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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cardinal Müller: "Remarried Divorced? The Teaching of the Church is Clear -- There Will be no Division Among the Cardinals"

(Rome)   The Church proclaims what has been entrusted to her by Christ, the indissolubility of marriage. New Ways? But it is not against the word of Jesus Christ.  The problem is not the issue of remarried divorcees, the problem is the divorce. Many Catholics do not adhere to the Magisterium? That is reprehensible. Briefly summarized here are the statements of Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, as he made them in his recent interview, a few days after the speech by Cardinal Walter Kasper on "new ways" for remarried divorcees before the College of Cardinals. Here is the full interview of the Prefect of the CDF.
Last Saturday Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig  Müller of the CDF, raised by Pope Francis to the cardinalate,  presented in Rome his most recent book "Poor for the Poor. The Mission of the Church " (original title Povera per i poveri ). Published in the Vatican publishing house it was addressed by Pope Francis in the foreword. The volume contained several articles of the German Cardinal, and not least by the "father" of liberation theology, Gustavo Gutierrez, a personal friend of the Prefect of the Faith.
The book was presented by Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga and Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi.The Archbishop of Tegucigalpa and coordinator of the C8-Cardinal Council recommended recently Müller via the German media to be "flexible" in terms of the sacrament of marriage. Therefore, the book launch presented an interesting combination.
In the context of the book presentation  Cardinal Müller answered some questions for Vatican Insider about the current discussion on the family and the sacrament of marriage. These issues will be the focus of the upcoming Synod of Bishops in October and were the focus of the ordinary cardinal consistory on Thursday and Friday last week. There, another  German Cardinal Walter Kasper held the only lecture on the discussion and formulated a yes to Catholic teaching on marriage, but. The doctrine entrusted by Christ would not change in the Church and the Church could not change, but ... And this "but" that had previously inspired and demanded by German bishops, now the whole discussion revolves around this. Can there ever be a "but", there should be such, if so, what content should this "but" have. Cardinal Kasper spoke of a second marriage being impossible in the Church, because the indissolubility of marriage according to Jesus, is considered. But he could but imagine the re-admission to Communion for the divorced and civilly remarried after a season of penance.  In contrast, this already excited pages of other strong objections at the Consistory of Cardinals, starting with the observation that for the Church "remarried divorcees" do not exist. The criticism prompted Pope Francis on the morning of the second day Consistory to pronounce unusual praise for Cardinal Kasper. The head of the Church was not bending to Kasper's points, but described it as fundamentally a "theology on its knees" and thus signaled special benevolence.
Can this happen to grant remarried divorcees Communion?
The divorce is not a way for the Church. The Church is for the indissolubility of marriage. I have written a lot, and the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has written many documents, the Second Vatican Council has said a lot about marriage and the teaching of the Church is very clear.
So you conclude from that that remarried divorcees can be readmitted to Communion?
It's not about my opinion. We have the teaching of the Church, which is also expressed in the Catechism, in the Council of Trent, in the Vatican Council, in other explanations of our Congregation. Pastoral care can not have a different orientation than  doctrine. Doctrine and pastoral are one and the same. Jesus Christ as Shepherd and Jesus Christ as Master with His Word are not different people.
The Pope spoke of an intelligent, creative family ministry full of love: Can there be new ways?
New ways yes, but not against the will of Jesus. The mercy of God is in no way contrary to the righteousness of God. Marriage is a sacrament that creates an indissoluble bond between the two spouses. New ways need to deepen the knowledge of doctrine. Many  do not know this and think that marriage is a festival only celebrated in the Church. However, the spouses give their word, to live completely  together, in body, sexuality, in spirit, in Faith and God's Grace. We need to help those people who are in a very difficult situation, but if the marriage is indissoluble, we can not dissolve the marriage. Divorce is not a solution, because the dogma of the Church is not any theory of some theologian, but the teaching of the Church is nothing other than the word of Jesus Christ, which is very clear. I can not change the Church's teaching.
The questionnaire prepared by the Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops has been sent to all dioceses of the world, which brought to light that many Catholics in various countries, do not follow the Magisterium of the Church in many things: birth control, marriage ...
It is reprehensible that they do not know the teachings of the Church. We can not reduce the revelation and words of Jesus Christ not  because Catholics, and were there many, who do not know the reality. There are many who do not participate in Sunday Mass because they do not know what value it has for their lives and often do not know that there  is even a duty. But we can not say that  for that reason the Mass is less important! It would be paradoxical if the Church would say, because many do not know the truth, that in the future, the truth is no longer binding.
Can it come  to a split among the cardinals on these themes?
No, the Church's teaching is clear. We must strive to provide pastoral care for marriage, but not just for the divorced and remarried, but for those who live in matrimony. We can not always focus on this single question ourselves whether they are allowed to receive communion or not. The problems and the wounds are the divorce, the children who no longer have their parents but have to live with other than their biological parents: these are the problems.
Introduction / Translation: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Concilio e-mail Concilio
Trans: Tancred

