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Friday, October 23, 2020

Holy Skojec Calls on NKVD to Arrest Barnhardt


Edit:   Hi!  Let me take a moment to simp for Ann Barnhardt.

Skojek's parents were heavily involved with Regnum Christi which in my opinion is a  creepy cult.  (Btw, I love listening to Holy Steve talk about himself on podcasts. He always lets out some unflattering information about himself, like Martin Luther used to say, "the happy ass makes the loudest farts.") Skojec has some of the earmarks of a cult leader and he's an angry drunk. He's abusive, irrational, narcissistic and histronic. If anyone has a borderline personality disorder, it's Holy Skojec who is home blogging while his wife is at work.  Just a few months ago, when Oakes Spalding began to question Bergoglio's legitimacy as Pope, Holy Skojec engaged his lay magisterial powers and got nasty with Spalding, even suggesting that Spalding was having embarrassing family problems that he might not want exposed to public view. This isn't an isolated incident.  It happens all the time with Holy Steve.

I've known Skojec since the early2000s when he blogged for a hobby and was failing at real-estate.  He's always raised questions, about his integrity and honesty.  Like other professional Catholic grifters who assume the mantles of online magisterium and earn large salaries,  he engages in Stalnist attacks by attempting to poirtray his targets as mentally deranged. Naturally, if you disagree with the party line as portrayed by people like Karl Keating, Mark Shea, Jimmy Fakein Akin, Dave Armstrong, Crunchy Con-Man Dreher and Holy Skojec, you must be mentally ill, right?  Like in this case, Ann Barnhardt.  I've grown to like Ann and now I like her even more now. 

Still Very Cringe, Though

I haven't even touched upon Rod Dreher's questionable activities at American Conservative, to whom Holy Steve has hitched his apologetical lay wagon.

Ht: Canon212