Sunday, August 31, 2014

Court: Homeschooling Continues as a Danger for Children

Edit: aren't they talking rather about the Greens?
About a year ago the German government robbed the couple, Dirk and Petra Wunderlich of their four children as the Darmstadt family will not educate their children by the state, but instead  wanted to give their own lessons. At the time, wrote Katholisches : "Last Thursday, August 29, 2013, at eight clock in the morning,  20 police officers and staff of the Youth Office, stormed the home of the Wunderlich family in Darmstadt to snatch all four children from the care of their parents. We know nothing about the whereabouts of  children ages 7 to 14  as yet. This massive intervention against the natural rights of the family has been published with the assistance of the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), which is known as the largest and most important international organization for defense  of the right to homeschooling. In the German media landscape there is no response to the police action that can be heard, while within two days already, several English-language news sites have reported of the case."
Even now it is again thanks to the HSLDA that a wider public has learned of a recently defeated court decision finding that the family court judge had acted wrongly in the late summer of 2013, where he  removed  the parents' custody. At the same time the court ruling called, however, that homeschooling continues to constitute a hazard and children should go to school.  Just how safe state-regulated schools are is demonstrated by  the rampages of Emsdetten, Winnenden and Ansbach in the last ten years. In addition, public schools are  known to be a major threat to the soul and mind of the student, whether it is about the so-called "sex education", religious instruction, or the endless propaganda in politics hour.
Dirk Wunderlich was understandably delighted with his wife to now have  custody of their own children back: "The court said that the removal of our children was not reasonable - only because the authorities had to apply very high fines and  prosecution. But this decision maintains the absurd idea that homeschooling is a danger to the child and an abuse of parental authority."  The Wunderlich family must prepare themselves now for fines in the mid-five figure range and prison sentences. "That should not be tolerated in a civilized country."
Petra Wunderlich expressed her thanks to the HSLDA: "We could not have done without the help of HSLDA. No family can fight against the powerful German state - it's too much, too expensive."  This, of course, and this was noticed only in passing, not only for matters such as homeschooling, but for everything else the respective ruling class does not like.  
Michael Donnelly of the HSLDA expressed his outrage at the behavior of the German state: "imprisonment and fines for homeschooling are outside of what free societies, which respect fundamental human rights, should tolerate. The laws of the German state and the country that allows the ban on home schooling must be changed. Such laws in a leading European democracy threaten not only the rights of tens of thousands of German families, but establish a dangerous example, which other countries may be tempted to copy."
Text: Benedict M. Buerger
image: Private
Trans: Tancred


Anonymous said...

Horrific tyranny. Abuse and persecution of parents and children. Where is the so-called European Court of Human Rights??

Anonymous said...

European Court of Human Rights?

The European Court of Human Rights is a body corporate entrusted with human rights.!

It is a sham institution because it does not legally recognize the right to life of the unborn child.

Paul Hellyer said...

This is similar to the case today of parents taking their sick child from a NHS hospital in uk to Spain in order to get proton therapy. They were arrested and put in jail in Malaga while their little boy was held in a hospital hundreds of miles away in anther part of Spain. Its another case of rampant officialdom removing parential rights. The same officialdom that turns a blind eye to child abuse in Rotherham.

Anonymous said...

The case is horrific. The country should be up in arms about the illegal persecution of these parents and their children. The totalitarian state denies all inalienable rights - it replaces parents in all the important decision-making regarding their children. There was no basis for a European Arrest Warrant being issued and a manhunt, subsequent arrest of parents, kidnapping of child, etc. This is egregious abuse of parents and their children. The damage being done to the sick child by the state(s) is very great. Blessed Michael, the Archangel defend us in battle . . .