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Friday, March 23, 2012

The Persecution Continues: An Actual Ban on Confessions for Children and Youth

Fr. Skoblicki
Always the same:  An anti-Catholic journalist slanders a Catholic priest -- and the cowardly Diocese drives a knife at the same time in the clergyman's back.

(, Neuhoffen an der Ybbs)  Chaplain Andreas Skoblicki "for a start" may not hear any more children and youth confessions.

That was made known in a press release yesterday from the cowardly Dioocese of  Saint Pölten.

Real Old Liberal Grievance will be tolerated for decades

The Diocese reacted lightning quick because of a single slander article in the anti-Catholic Viennese newspaper 'Kurier'.

Fr. Skoblicki was driven from the Parish of Kopfing in the Diocese of Linz in January by the media bosses.

Since Feburary he's been active in the 2,800 population Parish Neuhoffen an der Ybbs for the neo-conservative Pastor Helmut Prader in the Diocese of  Saint Pölten.

The Cowardly Diocese Cringes

The 'Kurier' has disseminated the contention, Fr. Skoblicki is to have "insulted" two eleven-year-olds  in confession.

It consists in frank deceptive defamation.

For that reason the Diocese of St.Pölten went to its press conference in sackcloth and ashes.

Slander is welcome

Pastor Helmut Prader explained that he is in contact with "all involved" -- therefore with the slanderers .

He is then to clear up the situation and rectify it.

Fr. Skoblicki will, "for starters not hear any more confessions of children and youth", says Fr. Prader.

He will get familiar with the parish and the customs to gain the trust of the area.

Dastardly: The chaplain can not express himself in confession

Chaplain Skoblicki has not commented on these serious accusations.

He may  not openly discuss the contents or circumstances of conversations in confession.

He is sorry, in case he has hurt anyone, and apologizes to them never the less.

That was not his intention.

It possibly depends on the fact that German is not his native language.

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