieces. The City was outraged in its religious symbols and in its most sacred memories”. (see also André Chastel, The Sack of Rome, Einaudi, Turin, 1983; Umberto Roberto, Roma capta. The Sack of the City  from the Gauls to the Landsknechts, Laterza, Bari 2012).


Monday, January 28, 2013

The Birthday of Blessed Charlemagne the Great

Edit: the following's a brief translation in honor of the birthday of Blessed Charlemagne the Great by Father Gero Weishaupt.

On January 28th 814, Blessed Charlemagne the Great died in his beloved Aachen Palace.  In 2014, Aachen and Europe will hold his 1,200th birthday.  Charlemagne was, according to Einhard, his biographer, interred in the palace chapel which still is located in today's Cathedral.  Bl. Charles the Great is the founder of the Christian West on the foundations of Greco-Roman antiquity.  He made Aachen his main residence, the "Rome of the North".

Einhard, in his famous Vita Karoli Magni which is stylistically written after the style of Suetonius', reported over the death and burial of Bl. Charlemagne:

"Septimo, postquam decubuit, die, sacra communione percepta decessit anno aetatis suae septuagesimo secundo et ex quo regnare coeperat quadragesimo septimo, V. Kal. Februarii, hora diei tertia. Corpus more sollemni lotum et curatum et maximo totius populi luctu ecclesiae inlatum atque humatum est. Dubitatum est primo, ubi reponi deberet, eo quod ipse vivus de hoc nihil praecepisset. Tandem omnium animis sedit nusquam eum honestius tumulari posse quam in ea basilica, quam ipse propter amorem Dei et domini nostri Iesu Christi et ob honorem sanctae et aeternae virginis, genetricis eius, proprio sumptu in eodem vico construxit. in hac sepultus est eadem die, qua defunctus est, arcusque surpa tumulum deauratus cum imagine et titulo exstructus" (Einhard, Vita Karoli, 30 f).

In the Middle Ages, Aache was the place of coronation of the German kings for centuries.

The Cathedral is, for Father Gero Weishaupt, the place where he experienced as an acolyte, the beauty of the Latin Liturgy and the rich and deep historical connection between his city, the Church and posterity.

In the following selection, you can hear the burial of an Emperor of the Franks and the Romans, sung by the Aachen Cathedral Choir, the oldest German boy's choir, whose founding goes back to Bl. Charles the Great.  In the relief, one sees among others, the throne (of the Holy Roman Empire [German Nation]) as well as the Charlemagne Shrine with the bones of the beatified on the 29th of December, in any case, in Aachen.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Emperor's Good Heart Will be Laid to Rest in Hungary: A Heart for Europe

Old Liberal Cardinal Celebrates Kaiserrequiem

Austria, the Old Liberal Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Vienna will celebrate the Requiem for dear departed Kaiser Otto von Habsburg on 16 July. Following that the body will be interned in the Imperial Tomb [Kaisergruft] near the Capuchin Church in the city center of Vienna. The Kaiser's heart will be brought to the Hungarian Cloister of Pannonhamla. This was according to the family's spokesman, Eva Demmerle, in a press release..

Original, here kreuz...

Photo source, plus description of the Habsburg burial ritual...

Here is some of the best footage ever seen of the wedding of Blessed Charles and Zita, the Emperor's long-suffering but persevering parents.