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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Another Traditional Society Being Wrecked by Bergoglian Commissar

Traditional Society of Familia Christi by the papal commissioner in fact dissolved.

(Rome) The Commissar appointed by Pope Francis has de facto dissolved a traditional
fraternity. Not one reason for the drastic measure was mentioned. The Priestly Societt of Familia Christi is the first genuinely Italian Ecclesia Dei community. This is the name given to the traditional communities that are committed to the traditional form of the Roman rite and are therefore subordinate to the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, today a division of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. It also appears to be the cause of the profound aversion to the Society which progressive Italian Churches hold against them and the Archbishop, who recognized them as ecclesiastical.

 The Priestly Fraternity Familia Christi (FSFC) is ecclesiastically a clerical society of Apostolic life of diocesan right. Its founder, at that time still as a lay association, is the Vatican diplomat Msgr. Giuseppe Canovai, who died in 1942 at the age of only 37 years. Before joining the diplomatic service of the Holy See, Canovai was a student pastor in Italy. In this capacity, he founded the lay association Familia Christi, which was recognized in 1938 under canon law. His spiritual diary, which he kept from the age of 15, is considered a special treasure and aid for personal sanctification. His beatification process is under way. After a long journey, priestly vocations grew out of the lay association, eventually leading to the founding of the fraternity. In 2014, after a long examination, it was first recognized by the then Archbishop of Ferrara-Comacchio, Msgr. Luigi Negri, and canonised on 8th September 2016, the Feast of the Nativity, with the benevolence of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei according to diocesan law.

Archbishop Negri, who was praised by Pope Benedict XVI., among the diocesan bishops of Italy. He was attacked accordingly. After the election of Pope Francis, his opponents tried to get rid of him as soon as possible. At the same time, people did not shy away from public discrediting. Although Msgr. Negri remained in office until the age of 75, it was not one day longer. In his book he spoke in connection with these hostilities,  of a "climate of retribution". The change at the Church hierarchy at the  top made it possible.

With his retirement, though in good health, the problems for the Fraternity of Familia Christi began. The appointment of the successor meant a provocative break with Negri's line. The new archbishop was Msgr. Giancarlo Perego, a "street priest" who "works on the margins" in February 2017, as he was officially described. A "super-progressive migration advocate", as the Vaticanist Marco Tosatti put it.

The same was repeated in Ferrara, which had previously happened in the archdiocese of Mechelen-Brussels.  There, too, Pope Francis retired Archbishop André Joseph Leonard, hated in progressive church circles, as soon as he was 75 years old. Previously, he had already denied him the cardinalatial dignity, which is traditionally associated with the most important diocese of Belgium. No sooner had Leonard's successor, the progressive Jozef De Kesel been installed than he began to dismantle Leonard's acknowledged, New Rite, but "too conservative" brotherhood of the holy apostles.

The numerous priestly vocations of the Society did not speak well for them, but were a thorn in the side of the progressive church circles with their empty seminaries. Finally, the Priestly Fraternity, whose priests were very popular in the parishes entrusted to them in and around Brussels, was banished from Belgium by De Kesel, whom Francis, unlike Leonard, was immediately called to be a  Cardinal, and dissolved by Pope Francis.

Christmas Mass 2017, the Superior General of the Priestly Fraternity, blesses Santa Maria in Vado.

Like De Kesel, Msgr. Perego immediately showed an open aversion to the traditional fraternity of Familia Christi. He deprived the priests of the parish church of Santa Maria in Vado, an ancient basilica in the center of Ferrara, where in 1171 a Eucharistic miracle took place, which had been
entrusted to them  by Archbishop Negri. The expulsion took place under the pretext of a "structural reform" through parish mergers to pastoral units. On October 1, 2016, Archbishop Negri, in the presence of the mayor of Ferrara and other officials, had canonically appointed the Superior General of the Society in the traditional rite as Pastor of Santa Maria in Vado and other Friar Ministers as chaplains.

Further unfriendliness by Archbishop Perego followed. He banished the Brothers to a secluded church and denied them the public celebration of Holy Mass in the traditional rite of the churches entrusted to them. At the same time he set up a "people's altar" in a central chapel of the Ferrara Cathedral, where Archbishop Negri celebrated Mass in the traditional rite.

On December 1, 2018, the Prefect of the Roman Congregation of the Faith, Cardinal Luis Ladaria Ferrer SJ, appointed the Auxiliary Bishop of Rome, Archbishop Daniele Libanori SJ, as "the Commissioner Plenipotentiary sent by the Holy See". Father Libanori, co-brother of the Pope in the Order of the Jesuits, was appointed as auxiliary bishop by Francis in November 2017.

The Commissar, with all authority, took over the leadership of the Society with the task of clarifying whether "the elements and conclusions" that had emerged in the course of a canonical visitation were well founded, and "if necessary to establish future paths for the fraternity".

What "elements and conclusions" were found, is still unknown.

