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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Holy Snob Skojec Compares the Church to a Trailer Park Drug Addict With no Teeth

 2:39 Takes a Drink of whiskey

18:30  Steve cohabited after losing a job. (Fired?)

29:00 "It's not just me who everybody loves to hate all the time"

30:35 He objected to Amoris Laetitia at one point.  Wow!

30:52 Angels on the head of a pin cliche.

31:00 Steve pretends to be an expert on papal infallibility.

31:50  It happens on an abstract ontological level. Huh?

35:40  Magisterial teaching *may* matter to God. (But it doesn't matter)

36:22 Steve just can't let go, let God. He literally thinks he's responsible for  the salvation of everyone who accepts Bergoglio's scandalous teaching on sodomitical unions.

37:10 Battista Ricca and "Who am I to Judge" moment.

38:11 Sips whiskey.

39:05 Beijing Agreement. Vatican signs secret deal with China. Persecution of Catholics in China. "All Faiths"

40:30 Miles Guo

41:23  "It [China agreement news] matters but we're powerless to do anything to talk about it"

41:40  Catholics argue so much because they have no power. It's just little debates.

42:40 Talks about how much of a control freak he is. (Steve needs to be the zealous warrior!  He feels like he has some purpose, but at the end of the day, he doesn't know what he's done. Is Steve important?)

43:40 We've had bad popes in the past who were too busy with personal sin to engage doctrine.

44:30 Back to the Future movie reference 

44:45  Biff Canon is the anti-Christ. It's the Apocalypse coming, but right now he can still order whiskey from his wife when she goes to the store..

46:25 Steve hates pandering to people.

46:40 The Church needs a reset, people!

47:10 Shills for shekels (Time for another drink)  It's tax deductable.

49:03 Zmirak was supposed to be on but it's vital now to cover Bergoglio!  Gets out deck of cards for interview questions.  What kind of animal are you?

50:00 Steve is a [gay] bear.  Honey Badger.  Randall would be more entertaining covering Catholic news.  Look, it's a Cardinal.... isn't he cute?

51:30  Steve recounts how he cut off the top of his ear.  He never learned his lesson, though, he's still screwing with people and making fun of them.

52:30  Reads Guest Questions

54:10 You're not responsible for the Pope's personal opinion.  Tries to explain Ex Cathedra.Things get "muddier" the lower you go.  Repeats the fairytale that there have been only two papally infallible statements in the Immaculate Conception and the Assumption.  Akshually, Steve, Unam Sanctam is infallible.

55:50  Even though the argument from authority is a logical fallacy (it's not), the Church uses it a lot!

56:20 Steve is complaining about how the authority of the Church has to be better defined. LOL

58:25  Steve trying to talk about the kind of assent required for various teachings.

1:02:50 We have no power.  The Church is a monarchy.

1:03:15 Lashes out at Bishop Schneider who he met in 2015 before Steve made him well-known.  He's got mixed feelings about doing his part to restore the Church.

1:05:00 Steve talks about how he would never want his children to be priests.   Seminaries are a "hot mess", girl.  I don't want to send my kids there.  Clergy knows more than Steve, "I guess".

1:06:50 "The Death Penalty is a dogma."

1:07:30  Waldensians had to sign a document saying that it was  possible to exercise capital punishment without comittting a mortal sin after they went off on their little heresy. 

1:08:00 Genesis 9:6

1:09:10  Bergoglio says the Death Penalty is an intrinsic evil.  It's a trojan horse to justify a host of things in opposition to constant Catholic teaching.

1:11:00 The constant teaching of the Church isn't helping us when it's hidden away. Cardinal Burke doesn't know how to stop Bergoglio. Holy Steve says the legitimate Magisterium can  be locked away in the basement where it won't do any good!

1:15:20  Talks about Bergoglio's omissions in the face of things attributed to him.

1:17:00 Reading comment from his relative and does his gay voice impersonation of James Martin SJ. "Mr. Sillly Pants"  

1:18:20 Takes gulp of whiskey after doing Jewish yenta impersonation.

1:19:58  "I have no desire to enter a civil union with another man. I have no desire to leave my wife."

