Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Austrian "Bling" Pastor Toni Faber Excites Furor About His Modernist Loft

Dompastor's Designer Chic

Edit: when he's not endorsing for the Freemasons or abusing the Liturgy, buying pornographic art, or honoring famous Communists,  he's relaxing in his sumptuous loft apartment.  A comparable apartment in New York probably  couldn't  be rented for less than $5,000 a month. He even has a personal hairdresser. 

The Vienna Cathedral Priest Toni Faber has always thrown open his door for the media. But now he is likely to have finally shot himself in the foot. He invited the "Standard" to his Viennese luxury apartment. The photos of the apartment have enraged tempers.

Vienna ( The media "friendly" Viennese cathedral minister Toni Faber has probably, finally, shot himself in the foot. After a discussion about lifestyle in which the newspaper has published several photos of Faber's luxurious penthouse apartment, the waves have gone high. Some comments in the social media has been weighed criticism in the newspaper. "Better living with Toni Faber," was tweeted by ORF anchorman Armin Wolf. "Nice to see that the Church-tax is invested so stylishly," it read on Facebook. And poster "Wakman" even described the 100-square meter (1076 square feet) loft apartment as "Faber Manor". For Faber himself the "service apartment" is no problem. To  "Der Standard" he says, "Whenever we (...) invite the media  to the apartment, then there will automatically be the envious, which is one reason why I say quite openly:.. This is a service apartment. The fittings and Art, however, I financed with my private money that I have earned in the last 25 years." According to the newspaper, Cardinal Schönborn is said to be less than pleased about the publication of the photos.

Michael Prüller, his press secretary, explained to the newspaper: "It is debatable whether it is the duty of a minister to present his apartment to the media, but for me this is a storm in a teacup because this is a normal service apartment... the Cathedral Priest live so long and has paid operating costs, as he works." Also, no Church-tax money was used for this, as the house is located in the possession of the Cathedral Parish.

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LeonG said...

As usual, the silence from The Vatican will be deafening. "Full communion" covers a multitude of sins.

Anonymous said...

Funny how it's secondary things like this that seem to most excite "the Faithful" in respect of clerical heretics, apostates or promoters of intrinsic evil. The modernistic non-simple apartment is but a symptom of something much more fundamental. Blessed Michael protect us in battle . . .

schmenz said...

He has a personal hairdresser? Oh, dear.

Anonymous said...

The sad part here is, is there anything in this apartment, which indicates that there is a Catholic living there? This is just a rethorical question.
Bruno W.

Damask Rose said...

Classy. Great taste.
""It is debatable whether it is the duty of a minister to present his apartment to the media, but for me this is a storm in a teacup because this is a normal service apartment... "
Says it all really.

If it walks like a duck... said...

Sad, sint it, schmenz?

First of use barbers. Only sissy men and the effeminate use a hairdresser. Secondly, Fr. Bling is completely bald until well past the middle of his head and what is left is consistently kept buzzed down to near baldness. Do an image search and see for yourself. So he may well keep his very own personal hairdresser but it sure ain't for his hair.

Here is Fr. Bling in younger days when he actually had hair and "hairdressers" Bundy Bundy "created" a do just for him. Here is another male model sporting one of their dos: And another:

Well, maybe THIS picture explains why Fr. Bling and those like him will never hear a reprimanding word from Rome until we once again have a Catholic pope.: PLEASE tell me that was photoshopped.