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Friday, November 2, 2018

Muslims Attack Coptic Christians in Egypt — Religion of Peace Kills 7

Coptic church spokesman confirmed at least seven fatalities

Cairo ( In Egypt, there was another devastating attack on Coptic Christians on Friday. According to initial media reports, gunmen in the Al-Minya province attacked a bus with pilgrims on their way to Anba Samuel Monastery. At least seven people were killed, according to a spokesman for the Coptic church in the newspaper Al-Ahram. Several others were sometimes seriously injured.

In May, a similar terrorist attack by gunmen on a bus carrying Coptic pilgrims to the same monastery left 30 people dead and two dozen injured. At that time, the terrorist militia IS took responsibility for the act.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Coptic Nun Killed -- Local Police Say "Stray Bullet"

Coptic Christians continue to suffer Islamic persecution.
(Cairo) Yesterday, July 5, a Coptic nun was shot dead in Egypt.
The police called it a "tragic accident".  It currently not being treated as a crime. The nun was accidentally caught in a shootout between two rival clans. An stray bullet  killed the nun, says Fides .
The Orthodox nun Athanasia was, along with two sisters and a driver, on the way back from Cairo in the monastery Mar Girgis in Alexandria. In al-Khatatba, a bullet suddenly  struck one of the Women Religious in the vehicle. Sister Athanasia was killed on the spot.
The first reports reported an anti-Christian attack.The investigating police of Guizeh denied this, however, describing the shooting between two local Muslim clans as the reason for the "accidental" death of the nun.

Sister Athanasia +

Burned Christian houses

On June 24, several Christian homes had been burned in al-Baeda in Alexandria. A Muslim mob had gathered after Friday prayers in front of the house of Christian Naim Aziz because the false rumor was spread among Muslims, that the house may be converted into a church. The Muslims shouted the slogan: "Under no circumstances will there be a church here." To be sure, deeds followed their  words, and and they burned down the house of a Christian and a few other Christian homes for good measure.
The Church of the Christians of al-Baeda, is located  six kilometers in the neighboring town.

murdered Coptic priest

Father Raphael Moussa +

The Christians of Egypt have been experiencing a new wave of Islamic violence for months. Last Thursday a Coptic Orthodox priest was murdered on the Sinai Peninsula belonging to Egypt. The priest Raphael Moussa was 46 years old. After the Holy Mass, which he celebrated in the Mar Girgis Church of the city of El-Arish in the north of the peninsula, he was killed in the parking lot in front of the church by a targeted shot. The murder was claimed by the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS).
El-Arish is located on the Mediterranean coast, with nearly 150,000 inhabitants, it is the largest city in the Sinai. The city, is where in 1118, Baduin I., the first king of Jerusalem, died during Crusader period, and was besieged and occupied in 1799 by Napoleon, and made the headlines recently because of organ trafficking. Bedouin tribes kidnap African migrants and remove their organs, which are sold to hospitals. This has been confirmed by the German government.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Wikicommons / Coptictoday / Fides (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
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Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Arab Revolt Continues in Egypt as Christian Churches Are Burning

So much for the “Arab Spring”.  We predicted an Arab Revolt long before this happened, when the various media organs were rhapsodizing about the wonders of Democracy.

A report from Pro Christanis’ Facebook group reveals:

Update - Egypt - 14.08.2013
24 churches burnt down today15 orthodox7 catholic and 2 protestant churchesCopts' houses attacked in Cairo, Alexandria, Sohag, Minya and SuezChristians' shops and Bible publishing houses also attacked A priest and his wife were kidnapped and hold captive by Muslim Brotherhood

And the atrocities continue, link.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Egypt: More Attacks on Coptic Orthodox Community. Two Churches Set on Fire

Cairo (AsiaNews / Agencies) - The Egyptian Coptic community faces a new escalation of attacks by Islamists. On 17 May, two churches were attacked with Molotov cocktails in the district of Dakhela, west of Alexandria, Egypt, and Menpal in Upper Egypt.

In Alexandria over 20 thousand Muslims attacked the church of St. Mary setting fire to the entrance of the building and shattering windows. A man died of a heart attack in the attack. In response to the violence, hundreds of Copts left their homes to create a human wall around the building. According to witnesses some Islamists armed with pistols and knives fired on the crowd, causing some injuries.

At the origin of the clashes is a dispute between two neighbors. Basem Ramzy Michael, a Coptic Christian, is reported to have behaved inappropriately towards the sister of Alloshy Hamada, a Muslim with a criminal record. In a short time the dispute between the two erupted into a sectarian clash.

A similar incident occurred last May 13, in the village of Menbal, Matay district, north of the province of Minya, where a Muslim mob stormed the church called the Tadros el-Mashreki and assaulted one person inside. The assailants threw stones at the building, looted Christian shops nearby and burned cars. The Coptic minority has been threatened with expulsion from the village. Once again the violence was sparked by a trivial quarrel between two young people. Some young Muslims are reported to have made advances to a group of Coptic girls, as they entered the church. Irritated at having been ignored the group waited for the young Christian girls to leave the Church and threw bags filled with urine at them. The young people were rescued by some Christians peers who have started a heated argument with Muslims. As in other cases, the news spread across the village. In a short time a crowd of Islamists rallied in front of the church, forcing young people to take refuge inside.

