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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Archbishop Crepaldi: “The EU is Dead! Cause of Death:Coronavirus”

Archbishop Crepaldi, Bishop of Trieste and an outstanding representative of Catholic social teaching, notes the death of the EU in his latest statement - cause of death: coronavirus.

 Archbishop Giampaolo Crepaldi, the Bishop of Trieste and emeritus chair of the International Observatory Cardinal Van Thuan for the Social Doctrine of the Church, is one of the most outstanding representatives of Catholic social teaching.  He has now published a document on the coronavirus crisis, in which he states "the death of the European Union by Coronavirus".  The Archbishop of Trieste wrote, among other things:

 “The experience of the past few days has shown that the European Union is not only divided, but a phantom.  There have been selfish disputes among member states rather than cooperation.  Italy is isolated and left alone.  The European Commission intervened late and the European Central Bank intervened poorly.  Given the epidemic, every state has shut itself down.  The resources that Italy needs to deal with the emergency, which would have been associated with currency devaluation at other times, for example, now depend on the Union's decisions, which we have to bow to.

“The Corona virus has definitely exposed the artificiality of the European Union.  It is unable to achieve cooperation between the states to which it has imposed itself through the transfer of sovereignty.  The lack of moral cement was not compensated for by the institutional and political cement.  This inglorious end of the European Union by the corona virus is to be noted.  It is also important to think that cooperation between European countries in the fight for health is also possible outside of supranational political institutions.”

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Picture: Correspondenza Romana
Trans: Tancred

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Europe Between Sodom and Gomorrha

(Rome) The historian Cristina Siccardi wrote for the Corrispondenza Romana a review of the book " L'Europe tra Sodoma e Gomorra " (Europe between Sodom and Gomorrah) by Danilo Quinto (Arkadia, Cagliari in 2014, 188 pages, € 15). [Ed: The book is not in English yet as far as we know.]
The foreword to the book was inspired by the late legal philosopher and papal critic Mario Palmaro. The last, that he published.  Danilo Quinto was for 20 years a militant representative of  the Radical Party of Italy, from which the former European Commissioner and abortion activist, Emma Bonino began her efforts. Ten years ago he found the Catholic faith through  his present wife and broke with the Radicals.
Is the title of his latest book, pure provocation, or does it really recall today's Europe to the two biblical cities that were punished by God because of the spread there of aberrosexuality and razed to the ground? "Danilo Quinto proves in this book with insightful and well-documented arguments that the comparison is entirely legitimate," Mario Palmaro writes in his preface. "It is a shockingly objective judgment, which not a few contemporaries will be thrown by the concept, who are used to a gentle and lulling politically correct language. And by that, I mean not only those engaged in the construction of a new world in which the criteria  of true and good  are turned on their heads, and work for this project of moral devastation. I also think of many people who are sensitive to the so-called non-negotiable values, whether individuals or institutions that would oppose this destruction of value."

Increase in Sexual Freedom, Loss of Mental powers

In the 70s a crisis of values was spoken of by the substitution of being with having, from the generation gap between children and parents. The idea of ​​the Christian family, with God and His laws into the center, broke down. With a loud voice, on all fronts freedom was proclaimed by the rules: sexual freedom (licentiousness and immorality) to have freedom of divorce, to use freedom of contraceptives, freedom of abortion (murder), female emancipation (Feminism), gender equality, class hatred (envy) were very concrete, while the spiritual powers, those which allowed people to do the best in tests, to make sacrifices,  practice renunciation for a greater good, to perfect oneself, which baptism calls one to sanctify one's own life, was getting weaker and has almost completely lost its meaning and raison d'être.
Just as the good brings forth goods, evil brings out evils: in  2003 the European Parliament called on the Member States, to give same-sex pairs  equal rights. Simultaneously, the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union (Nice, 2000) recognized  for all the right to marry and form a "family". "These are the results of several decades of European secular culture that encourages the human dynamics, rather than to curb and steer. That should be their job, to serve the public good, which is not an abstract, but a thoroughly concrete category, it is the part of life of a community or at least should be. To be used for the common good, i.e. to act in the sense of ethics. Abortion and divorce are considered by the European policy as social phenomena. As such, they are perceived and accordingly can be covered using laws. It's exploitation. The policy uses the things of life, making of it a political instrument," says Quinto.

Race Between the Governments to Make "Demonic Decisions"

The author makes understandable, explained and presented with great expertise. Not only because he knows the history of Europe, not only because he detailed its various problems and the legislation of the various States shows they  try to outdo each other in ruthless and demonic choices, but because the destructive system that is directed against the Christian Civitas, he knows from the inside. Through his years of work in the Radical Party at the side of  radical secularists like Marco Pannella and Emma Bonino 1 he got to know the policies and strategies used in the field, followed by its flagellant machinery.

The author concludes his strikingly truth telling book with the commitment to trust in the intercession of the Mother of God and Virgin Mary, to whom he appeals as a militant and pious son.  "If our God-fearing, Catholic ancestors had seen today's world, they who were aware of the seriousness of the earthly as well as of the supernatural life,  would have been horrified and would have asked Christ  to punish this perverse society, just as Sodom and Gomorrah were punished, "  said Cristina Siccardi.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Corrispondeza Romana
Trans: Tancred
Link to Katholisches...

Friday, July 1, 2011

Polish Youth Favor Banning Abortion: Poland Prepares Vote on Abortion

Editor: check out the way the ages are set up in this Life News article. The hippie generation of 68 is less in support of the Catholic position than the younger, better and more promising, generation. Once again, we're seeing that the generation which fell for all the newfangled ideas, the abortion, the draconian family law, the divorce, the contraception and the sodomy is out of step with Poland's Zeigeist.

