Friday, October 23, 2020

Holy Skojec Calls on NKVD to Arrest Barnhardt


Edit:   Hi!  Let me take a moment to simp for Ann Barnhardt.

Skojek's parents were heavily involved with Regnum Christi which in my opinion is a  creepy cult.  (Btw, I love listening to Holy Steve talk about himself on podcasts. He always lets out some unflattering information about himself, like Martin Luther used to say, "the happy ass makes the loudest farts.") Skojec has some of the earmarks of a cult leader and he's an angry drunk. He's abusive, irrational, narcissistic and histronic. If anyone has a borderline personality disorder, it's Holy Skojec who is home blogging while his wife is at work.  Just a few months ago, when Oakes Spalding began to question Bergoglio's legitimacy as Pope, Holy Skojec engaged his lay magisterial powers and got nasty with Spalding, even suggesting that Spalding was having embarrassing family problems that he might not want exposed to public view. This isn't an isolated incident.  It happens all the time with Holy Steve.

I've known Skojec since the early2000s when he blogged for a hobby and was failing at real-estate.  He's always raised questions, about his integrity and honesty.  Like other professional Catholic grifters who assume the mantles of online magisterium and earn large salaries,  he engages in Stalnist attacks by attempting to poirtray his targets as mentally deranged. Naturally, if you disagree with the party line as portrayed by people like Karl Keating, Mark Shea, Jimmy Fakein Akin, Dave Armstrong, Crunchy Con-Man Dreher and Holy Skojec, you must be mentally ill, right?  Like in this case, Ann Barnhardt.  I've grown to like Ann and now I like her even more now. 

Still Very Cringe, Though

I haven't even touched upon Rod Dreher's questionable activities at American Conservative, to whom Holy Steve has hitched his apologetical lay wagon.

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Anonymous said...

That's really unchivalrous and brutish of Skojec. He doesn't seem to know how to treat others with respect. I give the benefit of the doubt that his parents were dutiful towsrds boy Steve but somehow things seemed to have gone awry from pubescent years onwards. Parents, relatives or elders would have inculcated what to say or do, and what not to say or do, towards one another. And to the opposite sex, you have to be careful, unless both of you know each other very well and even at that, keep it to a minimum. Hmm...high and mighty because of self-perceived social status and money? And oh! Married with 7 children. Eeek! Time for him to get a millstone.

Oncorhynchus Clarkii said...

Holy Skoheck used to love Barnhardt. I suspect she beat the 💩 out of him in a cage fight.
BTW, I think there are three 👁s in Stalinist

Anonymous said...

Stopped listening to dimwit when I read that the wife was out earning the bulk of the living.
How very "traditional" he is!

susan said...

Steve has made it very clear that he doesn't believe any of "this BS" anymore (see the great Barnhardt essay on that). But he's pulling the biggest salary of his life being a "thought leader" (what a wank...I'm surprised he didn't say 'faith infuencer'), and he just doesn't wanna give up the lucrative scam of suckering in the overcredulous sheep. He's become a more and more pathetic figure as the years have passed; full of heresy, disdain, and bile. Now he just feels like a villainous vapor, with a really, really (REALLY) bad goatee.

"...(those) who subvert whole houses, teaching things which they ought not, for filthy lucre's sake."

Tancred said...

Has anyone else noticed how Holy Steve has kept aloof of the political campaign?

Another thing I've noticed and have mentioned elsewhere, is that he is consistently demoralizing of traditional Catholics. Has Holy Steve ever met a real Catholic he doesn't feel superior to?

Anonymous said...

Barnhardt is a demented piece of work. Skojec is not perfect, but he surpasses her by a wide margin in every conceivable way. His website is excellent.

Tony W

susan said...

Oh look Tancred....Skojerk's mother joined in the'that sweet?

Tancred said...

Ayyy, Tone, why does the creep Skojec keep attacking trads for no reason?