Monday, March 12, 2018

Vatican Enlists Lavender Law Firm to Attack Catholic Webpage

Edit: our friends at InfoVaticana are in trouble with Bergoglio and his henchpersons.  Engaging in frivolous lawsuits might close down InfoVaticana in the short term, but this action certainly reveals the Vatican’s sexual preference. The lawsuit also reveals the pettiness inherent in the disordered inclination itself. These people are unmistakably evil.
[Lepanto Institute] In August of 2017, InfoVaticana, a small Catholic news portal based in Madrid, Spain, was surprised to receive a letter from Baker & McKenzie, the second largest law firm in the world, demanding that InfoVaticana transfer its domain ( to the Vatican Secretariat of State.  The reason for the demand was that the Vatican alleges that it possesses exclusive property rights over the name of the physical center of the Catholic world.  The letter stated that InfoVaticana had seven days to comply with this order and that failing to do so would result in an exceedingly expensive lawsuit.
InfoVaticana, which was launched in May of 2013, says that it is “a free and independent media that has the vocation to serve the Catholic Church and society.”  It’s stated mission is to “deepen the denunciation of Christianophobia and the corruption that the Church uses, the rejection of the totalitarian impositions of the powerful LGBT lobby and the support of our brothers, the persecuted Christians.”
InfoVaticana has written articles critical of the homosexual influence in the Vatican, Pope Francis’s Amoris Laetitia, the Vatican’s scandalous handling of the Order of Malta, the provision of a medal to a radical pro-abortion politician, and many other concerns held by Catholics around the world.


Ana Milan said...

It's strange how they go after InfoVaticana & not a slew of others, e.g. Inside the Vatican, Vatican Insider,, as referenced by They didn't succeed in their attempt to get the National Catholic Reporter (which is anything but Catholic) to drop that title & numerous others who use 'Catholic' without permission. I hope they will again fail as this is vindictiveness. It's like buying a permit/rights to the name of a product, film, book etc. If the name has already been in use generally & hasn't been contested it's unlikely to succeed. Such a course of perceived action may well backfire on Baker McKenzie as I imagine they will lose most of their Catholic clients by this bullying tactic. Your outing them as gay will also have its effect.

Anonymous said...

Almost all major international law firms have a significant gay element in them.

I work at one. Focus on recruiting is always "diversity". It doesn't help that ABA pushes this and it's exlicitly part of marketing.

Most Fortune 1000''s are exactly the same.

Anonymous said...

"henchpersons".. Must keep it inclusive !

Frank Mclean said...

Media sites such as Infovaticana, Lifesites, Church Militant, Rorate Caeli are guilty of identity theft by claiming that they are Catholic when they don't even come close to basic Christian standards.
They are blunt instruments of reactionary ideologies that are far from Christ and his Gospel.
Even the abrogated Benedict XVI is a wakeup to their wedge politics and schismatic intentions.
Have a read what he has to say about these characters:

- Gerard O’Connell, “Benedict XVI defends Pope Francis on fifth anniversary of his election,” America Magazine March 21, 2018

paniKa said...

Same focus in one of the biggest beverage companies. Let's do something to list them. Making a living becomes impossible for a catholic and those companies sell to catholics.

Tancred said...

You mean they’re not on board when it comes to normalizing sodomy and pedophilia?

Tancred said...

How is it not true? Bergoglio’s latte klatsch is infested with scum, pedos and poofs.

Frank Mcl said...
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