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Monday, March 12, 2018

Vatican Enlists Lavender Law Firm to Attack Catholic Webpage

Edit: our friends at InfoVaticana are in trouble with Bergoglio and his henchpersons.  Engaging in frivolous lawsuits might close down InfoVaticana in the short term, but this action certainly reveals the Vatican’s sexual preference. The lawsuit also reveals the pettiness inherent in the disordered inclination itself. These people are unmistakably evil.
[Lepanto Institute] In August of 2017, InfoVaticana, a small Catholic news portal based in Madrid, Spain, was surprised to receive a letter from Baker & McKenzie, the second largest law firm in the world, demanding that InfoVaticana transfer its domain ( to the Vatican Secretariat of State.  The reason for the demand was that the Vatican alleges that it possesses exclusive property rights over the name of the physical center of the Catholic world.  The letter stated that InfoVaticana had seven days to comply with this order and that failing to do so would result in an exceedingly expensive lawsuit.
InfoVaticana, which was launched in May of 2013, says that it is “a free and independent media that has the vocation to serve the Catholic Church and society.”  It’s stated mission is to “deepen the denunciation of Christianophobia and the corruption that the Church uses, the rejection of the totalitarian impositions of the powerful LGBT lobby and the support of our brothers, the persecuted Christians.”
InfoVaticana has written articles critical of the homosexual influence in the Vatican, Pope Francis’s Amoris Laetitia, the Vatican’s scandalous handling of the Order of Malta, the provision of a medal to a radical pro-abortion politician, and many other concerns held by Catholics around the world.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Another Thin-Skinned Heretical Clergyman Threatens Suit

Edit: here we go again. There should be something in the bible about threatening lawsuits like this, no? Certainly something in the canon law must forbid priests from suing in civil court because they've got hurt feelings when they receive legitimate criticism from a layman? A heretical and litigious Old Liberal priest has threatened to sue. A reader sent us this story from Restore DC Catholicism, who writes:

A British blogger, who writes the blog, is being sued by the associate priest in her parish. Father Dan Fitzpatrick of the Durham Martyrs Church insists on referring to the Holy Spirit as female and the blogger rightly rebuked him. See Father's twitter page and you'll see this (before it's taken down).