"...76% of those aged 15 to 24 favor total protection for unborn children."

[Life News] Poland lawmakers cast their initial vote on legislation that would ban all abortions in the European nation — supporting a bid to move ahead with legislation that would tighten the nation’s laws already prohibiting most abortions.

The PRO Foundation has organized a grassroots campaign to lobby MPs to support the legislation and the nation’s Catholic bishops have also played an integral role in advancing the legislation. The legislation is the result of a citizen-led initiative drive in which sponsors collected 100,000 signatures over the course of three months but which resulted in collecting 600,000 petitions in just two weeks.

The bill would remove the rape and incest exceptions from the current federal law in Poland and provide protection for pregnant women and unborn children starting at conception. Also, currently, Polish law allows for abortion in cases related to maternal health, if the pregnancy is the result of “illegal activity,” or if the unborn child is disabled.

Some Polish abortion practitioners have reportedly manipulated the law to do abortions on children with minor problems such as a cleft palate and others are misreporting the fetal age of the unborn baby at the time of the abortion to escape prosecution.

According to an AFP report, members of the Polish parliament turned back an effort by left-wing legislators to stop progress on the bill and, instead, they sent it to a committee for further work. Members of the Sejm voted 254-151 against the communist Democratic Left Alliance’s motion to reject the legislation and, in a subsequent vote, lawmakers sent the bill to committee for finalization.

Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, a former assistant to Pope John Paul II, told Poland’s largest opinion weekly, Gosc Niedzielny, “The Church clearly teaches that it is the obligation of Catholics not to protect the current ‘compromise’ but to aim at complete protection of life. This is a solution, which the Church calls for. I support all efforts aiming at improving the protection of human life.”

The Nazi invasion in World War II brought legalized abortions to Poland and the situation was exacerbated under Communist rule by the Soviet Union. In 1993, a free Poland put the current pro-life laws in place but did not ban all abortions.

A survey conducted earlier this month demonstrates a shift in the population’s attitudes about abortion and showed 65% of Poles agree that the law “should unconditionally protect the life of all children since conception,” and 76% of those aged 15 to 24 favor total protection for unborn children. Some 57 percent of those aged 55 to 70 agree that a ban on abortions is appropriate.

Link to lifesite...

The photo is of Polish Youth, a Catholic patriotic association which would do well to provide a model for similar organizations, which are practically non-existent, in the United States.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Catholic Led Nationalist Party Scores Big in Finland

Editor: At last, someone with sense leading the way. Is he a man in the mold of Gabriel Garcia Moreno, who led Ecudor last century, or perhaps another Antonio Salazar? Btw, if you don't like those wikipedia articles, we encourage you to change them, especially when they attempt to force Marxist reality down people's throats; thanks.
Timo Soini

Timo Soini: "We are not extremists, so you can sleep safely"

A nationalist party has taken nearly a fifth of votes in Finland's general election, the electoral commission says.

The True Finns finished just behind the conservative NCP and the Social Democrats on around 19%.

While the Social Democrats have called for changes on EU bail-outs, including the planned Portuguese rescue, True Finns opposes the plans altogether.

Read further at BBC...

Editor: Changed Bolivia to Ecuador.  St. Gabriel Moreno is of Ecuador, not Bolivia.  

Friday, December 3, 2010

Swiss Pass Tougher Immigration Law

The ruling against new Minarets was greeted in the world press with horror and the almost universal cry of a return to Hitler and "fascist" from the editorial page of every newspaper in the world.  Now the UDC has voted for the deportation of foreign criminals and that same press is up in arms again, although there is still much talk about the guilt of white victims, it cites the issue from Daoudal blog, here:

The Swiss people approved, by a majority of votes (52.9%) in a majority of cantons (20 out of 26), the UDC's proposition on the automatic expulsion of foreign criminals. 

Here's an analysis at Gallia Watch, here.

Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich has further cemented his contact with Hispanic voters by his own conciliatory approach to immigration, and Catholicism. [He converted to Catholicism recently]

But other politicians aren't so conciliatory.  It's a real problem, especially in dealing with the Muslims as one Austrian politician here vehemently declares:

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Europe's elite choose a new president

Catholic Culture

Phil Lawler

European leaders are meeting today to select a new president for the European Union. They will also choose an EU foreign minister.

With the final ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, the 27 member-states of the EU are now formed into a single entity, with a population of nearly 500 million and a GDP of over $18 trillion, wielding enormous economic and political influence. The president of this new federation will instantly become one of the most powerful figures in world affairs.

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Thanks to SBC for link.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Busybody Red Finn and Activist EU Judges attack God and Italian Sovereignty

In another effort to further obsolesce national sovereignty, the EU Parliament, dominated as it is by sympathetes for sodomy and immorality, vampires that they are, want Crucifixes taken down from all Italian Schools.

No doubt, the woman who filed the complaint against the court, a woman of Finnish and likely communist origins. It remains to be seen what a foreign court, or a Red Finn, should have any say about what Italians do in their lands.

Rome - Italian state-run schools are fully entitled to hang crucifixes in their classrooms, an Italian high court ruled on Wednesday, thus rejecting a legal challenge raised by a non-Christian.

Soile Lautsi, an Italian citizen of Finnish origins whose two children frequent a school in the Veneto region, had argued that the crucifix on display there violates the principle that the state should be neutral when it comes to religious matters.