1:21:00 Don't even get me started on NFP

1:21:54  People can't maintain their belief that the Church is what it claims to be.

1:22:28 Joseph Sciambra is really having a hard time, so pray for him.

1:22:41  Sciambra tries to help gays leave the gay life behind and he doesn't get support from the Church.  People get beaten down enough where they say, "I don't believe this any more."  "Why is all this stuff happening?" Sjokec quoting Sciambra,  "I have a hard time faulting these people for leaving."

1:24:00 Says it feels abused by the Church. It's abusive to say, "It doesn't matter how bad things are in the Church, you're not allowed to leave. It's the only path to salvation." Steve just doesn't see it.  He's begging you to understand from his point of view.

1:25:00 Steven has anger blowups.  He'll try to be better.

1:25:22  Steve wants to see more apologizing to people who are leaving.

1:26:03 Papal positivism and trashes Novus Ordo Watch and Where Peter Is as two sides of the same coin.

1:26:55 I have no desire to worship the pope.

1:27:20 People are becoming Catholic inspite of the Church.  It's just Grace that brings people to the Church now, according to Steve.

1:27:37  Steve thinks the Church is ugly "trailer trash, strung out, moomoo wearing, lady with no teeth."  Steve is a snob too.

1:28:32  The Church is not appealing. 

1:29:31  Skojec thinkw Sedevacantism or Benevacantism are totally absurd and expressions of the same principle, "don't listen to the Church, but listen to me."

"Come join my secret knowledge club!"

1:33:40 Ann Barnhardt, Alexis Bugnolo, grow up!

1:38:00 It's up to you theologians, you Cardinals to condemn what's going on and take a risk.

1:39:00 We need an orthodox wave.

1:39:40 Steve won't dox you if you don't agree his personal vision.

1:40:15  Orthodox Christians will say the Church isn't true. We've been saying this for a long time. There are competing claims.  You've got to be able to say you make sure it's true

1:40:45  Someone's putting a gun to Steve's head to stay in the Church, but he has an inquisitive mind.

1:41:00 The only path forward is to ask questions and not put your heads down.  If you don't understand the ontology of the Church, you're just going to have resentment. Some people can put their heads down and accept it, but Steve can't. 

Steve clearly doesn't understand infallibility.

Steve goes on about how there needs to be some kind of super document to counteract the Bergoglianism.


Friday, October 23, 2020

Holy Skojec Calls on NKVD to Arrest Barnhardt


Edit:   Hi!  Let me take a moment to simp for Ann Barnhardt.

Skojek's parents were heavily involved with Regnum Christi which in my opinion is a  creepy cult.  (Btw, I love listening to Holy Steve talk about himself on podcasts. He always lets out some unflattering information about himself, like Martin Luther used to say, "the happy ass makes the loudest farts.") Skojec has some of the earmarks of a cult leader and he's an angry drunk. He's abusive, irrational, narcissistic and histronic. If anyone has a borderline personality disorder, it's Holy Skojec who is home blogging while his wife is at work.  Just a few months ago, when Oakes Spalding began to question Bergoglio's legitimacy as Pope, Holy Skojec engaged his lay magisterial powers and got nasty with Spalding, even suggesting that Spalding was having embarrassing family problems that he might not want exposed to public view. This isn't an isolated incident.  It happens all the time with Holy Steve.

I've known Skojec since the early2000s when he blogged for a hobby and was failing at real-estate.  He's always raised questions, about his integrity and honesty.  Like other professional Catholic grifters who assume the mantles of online magisterium and earn large salaries,  he engages in Stalnist attacks by attempting to poirtray his targets as mentally deranged. Naturally, if you disagree with the party line as portrayed by people like Karl Keating, Mark Shea, Jimmy Fakein Akin, Dave Armstrong, Crunchy Con-Man Dreher and Holy Skojec, you must be mentally ill, right?  Like in this case, Ann Barnhardt.  I've grown to like Ann and now I like her even more now. 

Still Very Cringe, Though

I haven't even touched upon Rod Dreher's questionable activities at American Conservative, to whom Holy Steve has hitched his apologetical lay wagon.

Ht: Canon212