Thursday, October 10, 2013

"Nothing Changes!" -- Vatican Speaker Denies Changes Regarding Remarried Divorcees

Cardinal Lehman
(Freiburg / Rome) The disobedient advances of the sedevacantists of the Archdiocese of Freiburg have caused quite a stir with the approval of admitting remarried divorcees to Communion. The key word is magical for many journalists. The former Communist, now Democratic Left channel of the Italian State RAI broadcasting released the message already at 6:45 pm in the morning news. Rome responded with a clarification by the Press Office: "Nothing changes"

Freiburg Won't "Go it Alone" - Schismatic Lehmann-Church Explores Boundaries of the Church

The reactions of the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart and from the Archdiocese of Munich-Freising show that the Freiburg is apparently means that it is "going it alone" in its provocation. Part of the German-speaking Church has found itself for some time in a state of latent schism. At intervals, "open schism is rehearsed" ( Messa in Latino ), but of course not completed, because then the whole benefice and revenue from the Church-tax would be lost. The advances serve rather to explore how far one can go in latent schism currently in order to take the Church down just a bit more.

The "German" breach which was to be beaten into the walls of the Vatican, even enraged some tempers at the Tiber. The theme of remarried divorcees was on the agenda of the meeting of the new C8 Cardinal Council. Pope Francis has already announced that the next Synod of Bishops will deal with the issue. Everyone understands that German pressure and even unilateral action, however, is not appreciated in Rome.

Vatican spokesman: "Local Pastoral Office, but Not an Official Expression of Diocesan Authority"

Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi waved it aside from the daily press briefing: "It changes nothing! There is no news for remarried divorcees." The "Document", is addressed to the director of the Vatican Press Office "comes from a local ministry office" and not the bishop. There had been a "rush to judgment", which made a lot of noise, but is "not an official expression of the diocesan authority", according to the Vatican spokesman.

Emeritus Archbishop Robert Zollitsch of Freiburg will be Apostolic Administrator until the appointment of a successor, "was not consulted and not answer for this document," said Father Lombardi. For the Vatican Freiburg is a diocese among thousands. Nevertheless, the explosive force of the inroads is aware and knows that lurking behind the door are not only imitators in all the dioceses in the German language area, but also beyond.

Cardinal De Paolis, "Bishops Were Called to Order, as They Contradicted the Cornerstones of the Doctrine of the Faith"

Velasio Cardinal De Paolis, a noted canonist, he was President of the Prefecture for the Economic Affairs till 2011 and is currently the apostolic delegate for the Legionaries of Christ, was surprised by the German advance. "It is amazing that such a proposal of a diocese is of such importance as Freiburg. Long ago, several bishops were called to order, because they issued instructions that contradicted the cornerstones of the Doctrine of the Faith, which were endorsed by the former Holy Office in the years of Joseph Ratzinger. "

"The current rules prohibit, therefore, the continuation of allowing remarried divorcees access to the sacraments," said the cardinal. "In order to receive absolution in confession and thus access to the Eucharist, one must be in a state of grace of God. The remarried divorcees are in a situation which is contrary to the law of God for marriage. The priest must therefore refuse communion," said Cardinal De Paolis.

