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Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Proper Mass for Richard III Isn't Impossible

Update:  there's even a battle going on between York and Leicester.  Indeed, King Richard was the last Northern King.  There's also a petition you can sign if you're a citizen of the United Kingdom.

Edit: a few days ago it was finally confirmed that Richard III, one of England's last Catholic monarchs, did indeed find his last resting place beneath a car park in Leicester, England, after the fateful Battle of Bosworth Field.  It doesn't matter that he is an unlikely cause for canonization and that he did many evil things during his life.  St. Thomas More believed Richard was one of the most evil men of the age and got what he had coming to him, but could St. Thomas More have foreseen the remains of this devout Catholic King resting in unconsecrated ground?

Now that we know these battle scarred remains are those of Richard III, who was a devout, if poor, Catholic, it would be an edifying thing for England's Catholics, to see his bones put to rest according to our own Rites.  Perhaps a few may recall that it was we who first made the suggestion in September?

After all, if Dakota Indians can lay claim to the remains of people almost completely unrelated to them in Minnesota, why can't Catholics do the same for their own sacred grounds and dead?  Richard III was one of us.  He said the same prayers, he went to the same Holy Mass and believed the same Catholic Faith which was handed down to us by our fathers and mothers.  Moreover, is there any point in going into the fact that with its extreme trendiness, enthusiasm for the trends of the day, that the Church of England has long since ceased resembling anything Richard III would have recognized as a fitting Church, much less a Christian religion?

It's not just that it might be done, in a Rite fitting a Catholic King, but that it can be done.  A commenter on Australia Incognita Blog knows just the Bishop for the job, in fact, the local Ordinary of Leicester himself.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Guardian Gloats Over the End of Confessional Ireland

Editor: the Guardian would never enable elements hostile to Catholicism, would it? The Irish Republic continues to dismantled and put away the remnants of an Irish confessional state with the blessing of a people saturated with media hysteria.

[Guardian] There are two parallel revolutions taking place on either side of the Irish Sea that will radically alter the relationship between government and non-state institutions that exercise major temporal power.

In Britain the ongoing revelations of wrongdoing within the Murdoch empire and the public humiliation of a media baron and his son may result in re-alignment in the relationship between politicians and the press, with the former becoming less supplicant to the latter.

One of the most important by-products of the last few incredible weeks has been the end of fear. Specifically, fear of media tycoons who used to boast that some of their newspapers had "won" elections and had left the prime ministerial ambitions of party leaders in ruins. The humbling of Murdoch Senior and Junior this week marked the end of that fear.

Link to Guardian...

Catholic Cartoon blog, here.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Russia Jehovas Witness Leader Gets 2 Years in Jail

Moscow (AsiaNews/F18) – Alexander Kalistratov, chairman of the Gorno-altaisk chapter of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, was convicted for possession of “extremist” literature, and given a two-year prison sentence. The sentence is final, and Kalistratov’s only recourse is the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) where his lawyer filed on appeal arguing that his conviction was religiously motivated.

The original charges were laid after it was determined that he possessed copies of Jehovah’s Witnesses publications like Watchtower and Awake, whose opinions, according to the court, were “extremist” even if solely religious in nature. For this reason, local experts told the Forum 18 news agency that the court convicted him for his religious beliefs.

For Attorney Viktor Zhenkov, it is surprising that it took the court just three working days to rule on the matter even if the case includes 13 volumes of evidence.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Busybody Red Finn and Activist EU Judges attack God and Italian Sovereignty

In another effort to further obsolesce national sovereignty, the EU Parliament, dominated as it is by sympathetes for sodomy and immorality, vampires that they are, want Crucifixes taken down from all Italian Schools.

No doubt, the woman who filed the complaint against the court, a woman of Finnish and likely communist origins. It remains to be seen what a foreign court, or a Red Finn, should have any say about what Italians do in their lands.

Rome - Italian state-run schools are fully entitled to hang crucifixes in their classrooms, an Italian high court ruled on Wednesday, thus rejecting a legal challenge raised by a non-Christian.

Soile Lautsi, an Italian citizen of Finnish origins whose two children frequent a school in the Veneto region, had argued that the crucifix on display there violates the principle that the state should be neutral when it comes to religious matters.