Monday, October 1, 2012

These Politics Will Lead Unavoidably to the Social Downfall

To the Bitter End

We will experience a Europe which will be under dictatorial rule -- and the Democratic politicians will explain to us that there are no alternatives.
(  "How does it work like this that the political class will attempt to save the Euro down to the bitter end."

Albrecht Schachtschneider (72) said this in an interview, which was highly praised by users of 'Epochenwechsel'.

Soon, Germany Will be there

The desire is -- says Schachtschneider -- with the Euro and saving the Euro "to force the cause of the European state."

The constitutional lawyer insists that this political maneuver will lead "unavoidably to the  economic decline of all peoples":

"In the south it is already clearly detectable:  The recession and deflation -- and eventually then inflation."

And:  "That effects France also more and more and will soon draw Germany into the abyss."

The German must deliver the state of its assets

Schachtschneider predicts a climb in interest for Germany:  "The debt will become unserviceable in Germany."

He sees "fatal consequences" for everyone:  "One will make claims in every way of the citizens, to deliver up their assets."

It happens like this:  "The short term deposits in the region of two billion will be frozen by account blocks."

The immoveable assets will be seized by a forced loan.

Gold will be confiscated:  "There will be a ban on trading gold."

Schachtschneider recalled then that the private assets of the German people's assets have already been exhausted by incoming obligations.

It might be taken by the state only in title.

Rebellions will be put down

The past bankruptcy politics will in Schachtschneider's estimation result in a serious political crisis:  "The population may possibly rebel."

Actually: "This rebellion will be put down with all the resources and probably by foreign police power.  The troops have already been prepared."

The constitutional attorney expressed the foreseeable:  "We will experience a Europe, that will be despotic, i.e. dictatorially ruled."

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