Marco Tosatti wrote:

"And again the question arises: what such a serious thing can these priests have done to attract the canonical attention of a church, such as the Franciscans of the Immaculate, the Gospel of the Gospels, or the Sisters of Laval, to any kind of doctrinal and theologically approves and favors bizarre and affirms prelates without hesitating in important and delicate offices, which speak out for the gay marriage and the women's priesthood. "

Archbishop Perego had had a canonical visitation of the Brotherhood in 2018 and sent his report to Rome on September 30. The wish he expressed in it was promptly fulfilled by the Holy See: Rome sent a Commisar.

Tossati in December 2018:

"And then one wants to make us believe that this pontificate is merciful, rich in dialogue and tolerant of the various sensitivities and by no means biased and hostile to certain ecclesial realities," Tosatti said in December 2018.

Commissar  Daniele Libanori SJ

On 30 June, the Commissar issued a decree unbinding all priests, novices and subjects of all promises and commitments. In a nutshell, he dissolved the Society  and sent home all those who are not yet ordained priests. Although the Society of Familia Christi was not dissolved by formal law, all its activities are prohibited. It may no longer accept, arouse, or look after any vocations. The Society members, who are already ordained priests, "remain in a kind of limbo," according to the traditional side Messa in Latino.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Priestly Fraternity Familia Christi (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Sacrilegious Theft of Hosts in Ferrara: "I Have Lost My Peace in These Hours"

(Rome) Archbishop Luigi Negri of Ferrara had to announce the serious news to the faithful gathered in the cathedral last Sunday: "From a church of our diocese, a chalice with many consecrated hosts was stolen. During these hours I have lost peace." [When sacrileges like this occur stateside, you never hear the local ordinary lamenting them.  It's usually ho-hum time for them.]

"Whoever removes the body of Christ from the tabernacle is capable of all things"

At present, the offender (s) are still unknown. Archbishop Negri is one of the most prestigious bishops in Italy. He was the target of an orchestrated campaign throughout Italy in the fall of 2011, alleging that he wanted "the death of Pope Francis". He could not be pushed out of office, which was probably the goal. Still, he has become somewhat quieter. Such slanderous attacks leave scars.
For the time being, "the worst" was to be expected, the archbishop said. He who breaks a tabernacle, and lays hands on the body of Christ, "is capable of all things."
"It is a great pain that hurts the heart and aggrieves. In those hours I have lost peace. "
He said of the man who had committed this sacrilege, repeating the words of Jesus: "It would be better if he had never been born (Mt 26:25)." At the same time, the Archbishop called on the perpetrator (s) to return the consecrated Hosts promptly and undamaged.
The sacrilegious robbery took place in the church of Santa Chiara, the former Capuchin convent of Ferrara. In this and other churches of the diocese, there have been at this time an overflowing of atonement and reparation. Archbishop Negri recalled that "there is nothing more precious in the world and in the Holy Church of God than the Holy Eucharist, in which the body, the blood, the soul, and the divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ are truly present."

Atonement and reparation in the entire archdiocese

The archbishop ordered, even on Sunday, "that in all the parishes and religious houses, and to the extent possible in the ecclesial associations and movements, at least one Mass of restitution celebrating according to the Roman p form Pro remissione omnium peccatorum." In addition, a Mass of reparation will be celebrated in Santa Chiara next Saturday, in which the whole diocesan community should participate. The Archbishop himself will celebrate the Holy Mass. Afterwards, a Eucharistic procession will take place through the city.
The Archbishop asked this week to emphasize specifically Eucharistic worship in catechesis, and to promote all occasions of encounter with the Eucharistic Lord.

Tomb of the Atonement Veronica of the Most Blessed Sacrament

The Capuchins had come to Ferrara in 1609, where, thanks to their benefactors, they built the church in honor of the Saint Clare of Assisi. During Napoleonic despotism, their monastery was abolished in 1810, but they were able to return as early as 1817 and re-establish the cloister. In 1987, the convent left the city and moved to San Giovanni Rotondo, where, near the tomb of Saint Capuchin Padre Pio, it moved into a new monastery. In 2012, the church of Santa Chiara was so badly affected by an earthquake that it had to be closed for two years for backup and restoration work.
In the church is the tomb of the Capuchin Veronica of the Blessed Sacrament (1896-1964), whose beatification process was opened in 2015 by Archbishop Negri. She is regarded as a master of the spiritual life who could penetrate deeply into the sufferings of Christ, and even became a part of His mystical suffering as an atonement. She recalled "the importance of a holy life in the struggle of everyone against evil," Archbishop Negri told Archdiocese.
The grave of Sr. Veronica is often visited by the faithful people of Ferrara, and the Order's patroness is called upon to intercede.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Ferrara News (screenshots)
Trans: Tancred
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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Campaign Against Archbishop Luigi Negri: "He Wished the Death of Pope Francis"

Archbishop Negri of Ferrara
(Rome) Archbishop Luigi Negri of Ferrara-Comacchio in Italian Romagna is one of the most prominent episcopal figures in Europe. That Archbishop Negri is not particularly happy with the line of Pope Francis, is no secret. Now, however, there  is   a frontal attack sawing at the bishop's chair of the inconvenient admonisher.