Ehab Ramzy, a Coptic Christian, prosecutor in the province and former member of parliament, said Menbal has a Muslim majority, while Manshiet Menbal, 10 kilometers away, has Coptic majority. "The Christians of the two villages - he explains - have nothing to do with the fight that took place in Manshiet Menbal. The young people were attacked just because they are Christian." Two young Muslim men were arrested by police in Menbal. In the coming days there will be a reconciliation meeting between the two communities. "Now - he adds - the security forces are trying to arrest some young Copts. They have become a bargaining chip to seek reconciliation."

AsiaNews sources underline that the attacks against the Coptic community are now a daily occurrence and are being ignored by the police, who because of the climate of chaos, let communities resolve disputes among themselves, although this can result in dead or wounded. The most serious incident took place on April 7 in front of the Cathedral of St. Mark in Cairo, where a group of Islamists attacked funerals of four Christians killed in sectarian clashes that took place on April 5 in the district of Khosous, on the outskirts of the capital, with stones and Molotov cocktails. The assault, which took place before the eyes of the police, left two dead and over 80 injured. A church building caught fire.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Converted Muslims Are Secretly Baptized in Vienna -- Msgr Franz Schlegl on World Prayer Day for Persecuted Christians

(Vienna) On the 4th of November 2012 Msgr. Mag. Franz Schlegl preached for persecuted Christians.  Msgr. Schlegl is a priest of the Roman Rite and an Archpriest of the Byzantine Rite (Ukrainian Communion) of the Archdiocese of Vienna.

At the outset Dr. Elmar Kuhn, the General Secretary of Christian Solidarity International Austria spoke of a "dramatic scale of Christian persecution".  Kuhn reported the current case of a Pakistani Christian who had been given a prison sentence for "ridicule" involving  "blasphemy against the Prophet".  Although he had completed his sentence, the Muslim prison director refused to let him free, because he had continued to hold fast to his belief in Christ.

Msgr. Schlegl spoke in his sermon about the Christian persecution, of which the media does not report. "Whichever picture of human rights, whichever picture of democracy our responsible journalists of our media",   when there are attacks and violence to Christians "are hardly talked about in the media".   Every five to ten minutes somewhere in the world a Christian is killed because of his faith.  In 50 nations of the world there are more than 100 million Christians persecuted for their faith, mishandled, discriminated,  and threatened with death.  Nine of ten of those persecuted for their beliefs are Christians.  But that does not merit a line of the news value and also in the newspapers not a line."  With the exception of North Korea, he People's Republic of China and some of the other communistically inclined states, "the persecution of Christians takes place primarily in Islamic countries.  The 'Arab Spring' has become a Christian crucifixion." Christians are valued in states like Somalia and Nigeria "as vermin, that must be destroyed, as trash that must be taken out".

Msgr Schlegl explained that Muslims, who have converted to the Catholic Faith, in agreement with Archbishop Christoph Cardinal Schönborn do not have to participate in the catechumen celebration, "very simply, because it is dangerous.  Then their preparation for baptism and the baptism inclusively held in secret so that they don't have to fear for their lives."

"That is happening to us today that Christians, in following the Lord are ready to die as martyrs.  That is the biggest difference.  The Muslims also say, their fighters are martyrs.  As a Christian I am prepared to die for my Christian faith, but I am never prepared to murder for my Faith.  And those who call themselves martyrs, because they set off an automobile in the air and rip 100 or 50 people to death: what does that have to do with martyrdom.  That is naked violence."

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Sorry, his sermon is only in German.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Egypt: Salafists Riot and Attack Coptic Church

Edit: if someone in the government told you that they "couldn't guarantee your safety" as the Egyptian Parliament told a Coptic family near Alexandria, it sure would look like a threat.  Considering he heavy handed treatment of Copts in Egypt before and since the Arab Spring, it looks like this treatment will continue.

Riot in the village of Meet Bashar, northeast of Cairo is inflamed in a conflict over conversion. 

Cairo (  2,000 Salafists have attached the Coptic Church of the Egyptian Village of Meet BAshar and burned down the rectory.  Also the residences and autos of Coptic Christians from the village, some 50 km northeasterly of Cairo were destroyed.  The peace was only brought back with a massive police presence;  otherwise the functionarites from the inspirational Party "Justice and Freedom" came to the village and persuaded the Salafists that it ould be better if they disappear from Meet Bashar.

The Salafist riots began on Sunday, 12 February.  The cause -- as so often in similar cases -- a conflict surrounding conversion.  In Meet Bashar it involved 14 year old Rania Khalil.  Her Coptic father was converted some days earlier to Mohamedism.  On the 12th of February, the girl disappeared.  Salfaisten have come to insist that the Christians had abducted the girl from the village, in order to prevent her conversion to Mohamedism.  Rania Khalil has been discovered in the mean time and is presently being questioned by the authorities.

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