Monday, June 1, 2015

Another Thin-Skinned Heretical Clergyman Threatens Suit

Edit: here we go again. There should be something in the bible about threatening lawsuits like this, no? Certainly something in the canon law must forbid priests from suing in civil court because they've got hurt feelings when they receive legitimate criticism from a layman? A heretical and litigious Old Liberal priest has threatened to sue. A reader sent us this story from Restore DC Catholicism, who writes:

A British blogger, who writes the blog, is being sued by the associate priest in her parish. Father Dan Fitzpatrick of the Durham Martyrs Church insists on referring to the Holy Spirit as female and the blogger rightly rebuked him. See Father's twitter page and you'll see this (before it's taken down).


Anonymous said...

Lord, grant us the graces necessary to keep faithful to You and Your unchangeable Commandments and offer our persecution by the apostates for the salvation of souls.

Barnum said...

Not exactly living by the Spirit od Vatican II Fr. Dan, eh?

Anonymous said...

In the Novus Ordo system they put potential candidates to the priesthood through secular/atheistic psychological testing. Those who are humble are deemed to have a low self-esteem and as being unfit for the priesthood. Those who have Lucifer-like pride are deemed to have high self-esteem and as being fit for the priesthood. Thus the Novus Ordo is now filled with priests that are very proud attention seekers that are stuck in perpetual adolescence.

The maturity of the average Novus Ordo priest is like that of a high school teenager, therefore they will use high school tactics (bullying, ratting you out to the teacher/judge, etc.) to silence those who rebuke their mistakes.

These Novus Ordo priests take everything personal. If you criticize something they do wrong or try to correct them, it's always interpreted as an attack on their person, it's always me-me-me! They never take heed to the words of Solomon "A wise son heareth the doctrine of his father: but he that is a scorner, beareth not when he is rebuked."

Barnum said...

Please don't mind, then, if I correct you. There is no such thing as a "Novus Ordo system" for selecting priests; who told you that?

There are so many fine Roman Catholic priests around that we actually have an embarrassment of sacramental and spiritual riches available. Had you said "homosexual college professor priests," I might have agreed, but then, you paint pointillism with a brick.