"Statements of the Pope to be interpreted in Light of the Traditional Magisterium" - Progressives See Their Chance

But why was the appeal made in Freiburg to Pope Francis, the cardinal was asked. And his answer: "All statements of the Pope on the issue are to be interpreted in the light of the traditional Magisterium," said Velasio Cardinal De Paolis.

This prevents those, who are alien to such terms such as "divine law" and "the cornerstone of the Doctrine of the Faith", who see an opportunity. A progressive Vaticanist at Vatican Insider wrote on the subject: "But with an innovator such as Pope Francis it is not the time for crusading ultimatums. The Synod on the Family is talking about marriage, nothing about remarried divorcees, and couples who live together. The acceptance of progressives in the Curia is not excluded in the Church, but the place to change the standards is surely not a local pastoral office'. In the coming months we will see better whether, Freiburg case 'is classified as a slip or as a diocesan 'prophesy' for a change for the world Church."

Text: Giuseppe Nardi Image: Cardinal Rating
Trans: Tancred
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Archbishop Zollitsch Says Protestants are "Church"

Dressed for Disobedience

Edit: Archbishop Zollitsch has already been challenged by the Papal Nuncio, but he's angling in the German anti-Catholic media for an agenda not unlike the one at work in Austria. His latest howler would confuse the utterly decadent and dying Protestant Communion in Germany, with the Catholic one, only because they think they're "Church". 

The President of the German Bishops' Conference has vomited yet another of his sacrilegious theses regarding the reception of Communion for divorced.  He denies that there is a divide in German Catholicism.

(, Freiburg) "Benedict XVI is not the hardliner he is often presented as being" [Ain't that the truth.]

Archbishop Robert Zollitsch said this in Freiburg for an interview with the German newspaper 'Die Welt'.

Understanding for the Satanic Sleaze

Those who are against the Papal visit, the narcissistic human dreck of the Godless and the Gommorrhists have a "right to demonstrate" according to the Archbishop. He even hopes that the Satanic sleaze will respect "the person of the Pope". Among the personages will be found, for example, the fallen Catholic and homosexually disturbed David Berger, who denounced Benedict XVI in the past with his wild tirades.

Apostates Generally Deny the Division

The schismatic Archbishop denied any "evidence" for a schism in Germany.

There is "a Catholic bandwidth on many questions in positions that are at odds."

Yes, but that's apparently not a question of schism. The Archbishop only sees "various perspectives, and that's justifiable, and also self-evident".

Dogmatic Smoke Grenade

When Benedict XVI visits the Augustinian Cloister in Erfurt, where the Apostate Martin Luther lived, Msgr Zollitsch hopes for a a mandate with the Protestants, "to work out some of the things which still divide us".

As he has recalled already in the 'Augsburger Allgemeine" news, Pope John Paul II. encouraged Germany, regarding the reconsideration of alleged commonalities on the doctrine of Justification in 1980.  

What is Church?

The Archbishop is acknowledging protestants, in contradiction to the clarification of the CDF 'Dominus Jesus' of August 2000, as "Church".

The Evangelical Church understands itself as Church -- so says Msgr Zollitsch. He respects that and doesn't want to fight about concepts.

At the same time the question wasn't spared, "who is it that belongs to this 'Church' that understands themselves in this way".

The Catholic Creed explains the belief that there is only one Church.  

The Serious Solution is Turning Away from Divorce

The giving of Communion to the divorced is a "pastoral" consideration for the Archbishop.

He draws from that that there will be no concrete explanation from the Papal Visit. There is still "some analysis which has to take place. We are working on it."