Tabloid Launches  Attack "for Pope Francis'

The left tabloid Il Fatto Quotidiano (FQ) launched a frontal attack two days before  against Archbishop Negri.The thrust is similar to that of the journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi, who now has to answer  for  Vatileaks II scandal because of his appropriation and disclosure of confidential Vatican documents to the court itself. His book "Via Crucis," he claims to have written, "to help Pope Francis".
Similarly now Il Fatto Quotidiano argues. The anti-clerical newspaper pretends to rush to the aid of Pope Francis, against the dishonorable (Nuzzi) and prelates who are enemies of the Pope (Fatto Quotidiano).
According to FQ, Archbishop Negri wishes for the death of Pope Francis. The headline on the front page read: "Francis Must Meet the Same End as Any Other Pope".

Wiretapped Conversation on the Train?

FQ reported on a conversation between the Archbishop and his secretary, the other, unnamed, random "passengers" must  have overheard it during a train journey on 28 October. Archbishop Negri is said to have said to his secretary: "Let us hope that the Virgin helps Bergoglio with the same miracle as the other."   The "other,"  Archbishop Negri did not say, but FQ is claiming he meant Pope John Paul I  who was only Pope for 33 days  in 1978, before he died of a heart attack.
The unexpected death of Albino Luciani from  the long-standing heart disease, left numerous conspiracy theories run wild, but none of them could be proved.
Il Fatto Quotidiano concluded from an overheard conversation that Archbishop Negri also wishes the reigning Pope a quick death.
The newspaper also presented a criticism of Msgr. Negri on the recent appointment of bishops recently. Negri did, says FQ, criticize in a telephone conversation with the journalist Renato Farina, from the daily newspaper Libero, the appointment of Matteo Zuppi and Corrado Lorefice as archbishops of Bologna and Palermo. Negri is supposed to have said: "After the appointment of Bologna and Palermo even I could be Pope. This is an outrage. Incredible.  I'm lost for words. This is something I've never seen."
Farina has denied since, ever having had such a telephone conversation with Archbishop Negri, and has announced legal action against Fatto Quotidiano.

Archbishop Negri: "Injured my Dignity as a Man and as a Church Representative"

Archbishop Negri turned yesterday with a declaration of his diocese. The FQ-products have "seriously injuried my dignity  as a person and as a church representative, but also the dignity of the Church." The newspaper had disregarded the most elementary rules of journalism, "and attributed to me in quotes, statements that I never made, and took others out of context in order to turn it into the opposite of what I said." The Fatto Quotidiano has "made a supposition by a journalist into ​​a certainty."
Because of his clear stance on Catholic doctrine, his unflinching rejection of Freemasonry and his strong words, which distinguish him from other bishops, Archbishop Negri has suffered from opponents who are not only outside the Church.  Currently, everything is focused against his person, from the spite of anti-ecclesiastical circles outside and progressive circles within the Church and whom they brand  as "anti-francistic" by emphasizing a real or perceived contrast and  place themselves behind the Pope.

Negri Embodies Everything Currently Considered Ecclesiastically "Out"

Archbishop Negri is considered traditional, which means that he is decried in some Italian church circles as a "traditionalist". He repeatedly criticized the progressive advances of wanting to overturn the Sacrament of Marriage through Communion for divorced and remarried. Equally clearly, he raised his voice against  "gay marriage" and the gender ideology. In his archdiocese he stepped fearlessly into conflict with politicians and mayors who wanted to set up registers for gay couples at the registry offices. Because of his belonging to the community of Communion and Liberation (CL), he is considered by the political left as standing in the center-right camp, in which the known CL representatives, like the longtime head of government of Lombardy, Roberto Formigoni, holds positions.  It's a  direction that was, incidentally,  true for the minority of  CL members. This is also a result of the current pontificate.The new CL-majority wants to be close to Pope Francis. That explains why CL hastened after the FQ-story  to  distance itself from Archbishop Negri  and call on him in a gruff tone, "to clarify his statements."

Calls for "Resignation"?

"Why Il Fatto Quotidiano attacks Archbishop Negri is not difficult to understand. He is the figurehead of a Church, which currently has a tough time against the new church of Pope Francis, who applauds progressives and the careerists in the Church and the secular media," says IntelligoNews. It appears doubtful that the Archbishop could have publicly said those things in a train among numerous passengers. "Is FQ  in possession of  recordings of illegally wiretapped telephone conversations or has an unfaithful employee of Negri's brought something against him? We do not know.  Among the many issues surrounding the FQ-story,  there is yet one that is "perhaps the most disturbing: Is it permissible to criticize Pope Francis, without running the risk of being spied upon, popped on the cover and brought to the ​​public  pillory? Or is it perhaps as Negri says,  that behind this is  just another example of a theological hatred of the Church?" said IntelligoNews.
Just how serious are the opponents of Archbishop Negri, is  shown even more in media reports by La Repubblica, flagship of the left-wing press in Italy and only newspaper that Pope Francis reads daily, headlined: "The Shocking Statement of the Bishop of Ferrara". The daily La Nuova Ferrara, which appears in  Negri's See, wrote: "The Resignation is in the Air".
That seems to be the real target of the action.  Archbishop Negri is unlikely to emerge undamaged from this campaign.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: InfoVaticana
Trans: Tancred