Msgr Zollitsch wants to clarify the question "not shoving it to Saint-Nevers-Day, but we need the right amount of time, in order to seriously consider it."


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Viennese Dogmatic Theologian: The Pastor's Initiative May Have Schismatic Consequences

Edit: Schism is still brewing in the German speaking countries, like this parish in Freiburg.  Cardinal Schönborn has already asked the participants in the "Pastor's Initiative" to reflect on whether they are Catholic or not and seems determined to carry on without the three hundred signators of the declaration.

Viennese Professor of Dogmatic Theology: This could "have schismatic consequences: in the worst case it could lead to a sectarian counter-church."  A Bishop can't be indifferent to this, "he must intervene immediately."

Vienna ( In some points in the Pastor's Initiative there is "room for discussion", perhaps in the question of those separated and divorced to permit them to receive Communion, or in the assessment of homosexual partnerships, which are of long duration.  This is what Jan-Heiner Tück, Vienna Dogmatic Theology Professor, and author of the "International Catholic Journal Communio",  said in an interview with the "Standard".

The "dissatisfaction with the lack of reforms" is "great in certain parts of the clergy",  explains the pressure, says the professor, which demands priestly ordination for women and lay ministers, he goes on further to explain.  But "a public outcry for disobedience is a provocative act", explained Tück, " which stands in direct contradiction to the promises, that were signed by a priest when he became ordained.  Otherwise the Initiative has a few points against proposals of Church regulations, he named some such as the "Call to Disobedience" demanding the arbitrary allowance of remarried, divorced, non-Catholics and lapsed to receive the Eucharist, according to the "Standard".

A Danger for the Church in reference to the Pastor's Intiative lies in that "which the criticism goes so far, as not merely proposing , rather also at the same time -- without the agreement of the Bishop -- will be applied".  This may "have schismatic consequences: it will lead in the worst case to form a sectarian counter-church."  A Bishop can not be indifferent to this, "he must intervene immediately."  In any case it would be more sensible, says the Professor, from this point forward to "have discussions behind the scenes".

As a solution Tück proposes that both sides come around "and make no denunciations".  What is clear is that: "Should all of the proposals" of the Pastor's Initiative "be adopted with a single blow, then the Church would have a different face than anything that has been seen for centuries."

The so-called "Pastor's Initiative" is an Internet campaign which has about 300 members and in future insists that there is no allowance for a "Roman intervention":  homemade liturgies of the word on Sunday like observing "priestless Eucharistic celebrations" and to rely on "guest lecturers",  "to discuss proposals for Church reform" in every Liturgy while ignoring the rule against lay preachers, and to openly utilize lay preachers and married or female priests at every opportunity and similar such things.

The Viennese Archbishop Christoph Cardinal Schönborn had already been cited  at in an exhaustive discussion, where he "can not tolerate such a call to disobedience".

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Joliet Pastor Praises Islam and Demeans the Mass of All Ages

Joliet's Finest

Edit: Today is the feast of St. John Vianney, patron of Priests, feared of the Devil.  It is a terrible mockery that on this feast, we're presented with someone who is an anti-Cure, and were it not for his approved status, we'd think he was an imposter.  He thinks no differently, actually, than the rebellious priests on the Viennese Cardinal's  watch who say a lot of the same things he does.

The following is a parish bulletin file from the Parish of Divine Savior in Downers Grove, Illinois, we received from "Concerned Catholic". He says that the pastor, Father William Conway, is downplaying the Immemorial Mass of All Ages. In another bulletin this priest even praises Allah and Islam.

You can also contact the Diocese about this individual:

Diocese of Joliet
Bishop R. Daniel Conlon
Bishop of Joliet
Office of the Bishops
425 Summit St.
Joliet, IL 60435-7193

phone: 815-722-6606
fax: 815-722-6632

Father, despite his spiritual and liturgical eccentricities, does make a good point, though, as the designation of "extraordinary" seems to make the Mass of all Ages into a preferential luxury.

We also noticed that his reading list leaves something to be desired. Can anyone who holds Karl Rahner SJ as an authority on Liturgy really expect anyone to believe they're Catholic? In any wise, what would happen to Father Bill if the norms of the Vatican Council II as he understands them were suddenly rejected and the Immemorial Mass of all Ages were to be recognized as the norm, as Cardinal Ranjith maintains? We suspect he'd take his pension and become an non-denominational pastor somewhere.

Moreover, Vatican II is a lot like Wittgenstein's famous Duck Rabbit. It can mean just about anything you want it to mean, unless you want it to mean something Catholic according to these Old Liberals who throw their poisoned darts. We've taken some effort to parse the comments.

It Doesn't Matter As Long As You're Not Catholic

Take a look at the parish council. Most of these people will be gone  in twenty years, God willing.

It is worth one’s time to consider what some of the Church’s leading theologians at the Second Vatican Council thought and wrote concerning the Eucharist and liturgy. In recent years one hears some speaking of the role of the priest in the liturgy as acting in persona Christi (in the person of Christ). My fear with such language is that it may have the effect of clericalizing [ Ah, this familiar old complaint. Destroy the priesthood and you destroy the Church] the celebration of the Eucharist, making the assembly once again a passive observer. At. Augustine reflecting on the meaning of ecclesia as the unity of the Body of Christ.

The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy (Sacrosanctum, Concilium) clearly underscores this understanding when it states the when we are gather at the Eucharist Table, it is in that moment that we are truly Church (ecclesia). Furthermore, in the gathering through the Holy Spirit we act with Christ, the High Priest, in offering the sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving to the Father. On this idea of the sacerdocio of the assembly in the Eucharist Yves Congar, O. P. cites the words of St. Peter Damian – words that at first glance appear somewhat contemporary: “the sacrifice of praise is offered by all the faithful, not only by men but also by women, even though it might appear to be offered in a special way by the priest alone (p. 26)”. These words were written a thousand years ago! Would that those who wish to restrict or limit the presence and active participation of women in the liturgy take heed of the words of St. Peter Damian.

While I respect the decision of the Holy Father to permit the extraordinary rite of the Tridentine Mass (please note “extraordinary”),[It never stopped you from using Eucharistic "Ministers", no doubt] my criticism of this form is that by the very manner of its celebration it renders the role of the laity to being little more than onlooker.  [Assuming the passivity of those present at the Immemorial Mass is a serious slur] In fact, it was precisely because of this that the Council Fathers in Sacrosanctum Concilium mandated the reform of the Latin Rite of the Catholic Mass: “In the restoratio and promotion of the sacred liturgy, this full and active participation by all the people is the aim to
be considered before all else (#14)”. [Active participation doesn't mean that you have a hoard of EXTRAORDINARY ministers, either]

Phrases, such as “in persona Christi”, “ad orientem”, I believe run contrary not only to the spirit of Vatican II but to the very tradition of the Church. [If you'd bothered to read Cardinal Ratzinger's, "Spirit of the Liturgy", you'd know that it actually is] reclined at table with them.

It is worth noting the language of the Eucharistic prayers of the Church concerning the role of the Holy Spirit in the Eucharist. The Holy Spirit is not only the one who sanctifies and makes holy, but also makes us the “communio sanctorum” one in Christ: “may all of us who share in the body and blood of Christ be brought together in unity by the Holy Spirit (Euch. Prayer II).[This Prayer was made up out of whole cloth]

Be it Yves Congar, Odo Casals, Virgil Michels [SIC. Father Virgil Michel OSB, belongs on this list, but you should spell his name right.], Karl Rahner, Hans Kung, Schillebecxks, Joseph Ratzinger, or other theologians, I am grateful for their insights that have deepened my appreciation and wonderment for the Eucharist as the prayer of the People of God.

- Fr. Bill Conway